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Birger and Haldor
« on: May 21, 2019, 11:21:31 AM »
The Hammers: Birger and Haldor

Created by: Erik Kraai
Owned by: Astrid Kragen

Both hammers are unbreakable and unrusting, used primarily for forging magical items.  There is soft leather strapping in parts of the handle where the hands would naturally fall.  The handles are carved with runes that spell the hammer's name, as well as various intricate sigils that glow ever so slightly when working magic into metal.

The hammers are among those crafted by the first recorded blacksmith in Astrid’s ancestry, who purportedly trained under the dwarven Sons of Ivaldi.  The location of the magical cave-forge they were crafted on is now long lost.  There are other hammers like them, with different traits and abilities.  They passed down through family lines, specifically to those who showed the most promise in their skills.  Abilities, save the unbreakable and unrusting charms, now are thought to be poetic embellishment not to be taken literally.  In reality, their power is dormant until a time a great need.

5 kg, double-faced sledgehammer
Astrid wields this effortlessly as if it were much lighter (for her, it is).
It can generate a shockwave that knocks anyone to the ground--those airborne will be pulled down to the ground.  The effect is disorienting for a short time.

907 g ball peen hammer
Can summon, redirect, and wield lightning.

Alignment:  They are ordinary hammers except in the hands of those of Kragen bloodline. 

Enhance and Compete:
Absorbs fire's power.  (the fire must be released before the base properties can be utilized)
Deflects curses.  (increases the hammers' weight the more spells are deflected until the hammers are cleansed)
Accepts blessings. 
Undone by the gods. 
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