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Hugh Linford
« on: May 30, 2019, 09:00:33 AM »
Hugh Linford

Omnia munda mundis
Everything is pure to pure men

Age [appearance]: 48
Age [actual]: 348
Gender: Male
Preferences: Pansexual
Fetish: Imps

Species: Vampire
Clan: Sacramentum Et Res

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes
Hair: Blonde turned a salt and pepper grey, on the lighter side, short cropped
Eyes: Brown
Frame; Lightly muscled 6'1”
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: (tba)
Personality: Logical, fiercely loyal, practical, observant, no-nonsense type, intense, passionate, arrogant, ethical, moral
History: With a well evolved work ethic, Hugh joined up as a police recruit as soon as he could and became constable in a short space of time. Hard working and incorruptible, he was also aware that others would take bribes and sometimes that was how the world had to work... but not HIS world. He was introduced to the vampire culture when he saved a fledgling from a bad beating by gang mortals, and the fledge fed from him to regain his strength. He was left in the street to recover but he ended up following the fledge home and met his sire. The sire took care of Hugh by giving him food and waiting till he regained strength and while they waited for that to happen, Hugh got told about vampires.

Excited by this darker world and wanting to know the truth about it, Hugh was taken to a club that Sacramentum ran and met Catherine. She accepted his pledge and inserted him into the follower ranks, reminding him that he could use his role as a constable to help protect them. He respected and admired Catherine a great deal, though her sire and lover Felicia was intimidating to him.

After years in their service, he was suddenly chosen to be sired by Felicia with only a night's warning. He'd normally been Jeanne and Leoric's favourite and spent the most time with them so the decision had him in a daze. During his final day he hardly noticed the sunset he'd made a point to see, barely tasted the favourite meal that would no longer sustain him. His siring by Felicia was almost clinical and he has little memory of it. After being sired, he fed from three followers - previously his friends, now they were considered beneath his status - and was eventually introduced to Royce, another newly created fledge who he would have instructions with. He was immediately surprised and unimpressed. Royce was the type of man who belonged in the lockup, not in a worthy vampire clan. When he discovered that he'd been chosen only to keep Royce company and not for his own achievements, he struggled with his self worth and eventually grew to resent the man who took pleasure in baiting him, hanging over his head that Hugh would not be in the Sacramentum ranks if not for him… which is the thing that stings Hugh the most.

Another thing that gets under Hugh's skin is that he finds Royce intensely attractive. At the same time, Royce's behaviour is so repulsive that he hates that he still finds him attractive. He thought that the personality of the other would eventually stifle the physical response Hugh feels when looking at him but it hasn't gone away. He is also irked by Royce's charisma and the fact 'better people' are enchanted with him. Hugh has always been respectful and kind to the mortal followers, but he doesn't have the kind of relationship Royce has with them and he doesn't understand why not. He feels his treatment of them is more respectful. He has learnt not to react much to Royce's shenanigans, but he is certainly calmer on the inside when Royce is not in his sight.

Felicia never sought to instruct him and his interactions with her have always been stiff and formal. Their blood connection is strong and the only thing that unites them is their mutual grief for Catherine - Hugh's fledge sibling and Felicia's first fledge and lover, who died heroically. He also shares a friendship with George, Catherine's fledge who Felicia is also alienated against. When George went on exchange in Venice (where he is studying the arts with the Venetian faction of the Brotherhood), Hugh found himself involving himself more deeply in his tasks and sacrificing his recreation time in order to ensure the family is strong, now that they have become Division Leaders for the East.

Hugh manages the daily household chores and supplies. He organises rosters and what will need to keep the house and the estate running. From food to fertiliser, Hugh ensures everything arrives on time and goes to its proper place. Not a glamorous task, but certainly a necessary one.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He knows of many vampire clans, has studied and developed a fetish for imps (after a few different passionate one night stands with their species), knows many demon types but not all, knows of angels but doesn’t really understand them or their motivations so is wary, knows everything about shifters and werewolves, mostly their weaknesses.

Occupation/Job: Household Manager (Royce calls him the Butler which annoys Hugh immensely)
Domicile: Penbrook Manor
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Prefers one-night stands to relationships because they don’t have complications.

Hobby/Hobbies: Paints figurines and builds elaborate historic models, plays guitar and piano and learning violin, is learning gardening from Charon, will pull out a 40K piece jigsaw every now and then.
Likes: Reason, justice, those who have a strong work ethic and values, those who possess unusual skills, bedroom kink
Dislikes: Chaos, anarchy, violence, whimsy, eccentricity, trolling or baiting or pranking
Strength: Calm and collected, he is able to assess a situation and come up with multiple solutions
Weakness/Flaw: could be less stiff about the rules, needs to loosen up a little
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