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Eva Kochubey
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Age (Apperance): 23
Age (Actual): 213
Gender: Female
Species: Nosferatu - Vampire
Sire: Yevno “Kaban” Bogrov
Children: None
Alignment: True Neutral
Affiliation: The highest bidder (but will side with the Anarchs over the Camarilla if given the choice)
Sexuality: Asexual
Quote: "I'd rather be dead then pretty."

Mask Appearance
Hair: jet-black falling slightly past her ears on the right side with a close fade on the left side
Eyes: dirt brown, beady, watery
Skin color: incredibly pale, seems to almost reflect light
Tattoos/Distinguishing features: small tattoo of a viper on the right side of her neck, crooked nose
Frame: 5’2”, 105lbs, appears rather frail and sickly

Actual Appearance
Hair: None, completely bald
Eyes: comically large, milky white like a cave fish
Skin color: gray and leathery
Frame: 5’2”, 105lbs, appears rather frail and sickly but a distinct layer of muscle all across her body
Tattoos/Distinguishing Features: small tattoo of a viper on the right side of her neck, large beak like nose, small sucker like mouth that is mostly obstructed by her nose, making it appear as though she’s speaking from her nose, and large bat-like ears

Personality: Despite her outlandish choice of dress, Eva is very unassuming and can easily walk through a crowd without drawing attention. But anyone who’s spoken to her have all come to the same conclusion… she’s a c**t. Having spent all of her human life ostracized from her family and the rest of the world and spending most of her vampire life as a ghost, Eva has never learned how to interact with others. And if she’s being honest, she’s never had any desire to learn. She believes pleasantries and diplomacy are just words thrown around by men too afraid to take action. She’s unbelievably blunt, caring very little of how her words affect the person or people she’s speaking to. However, this does not mean she can’t be kind. She is incredibly close with her sire and the rest of her Nosferatu cell and routinely keeps in touch with all of them.
Though she describes herself as a mercenary for hire, willing to do pretty much anything for the right price, she refuses to harm children, either physically or emotionally. Having spent her whole childhood being abused by both her father and her twin sister, Eva refuses to be the reason a child feels pain, even going as far to refuse jobs where the target has children. However, she will eagerly accept jobs where someone has harmed either their own child or another, sometimes even refusing payment for the job. Her preferred method of “assassination” is to destroy the target’s public character, believing that does more lasting harm than simply killing them. When she is required to kill her target, she prefers the method of poison, using the the venom of a common European Viper. She gathers the poison from her familiar Balthazar, a melanistic (black) european viper.

History: Eva Kochubey was born in the Ukraine during the winter of 1800, along with her twin sister Irena. Their father, Viktor Kochubey, had been exiled from Russia by Paul I, forcing him and his wife Katrina to begin a new life there with their two new daughters. Eva remembers her father telling stories of when Irena was born and how even then she was the most beautiful being he had ever seen. In contrast, Eva’s mother told her that when Eva had been born, her father had run screaming from the room at the sight of her. She had been born malformed with thin, oddly shaped limbs and a large bulbous head. Her eyes, mouth, nose, and ears were comically ill-proportioned and she was never fully able to grow hair, only small patches here and there on her head.

A year or two after their birth, Viktor received word from Russia that Paul I was dead and his son, Alexander I, had risen to power and requested that he join his team of advisors. Viktor was more than happy to agree and quickly began moving his family back to Russia. However, he was a prideful man and found Eva’s appearance to be shameful and humiliating. He decided that she could not be considered a true child of his. Viktor forced his wife to agree that, once they reached Saint Petersburg, they would present Irena as their biological daughter, while saying that Eva was an orphan they had adopted in the Ukraine. After arriving in Saint Petersburg, Viktor went a step further and decided that Eva would be confined to the family home, deeming her appearance unfit for the great capital of the Russian empire.

As they grew up, the two sisters became more and more distant and different. Irena continued to grow more beautiful as she got older, with many suitors from across the country traveling to the Kochubey household to try and win her favor when she became of age. She was also a musical prodigy, mastering the piano, violin, and cello by the age of 10. Viktor would routinely have her play for various guests, even Alexander I who gushed over Irena’s brilliance and beauty whenever visiting their home. Eva on the other hand was confined to the third story of the home and told to remain silent, especially when guests were over. Eva excelled at reading, even going as far to sneak down to her father’s study and read some of his books on world history and science. She also became very good at hiding and moving about the house without being seen, giving her opportunities to hear the meetings her father would have with prominent government figures and dignitaries from other countries. Her father and sister rarely, if ever, spoke to her, but her mother would routinely spend time with her playing games, reading books, and generally giving her the attention she was so dearly lacking.Unfortunately, around the time of their fourteenth birthdays, Katrina passed away from tuberculosis, leaving Eva feeling even lonelier than before.

Now needing some way of keeping Eva occupied and deriving some use from her, Viktor instructed her that she would now function as Irena’s handmaiden. Eva was expected to dote on her sister at all hours of the day while wearing a large black dress and black veil as to hide her appearance for both her family’s sake and any guests that popped in. Irena treated her as such, never seeming to acknowledge that it was her twin sister underneath the black fabric, forcing her to do menial tasks and errands which fueled the hatred Eva felt towards her sister. The only benefit from this “appointment” was that Eva was able to finally leave the Kochubey home and travel around the city on her errands. She became aware that her garb as a handmaiden allowed her to pass through the city unnoticed, again taking her to secluded and hidden portions of the city most were not able to go.

In the summer of 1819, Irena was married to the son of a prominent Russian general. The vast majority of the Russian government attended, including Alexander I. Eva was not allowed to attend the ceremony as family, and was put to work making sure both Irena and the wedding looked beautiful. During the reception, an odd looking man in a military uniform came up beside Eva and began to talk to her. He was fat and squat, giving his body the appearance of ball, while the skin of his face seemed to sag leaving large jowls underneath his chin. He introduced himself as Yevno Bogrov, one of Alexander I most trusted confidants. Eva scoffed and replied that if that were true, why had she never heard her father mention him? Yevno smiled back at her and responded that it did not matter if men like her father knew he existed or not. Sometimes notoriety was a hindrance to his line of work. “Have you found this to be true as well Ms. Kochubey?”. Eva was shocked. As far as she’d been aware, her father had kept her a secret from everyone in Russia, never even calling Eva by her full name. Before she could respond, Yevno slipped a piece of paper into her hand. “Meet me at this location tomorrow evening. I would like to discuss an opportunity for you to finally achieve the potential your family has denied you for so long.”

The following night, Eva travelled to a small park on the outskirts of the city and waited for Yevno to appear. Most women would feel afraid venturing to a strange part of the city to meet an older, unknown man, but she felt no fear. She had felt no ill will from Yevno and felt that this meeting was genuine. And, to be safe, she held a large butcher’s knife in the folds of her handmaidens dress. After a hour, Yevno appeared from the shadows and greeted her with a smile. He requested that she remove her veil so as to hide her true self from him. Eva complied and was surprised to see no look of surprise or shock on Yevno’s face.  He explained that he had been watching her for sometime. Alexander had been curious about the identity of this “adopted” daughter of Viktor’s and had asked Yevno to look into it. After discovering the truth of Eva’s birth, Yevno had taken an interest in her. He felt that they shared an understanding of the cruelty of the world based simply on appearance.

Eva scoffed at this, replying that his size and pecularlier face was not the same curse that she had to bear. Yevno’s smile faded and bluntly stated that she should know better than to judge someone’s appearance without looking deeper. He explained that he was the leader of small sect of individuals inside the Russian government who answered directly to the tsar. They worked from the shadows and performed acts too… unbecoming for men like her father, who desired power, but thought it could be gained solely through pretty words and promises. But outcasts like Eva and himself knew better. Yevno wanted to offer her a position on his team, having seen her intelligence and ability to hide in plain site, but needed proof that she had what it took to be one of them. Eva, taken aback and slightly frightened at this offer being proposed to her, was nevertheless interested in the idea. She had spent her whole life alone and at the whims of others, she wondered what it would be like to be a part of something.

But she needed to know one thing first. She said that she’d be willing to give him the proof he desired if he would give her something in return; she wanted to see with her own eyes what made them both outcasts. A smile returned to Yevno’s face and he asked if she was sure she’d be able to handle it. Eva simply continued to stare back at him in response. A few moments later, Yevno’s face began to sag further and further with multiple flaps of skin covering most of his features. His eyes became small and beady with very small holes in the flaps giving him the ability to see. As his face sagged, two of his teeth began to grow larger and larger until they became like thick tusks curving up towards the sky. Yevno looked at her, seemingly expecting the same shock and surprise Eva had when she’d revealed her face to him. But it was met only with a smile and her simply saying “What do you need me to do?”

Yevno explained that Alexander believed one of his generals was secretly planning a coup against him, which Yevno was able to confirm. They had tried to blackmail the man to convince him to change his mind, but to no avail. The only option left was to kill him. Yevno handed Eva a small brown vial, instructing her to pour this into the man’s tea when he came to visit her father. Eva, although unsure if this was the right thing to do, accepted the vial. Yevno told her that once the job was done, he would contact her again and she would be officially accepted in his sect. Five days later, the general, who turned out to be the father of Irena’s new husband, arrived at the Kochubey house to speak with her father regarding important government business. Eva convinced the usual serving woman to take the night off and proceeded to prepare the tea herself. While hesitant at first, a realization quickly washed over, that if she did not do this, she would be forced to serve her father and sister for the rest of her life until she died, completely alone.

The next day Saint Petersburg was set aflame by rumors of the general’s assassination. The poison Yevno had given her was slow acting so no one could be sure where it had been administered. Irena was distraught that her new father in law was dead, giving Eva incredible satisfaction. True to his word, a letter appeared that day telling Eva to return to the park where’d she received the vial from Yevno. Eva left the house for the meeting without looking back. Whether or not Yevno intended it to be, this was the last night she would spend as her father and sister’s slave. When she arrived, Yevno congratulated her on a job well done and ushered her into the entrance to the city sewers. There she met the other members of Yevno’s sect, known as Khodoki Teney, or Shadow Walkers, who shared her disfigurement. Yevno explained that they were vampires, members of a clan known as Nosferatu who were cursed by their blood to be permanently disfigured. While he could not turn her just yet, he hoped she’d continue to prove her worth and eventually, he would make her one of them.

For the next four years, Eva lived in the sewers with the Nos and continued to make herself useful to them. She continued to use the type of poison Yevno had originally given her which ended up being a very concentrated sample of viper venom. Her affinity for this method earned her the name “Gadyuka” or the Viper. Eventually, Yevno felt that she was ready to join them in blood and sired her as a Nosferatu. The change caused her disfigurement to change, one that she found more interesting and palatable than the face she had been born with.

Over the next several decades she was an agent of the Russian government, investigating claims of treason and blackmailing or killing anyone asked of her. She rose in the ranks until she became Yevno’s official right hand and successor of Khodoki Teney if he were to meet the true death. Eventually, Khodoki Teney left Russia, believing that the unstableness of the Russian government would eventually lead to their secret becoming public knowledge. From there the group split up, forming smaller sects around the globe, becoming mercenaries for hire, specializing in the stealing of secrets and assassinations. Eva primarily stayed with Yevno, although she would travel to various parts of the world on jobs or to meet with the smaller Khodoki Teney sects. She called no place home and she was fine with that. Staying in one place too long reminded her of her childhood and being forced to stay behind the walls of her family home.

Ten years ago, Eva received word that her sire had gone missing. While it was not odd for him to go into hiding for periods of time, Yevno would always inform her so she could handle the day to day business of the Khodoki Teney in his absence. After a year of still hearing nothing from him, Eva began to travel the world searching for any clue as to his whereabouts. By now, Eva has accepted that he most likely has met the true death, but won’t stop until she knows for certain. Recently she received word from an old Nosferatu contact that he had information on her sire that she might find useful. But in order to get it, she had to fill in his role as an Anarch Prince’s shadow in the City. She’s traveled there to meet the Prince to see if he would be worth her time and energy. And if the information is worth it.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Due to her age and time spent traveling around the world, Eva has encountered most kinds of supernatural creatures. However, she deals mainly with vampires and knows little about the finer details of non-vampire creatures.

Occupation/Job: Mercenary for Hire. While Eva does not like to call herself a mercenary, she finds that no other term works better for her line of work. Eva acts as the head of the Khodoki Teney sect, although most of this work is done by the smaller cell leaders across the world. Her job as a mercenary mainly entails stealing information, blackmailing, and occasional assassination. She’s come to the City in the hopes of working for the Black Prince.

Interesting Facts/Quikers: Although she is over 200 years old, Eva dresses like a young goth woman of the era. She mainly wears large black combat boots and a XLL black sweatshirt that she wears as a dress.
While she has to wear her Mask of a Thousand Faces to pass through normal society, Eva will routinely drop this mask once she’s in the company of other supernatural creatures. She finds it itchy and uncomfortable, as well as preferring her clients to truly see her and not the young, naive looking girl her mask presents as.

Hobby/Hobbies: Eva enjoys bare knuckle boxing and spends a good deal of time training her technique.

Likes: Marlboro Blacks, black eyeliner, goth heavy metal, bats

Dislikes: Pretty people, vanity, children, fang bangers

Strength: Superb espionage agent and hand to hand combatant

Weakness/Flaw: As with all Nosferatu, she cannot be outside without wearing her mask

Vampiric Disciplines:


Silence of Death: This power completely silences the user, nullifying all sound made by them. As with other Obfuscate powers, this only works on people within earshot and does not fool microphones or other electronic sound detectors.

Unseen Passage: With this power, the vampire can now move while staying hidden. The user is functionally invisible, per the usual Obfuscate limitations.

Ghost in the Machine: The user can now transmit the effects of Obfuscate through electronic media, allowing the vampire to appear invisible or masked when viewed live on screen. If an observer views the image later, as in a photograph or recording, the effect lessens: the image seems slightly blurred, making identification hard. In addition, automated surveillance has a tendency to glitch in the presence of the vampire, lessening their chance of being caught by automated systems.

Mask of a Thousand Faces:[/purple] Instead of disappearing, the vampire using this power can make themselves appear as a nondescript stranger, someone expected to be present in the area. Unlike other Obfuscate powers, this allows the user to interact and communicate with those they might run into. The power does not provide any personal identification or other ways of misleading an identity check.


Lethal Body: Using this power, the user is capable of causing horrendous damage to mortals, tearing skin and breaking bones with bare fingers.

Prowess: Vampires with Potence gain far greater strength from their Blood than those who lack it.

Uncanny Grasp: Focusing their unnatural strength into their toes and fingers, the vampire grips and burrows their extremities into almost any surface, enabling them to climb and even hang otherwise unsupported from walls and ceilings. Close observation reveals telltale scarring or deformation on these surfaces afterward.


Bond Famulus: When Blood Bonding an animal the vampire can make it a famulus, forming a mental link with it and facilitating the use of other Animalism powers. While this power alone does not allow two-way communication with the animal, it can follow simple verbal instructions such as "stay" and "come here." It attacks in defense of itself and its master but cannot otherwise be persuaded to fight something it would not normally attack.

“Fiction allows us to slide into these other heads, these other places, and look out through other eyes. And then in the tale we stop before we die, or we die vicariously and unharmed, and in the world beyond the tale we turn the page or close the book, and we resume our lives.” American Gods - Neil Gaiman

“Writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it's about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It's about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.” On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft - Stephen King

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