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Not Quite Time
« on: April 07, 2019, 02:48:44 AM »
(OOC: Not the right environment or time for this character. Will hopefully bring him back when the boards are better fit to deal with a being of his nature.)

His Majesty was leaving for now. His initial time in this dreadful city hadn't borne any fruit. The ancient family had rudely rebuffed him, and without a guide to the politics of this place he couldn't make his presence known. He'd Dominated a few fools who'd crossed his path and learned as much as he could. Jacob called himself an Anarch, and led them in some small and pathetic group. None of them had any real power. Only one identified person in his circle was an ancient and this Seb was nothing but a dirty Caitiff. In some ways Mithras of Sparta could walk right in and kill them all. He could force Jacob back into his life and then begin the arduous task of remaking this city for the Camarilla. He didn't care about Hardenstadt's vision any longer. The Camarilla was now a tool like anything else.

His reason for leaving town was simple. Jacob was too happy. A human and he seemed to be working there way towards something. He had sired a woman - another disappointment - and they apparently had some unhealthy family terminology. He called this Sam daughter. It was revolting to the ancient king. Jacob's political future was uncertain. Many of the whispers collected by Mithras had said that some in the west side of town were unhappy with him, and so all his Majesty had to do was wait until he was desperate. Then, he'd welcome his old master, lord, lover and superior. He'd return the sword he stole, and beg for Mithras to save him. Once his knees cracked and bled from begging, and servicing him, would Mithras would save him. He'd be so grateful that he'd bind himself to his old master for all eternity. That's what the former king of Sparta wanted really, unconditional, and total surrender and subservience.

Seattle seemed a nice city. It lacked the high presence of supernaturals this city did. A local baron and council of vampires were there, but they would defer to one so old once he arrived. He would rule that city until he could return to this one. All the while, he'd made mind slaves to spy for him. The Methuselah would know when Jacob was at his worst. The other power players would be looked into as well. He was most interested in the dark angel Zoheret, and the witch who's demon magic had kept him from entering Venture. He'd gather information on them too. Perhaps this Zoheret would be his ally. He knew she had no love for Jacob, and her brand of beauty, superiority and non-apology were very similar to the ancient. The witch, he'd been informed, cared for Jacob. They had some bond, and it made him think of Jacob's traitor of a sire. All these years later, was Jake still searching for a mother figure? Pathetic.   

The car pulled around and Mithras exited the apartment he'd been squatting in. He'd been jumping from luxurious mortal home to home , taking what he wanted and making zero apologies to the residents. Most he'd drained anyway. Let the local leaders deal with all the dead humans they were about to find. The bulk of the cult was coming too, and would either leave with him or shortly after. He'd need a new travel pet. The last one had cut his wrists during the day. A note was found to tell his wife he was sorry. Mithras allowed the delivery of this note. It was the least he could do for his former pet. He'd been worked hard and cracked under the pressure. It happened. Mortals were weak. He entered the car and let it start taking him away. He'd be back, and when he was, Jacob would finally suffer for all the pain he'd caused. Revenge was a dish best served cold, and Mithras had eternity to chill. 

Exit Mithras of Sparta
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