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Re: Dessert
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He woke up when his alarms went off for him to get ready for work. He reached over to turn it off and then turned over on his back. Remembering last night and how poorly it went. He put his hands over his face, feeling unable to cry but feeling a great desperation.

"If you're there and listening, I fucking hate you." He said to Hofflan who wasn't there at that time. He wanted nothing more in that moment to be free. He craved this freedom even more, and wondered what would happen between him and Sam. He fully expected Sam to run away and not be involved any further. He half debated texting Sam, but ultimately decided against it. He didn't really have anyone to turn to, at least not anymore. He felt like he didn't deserve to have anyone, to be free, to be loved. He wanted to simultaneously kill Hofflan, die, and to have taken back his interactions with Sam so that way Sam wouldn't have to worry for anything of the situation. He felt like shit and didn't want to to go to work, but knew he had to be an adult and if he stopped then he'd have to go back to the facility and be more trapped than what he once was.

He got out of bed and got ready for the day, unable to smile, but doing what he needed to, to keep the small bit of freedom he did have. He ended up sending a text to Drew.

"You're a PI right? I cannot stand my life anymore. The lack of freedom the facility gives me is ruining my life and ability to be close to anyone. I'll be at the White Rabbit most if not every night this week. I don't know anyone beyond you really and I need help. I'm more than desperate at this point."

He hit send then left his home for work.