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Obsidian Talon
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:34:05 AM »
The Obsidian Talon

Original design credit

Silver talon thumb ring with a sharpened obsidian tip.

Created By: Astrid Kragen
Owned By: Astrid Kragen

Creation:  Astrid cast the silver band and polished it by hand.  The special-ordered obsidian piece, originating from Armenia, was shaped by hand by one of the crafters in her network.  Astrid made the final moon-shaped cuts and sharpening before charging it in a lunar tea made with herbs including mugwort and rosemary.  It was then meticulously polished before setting it into the silver band.

Everlasting sharpness
Temporarily paralyzes an individual that is stabbed or scratched with it.  The spell's length of time varies depending on the point of entry (like stabbing any veins/arteries versus scratching the surface of the skin) and species, but it typically enough to provide the opportunity for a hasty getaway.  Needs to be cleansed and recharged in a lunar-herbal tea after use.

Alignment:  Generally neutral, though it feels best worn by its creator.  The wearer is immune to the paralysis effect. 

Enhance and Compete:
Destroyed by strong curses (self destruct response).
Competes with weaker curses (will require cleansing).
Accepts blessings (cleansing will probably remove added effects depending on the strength of the caster).
Destroyed by Dragon and Hellfire.
Competes with other magical objects.
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