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Sticks & Stakes
« on: January 14, 2007, 11:42:39 PM »

For the city that the pool hall resides in, it\'s hard to tell if the name is a faux pas or has a double meaning.  Whatever the case, this is a pool hall that runs weekly competitions for a $500 prize.

The building is a single story, long rectangular structure made of red brick peppered with a few dark brown and charcoal coloured ones.  Graffiti along one wall dictates that \'Moonie Rulz\' and \'Sopwith and Barnz 4evas\'.  Barred windows run along the two long walls, and flourescent lighting inside attracts a few insects to bang against the smudged dirty glass.  Outside is a carpark that can hold a dozen cars, though there are a few weeds sprouting through the concrete and some broken bottles which many drivers wouldn\'t want to run their wheels over.

Moving through the double doors near one corner of the building the first thing seen is the bar, straight ahead.  It\'s panelled in dark wood veneer and has a variety of coloured cushioned barstools before it, like a mix and match collection.  Two rows of five pool tables seem to march down the inside, clothed in blue felt, with pool racks lining the walls, crafted in dark wood.  The walls themselves are painted in a yellow that might have been bright and cheery once, but are now faded and stained, along with the light wooden floorboards that meet with it.

A jukebox sits in the far corner, with an array of electric light and an excellent sound system and collection wired into it.  The right song always seems to be housed in it, so that a customer\'s quarter will always find them the song they\'re after.