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Aislin Delaney
« on: May 06, 2019, 05:52:08 PM »
Given Name: Aislin Delaney
Nickname: Ash
Age [Appearance]: 18/19
Age [Actual]: 23
Date of Birth: 2/29/1996 (Leap day/year)
Zodiac: Pisces
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unexplored
Species: Human

Hair: Dense waves end in blunt, erratic pieces - falling even with a soft-lined jaw. Hers is a shade of copper that can only be achieved through favorable genetics. Caught in a perpetual state of artful disarray, even her baby-cut fringe gives off the impression of having been windswept.
Face Shape: Round; cherubic.
Complexion: Milk-white, with a dappling of syrupy freckles across the smooth expanse of her skin: the width of her cheeks; the bridge of her nose; the swan’s-wing slope of her neck and shoulders.
Eyes: A pale green that sometimes feigns ice or ash with subtle variations in light. Reminiscent of hoarfrosted fern, or sea-tumbled glass. Her eyes are large, and set beneath bold brows; dyed a shade darker than the hair on her head in a bid to recover them from nihility.
Nose: Small and pert, with a rather becoming up-tilt.
Lips: Kissed with a pleasing pout, a perfect bow shaping their border.
Frame: Weighing in at 5’6” (168cm) and 130lbs (59kg), Ash is composed solely of soft lines and curves. What she lacks in bust, she over-compensates in seat; small-waisted and apple-bottomed, she possesses not an ounce of athleticism.
Hands: Her hands are delicate, and slender-fingered. Artist’s hands; though her preferred medium sees that they remain clean. Her fingernails always showcase a fresh coat of polish, and are kept trimmed to the point that they border the edge of too-short.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Having been born of a generation in which tattooing is commonplace, perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of Aislin’s skin is that she has none. Freckles aside, a scattering of darker flecks shape sporadic constellations. One such mark beautifies the outer-corner of her left eye. Another pair complements the opposing side of her throat; these, she often humorously (and quite obliviously) refers to as her vampire hickey.
Clothing: Aislin’s style can’t be summarized into any one genre or color pallet. Rather, her state of dress alters to fit the shifting of her moods and atmospheres - with the only invariable being that her look is always fashion-forward, and well-coordinated. She might wear a floral sundress one day, or opt for a 90’s grunge presence the next. On moodier days, she may suit herself in all black, with leather harnesses and buckles to match. Or, perhaps, she’ll elect a more casual approach, with vintage denim and an oversized cropped tee. Be it thrifted or new, alternative or contemporary, immodest or conservative - Ash loves to costume herself, and no trend is considered unfit.
Cosmetics: Aislin wears little by way of cosmetics. More often than not, a light application of mascara coats her long lashes - lest their natural hue render them near-invisible. Occasionally, she’ll paint her lips with a subtle tint or gloss; less often, she’ll opt for a bolder, darker lip.

Outwardly, Aislin is a rather outgoing character; albeit most often genuine, even when she isn’t in the mood for socializing, she wears a mask of cordiality. She’s quite empathetic; compassionate and welcoming toward friends and strangers alike. Though generally of an optimistic nature, she’s also rather sensitive - and prone to spells of moodiness. Even still, she’s ordinarily quick to clamber her way out from her pit of self-pity.

Born and raised in rural Montana, city life has always been a big dream for Aislin. Her upbringing was a tame one, with two loving parents who tried their utmost to do right by her; parents who still live happy and healthy to this day. As an only child, she was given comforts that much of the surrounding children weren’t as fortunate to have. With the nearest shopping center having been a Walmart, for lack of alternatives, many of her classmates wore the same clothing. Ash, however, aiming to be different, developed a love for fashion at the early age of thirteen - and began to do the bulk of her school-clothes shopping online. Initially, her unique style provoked resentful students toward petty behavior; but as time went on, jealousy evolved into a gentle sort of admiration. After befriending her bullies, Ash achieved an outstanding level of popularity among her peers, and went on to host frequent small-town gatherings. The majority of her spare time was spent supplementing her additional love of drawing, or studying up on the world via the internet. Following high school graduation, she spent three years serving at the local diner to save up cash - resolute in her goal to make it to the big city. It was there that she met her best friend and first love, Adam. He seemed her polar opposite; quiet, reserved, and difficult to coax out of his bubble. While working long hours together, Ash would stir up conversation. Eventually, they connected through music, as well as a mutual love for art - and Adam acquainted Ash with her current passion for comic books. It was Adam who suggested she make her own, and gifted her with her first drawing tablet. Since, she has scarcely been known to take pencil to paper, and has obsessed over thoughts of creating the perfect story. At twenty-two, having postponed her move for another year under the belief that Adam would eventually choose to join her, the pair mutually split. It wasn’t the tragic sort of heartbreak that torments a lot of young couples; rather, they parted on good terms, and remain in touch, as friends. Having recently and finally accomplished her objective of moving, Aislin finds she is no longer a big fish in a small pond; instead, she’s a tiny guppy in a sea of sharks.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Yes.
Occupation/Job: Full-time student at Watson University; in need of part-time work lest starving artist become a glaring reality.
Domicile: A small studio apartment in the north district; Cookie Cutter Flats.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: Always carded at bars, sometimes twice; once at the door, and again inside. In moments of anxiety, she chips the polish from her nails.
Hobbies: Taking #OOTD Instagram selfies; drawing webcomic panels at the local café; seeing movies in the theater alone; cozying up in bed with a good comic.
Likes: All animals, but mostly cats; manga and comics, predominately of the horror variety; fashion; dancing; music, and the arts.
Dislikes: Spiders, flip-flops, anything pickled.
Strength: Extremely driven.
Weakness/Flaw: Having never been truly wronged in her life, Ash is extremely naïve and trusting to a fault.

(Within reason)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes

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Re: Aislin Delaney
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2019, 07:20:35 AM »
First-Time Outing - Ash dominates Dom in a game of pool, and Jimmy reads her fortune.
A Fresh Start - Mitri helps Ash fish her keys from a sewer grate, and she repays him with dinner.
Perfect Illusion - Ash lends Dreki her eyes in the Museum.
Cafe Society - Dreki treats Ash to dinner.
The Impression That I Get - Dreki takes Ash back to his apartment to recuperate.
I Wanna Get Better - Dreki invites Ash to the Supernatural Carnival.