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Harm's Apartment - Number 7
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:40:27 PM »
The attached image is accurate with regard to apartment layout but not aesthetic.

Harm's couch is fancier, larger and wraps around the corner of his living room. There is no armchair, as the modular leather lounge - complete with electric recliners, lights, USB, drink holders, pop up power points and media console - is extravagantly large (Harm spends a great deal of time on his couch and his parents went all out buying it for him) and fills the whole space. There are no end tables, though he has a very heavy, very solid dark wood coffee table with shelves and storage drawers in it. His couch seats are covered with sheets that he washes regularly because he usually lounges nude.

His TV unit covers the whole section of wall beside the cupboard and has been steadily upgraded with every bit of technology he needs to game on, download or stream TV or movies on. His consoles are all up to date, his surround sound system is spectacular and his TV is (only) sixty-five inches. He's currently saving to upgrade it. He paid for everything in the unit.

There is no extra table and chairs near the kitchen. Harm usually eats on his couch. There are two stools at the kitchen island, though.

Harm sleeps in the bedroom to the left as you head for the bathroom. His dresser drawer unit is against the wall beside his built-in wardrobe, at the foot of the bed, not beside. The only artwork in the apartment hangs above Harm's bed. It's a landscape photograph of two naked men stretched out and entwined, their bodies held mostly in shadow with the exquisite musculature of one's back and ass and the other's torso and legs highlighted by silvery light. Although erotic, it is artistic in its portrayal of an act of love. It was a gift from Harm's parents for his twenty-first birthday.

The right one is furnished as a fully functional bedroom, though no-one lives with him permanently. There are clothes in the cupboard and dresser belonging to his little brother. He has toiletries stored atop the dresser, too. It sits beside the bed, as in the picture.

Both bedrooms have opulent king sized beds - Harm's is charcoal grey with a plush, quilted headboard and the spare room's is similar but blue - and drawer units with thick, blockout curtains. The whole apartment has heavy curtains on every window, meaning it is completely light-tight during the day (he likes it to be dark to sleep and often has to sleep days if he's working night shifts). He can easily lose track of time when ensconced in his apartment.

He tends to use lamps to light everything, rather than harsh overheads. He isn't a neat freak - there are often clothes left in odd places - but he keeps things tidy most of the time. The colour palette leans towards dark browns (the furniture and the curtains) and creams. Harm's sheets are grey or beige and he has a teal coloured quilt cover. Two pillows match the quilt, two the sheets and Harm has his favourite to sleep on.

He has a rack fitted on the wall just past the front door where he hangs his bike and helmet.