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The Satanist Next Door
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:57:38 PM »
The residents of 123 Irving Ave. had all been chatting about the new girl in apartment 66. The super, a Dominican man in his mid forties named Noel, had remarked to a member of his work crew that, "the blonde girl with small tits is the best piece of ass in this building." He went on to confirm to his workers that he was in fact screwing her. He puffed his chest with pride, and then went back to changing the lock on Mrs. Patel's three bedroom on the fourth floor. She wasn't home, and it was basically midday, so he didn't fear being overheard. Besides, if he was, it was the chick's choice to blow him the moment he'd come in to fix her radiator.

He summarized his experience, "I mean, I've never had to work less for pussy." He laughed. His friends thought the joke was funny too, and slapped their knees and congratulated him in a Spanish that was unfamiliar to the Rodriguez's down the hall.

While Mrs. Patel wasn't home to hear the lewd conversation occurring, Mrs. Rodriguez was. She was a proud woman and a catholic, and she didn't approve of the way these men were discussing the new girl. Granted, Mrs. Rodriguez thought the blonde girl was a little slut and planned on telling her so the next time they shared a staircase. She'd been nothing but trouble since moving in to apartment 66. There were rumors that place was haunted, and the numbers made her think of the devil. When you combined her floor number and her apartment number you got, 666. The devil was alive and well, and the mere thought of it made the elderly Mexican woman run for her rosary. She lit candles to the saints and prayed for the girl's salvation, even if she was a little hussy.

Just then, she heard the voice of Mrs. Patel screaming out in the hallway and ran to her door. Maybe the blonde girl had killed Noel for betraying her easiness. Instead of something juicy like that waiting for her - as she undid her chain lock and peered into the hallway - instead she saw the Indian mother of three in a big fight with the super. She watched of course. She needed something to do until Judge Judy came on later. Mrs. Patel was red faced, as she often was when she was angry, and she was angry quite often. Her sari was bright blue today, handmade of silk. She'd bought it in the Brazilian Quarter, which surprisingly had more than one good sari store. Once she saw the color she knew she had to have it. However, it wasn't murder on her mind. She was yelling at Noel about the door.

"I told you to have that fixed by the time I got back. You are so lazy. I come up the stairs to hear you saying nasty things about the new girl. They were so rude and insulting to women. I will tell the management company."

She went on. It was a typical exchange between the two of them. Noel mostly hung his head and answered in a rough English the bare minimum of what was required. "Sorry... You're right... I'll have the door done soon." After the good amount of yelling was done, Mrs. Patel barged past the work crew and into her apartment. She couldn't slam the door. It was still being worked on, and so instead she shot Noel a cold look, and whipped around dramatically to be seen in her high protest form. Once the mother of three was in her home, Noel made a lewd hand gesture to his friend about Mrs. Patel's breasts. They laughed. Mrs. Rodriguez slowly closed her door, the latch echoing in the somewhat quiet hallway.

"Rodriguez is snooping again," one of the workers told Noel. The super looked at the door of the building's busiest busybody and rolled his eyes. He just wanted to finish the door so he could go to his first floor apartment and collapse on the couch. Maybe if he was lucky blonde slut would call him for more "repairs." This could be a regular thing for him if he played her right. She obviously saw something in him other women didn't. His wife didn't see it. His ex-wife hadn't see it. Most bitches were bitches. This blonde girl could be something special. He didn't have real feelings for her by any stretch of the imagination, but he hoped that he'd at least have a regular fuck buddy. The new lock was done, and after wiping his brow and sharing a few after work beers with his crew, headed down towards his apartment. The staircase was empty at first, until he heard a subtle laugh.

Coming up the stairs was blonde girl, wearing some strapless number in red and fuck me pumps. She looked like she was heading out to a club, and he had to wonder why she was so dolled up at four thirty in the afternoon. He smiled at her, and moved his body close to pin her on the second floor landing.

"Hey there Mami," he whispered, breath reeking of beer. His upper body was muscular and nice looking, but his huge belly, bald head, and sunken-in eyes cancelled out the positives. The move worked at pinning her to the wall, and she looked at him with a pleasant smile. Only her eyes hinted at annoyance.

"Did I commit a building violation already," she said, tone deadpan. She twirled a piece of her blonde hair, and was chewing gum. Noel tried to wrap his arms around her, but the blonde woman swatted him away. "What? No love for me anymore?"

"It was a one time fuck amigo," she said dryly, letting her pleasant smile fade. "I mean, to be honest, it was a pity fuck."

"What," he exclaimed, his booming voice traveling through the forth floor hallway. The chain of Mrs. Rodriguez cracked into view again. A single eye stared out towards the stairwell. "You bitch," he said to her. "You threw yourself at me. I didn't even have to try."

Tess pulled out a cigarette and lit it, blowing the smoke in Noel's face. He coughed and backed away, but raised his hand to strike the resident. She was being a total bitch, like most women. He didn't hit her because that's how his last wife had left, and he was pretty sure this girl would try and get him fired if he slapped her. He did grab the cigarette though, and stomped on in right in front of her. "No smoking in the common areas," he scolded, his tiny amount of power being all he needed to feel superior again. Tess rolled her eyes.

"I didn't have to try either," she challenged. "I mean, let's face it Pablo. I'm as good as you're ever going to get. You knew it then. You know it now. Tell me thanks and let's move on. Kay?"

"It's Noel," he corrected, his anger rising at her overt racism. He took a few steps back. "And don't call me for shit," he added, before starting to walk away. This is what he got for trusting women. He hoped she wouldn't report him to the management company. He'd find a way to scare her into being more cooperative. He could always fuck with her sewage system. Thoughts of clogging her pipes gave him pleasure, and he didn't even notice that as he reached the first floor, Tess was there to greet him.

"What... How did you beat me down here?"

"It's too complicated to explain George Lopez," the petite blonde woman insulted. "You see, you thought we were done talking, but I wasn't done. Men always think when their done everything is done. I mean... you didn't even take the time to get me off."

So that's what this was about. She was mad he hadn't paid proper attention to her needs. Well, he supposed that was fair. It wasn't his default mode to actually care what the woman got out of sex. It was bad enough every pat on the ass was bad these days. Well, he'd eat her box if it shut her up. Maybe that's what she was angling at all along. He laughed at her.

"I knew you wanted another go. Don't worry Ma, I'll get you off." He suddenly couldn't move. His whole body became rigid. Even his eyes were locked in place. Tess just stood there face nice and sour. She looked contemplative, like she was deciding what to do with him. Noel was terrified, and the inability to respond made it all the worse.

"No you misunderstand me fat boy," she said slowly, a certain cruelty finally presenting itself. "I don't need another go with your average size prick struggling to even find my spot. No. That first, and only, time was because I was bored. I like to fuck average to ugly men. It makes them feel soooooooo much hotter than they are. I mean, look at you. You spent the last hour telling your buddies how you fucked me, and now you know it was all a lie. How upsetting."

Noel couldn't react. He peed himself, his pants wet and warm. The blonde saw the piss and laughed. She blew a bubble with her gum, the loud pop filling the hallway. Suddenly, Noel could move again, and he jumped back from the blonde witch blocking his door. He sank to the floor, unable to process with natural laws why he'd been frozen. Then it hit him. She did it. There was no other explanation.

Tess pushed off onto her toes, and moved back towards the stairwell. "I think I'm gonna like this building. The super is so helpful!" With that she walked up the stairs and out of sight. Noel ran to his door and went inside, utterly done with the current moment. Tess reached the forth floor quickly and moved to the door of Mrs. Rodriguez, the snoop. She knocked loudly and waited arms crossed. Her expression looked bored again, but changed to a saccharin sweet expression of innocence as the older woman cracked the chain open once more.

"Hello," she said, pretending that was the only word in English she knew. In an intelligible, although not great, Spanish Tess asked to come inside. The chain remained latched. "No," Mrs. Rodriguez said. "You're a whore." Tess touched the wood around the chain, and it rotted away as if it had termites. The chain fell to the ground with a thud, and Tess pushed the door open with a wave of her hand. The wood moved fast, knocking into it's owner and sending her tumbling to the ground. She was too dazed to scream, and within moments Tess was inside the apartment. She shut the door, and locked the remaining locks, turning to her neighbor.

"Hi," she said pleasantly, waving like a fool. "I'm new to the building and introducing myself. I'm Tess."

"Ummmm, Milagros Rodriguez," the woman offered weakly. She still wasn't sure what was happening. Tess moved deeper into the apartment and found a small alter. It was a catholic tradition to have alters to the various saints, and Mrs. Rodriguez had more than one candle. Tess moved along them with her eyes before finding the one she wanted. The virgin mother candle was white, with a classic image of Mary in blue holding the sweet baby Jesus. She took it, and walked back to where Mrs. Rodriguez lay on the ground. She was too old and frail to get up on her own after a fall like that. Tess knelled down with the candle.   

"I'm borrowing this," she informed. "If you ever need a cup of sugar, come see me in apartment 66. It's a great place for true believers." For a moment, Mrs. Rodriguez thought she might die, but then just like that the girl left. The wretched old woman realized that she'd be on the ground like this until her son got home. She cried out at the door, begging Tess to come back and help her up, but the blonde was already back on the staircase heading up to the sixth floor.

"Gold dust woman," Tess sang softly, as she crossed the hallway to her own apartment. This candle would come in handy, and neither of those losers would say anything. She'd used magic, and it was easier for her neighbors to think they were crazy then accept that magic was real. She entered her own apartment and greeted Riley, the small dog yapping in excitement that his mother was home. Tess placed the candle next to a silver vial filled with a tiny amount of white fluid. This  candle would do for the bitch who'd ran at her with a bat, Lacy. She needed a totem for Maria, Siobhan and Sabrina. They were next.
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