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Room 509 - Peterson Brothers
« on: June 14, 2019, 08:24:38 AM »
Room 509 - Jeremiah and Zachariah Peterson


Sleek, modern and minimal with an open floorplan.  Greyish hardwoods throughout, walls painted varying shades of grey.  All windows have been outfitted with up-to-date Aquilla Industries sun-shielding technology.

Kitchen and Dining Room:  The kitchen has the standard appliances, white cabinets, white granite countertops.  The refrigerator has a small supply of bagged blood and bottled water.  The pantry has nonperishables for any human guests that need something quick to recover from feeding, but otherwise, the kitchen appears unused.

Great Room:

Both suites have a bathroom through a double closet.  Shiny white marble, glass shower doors, recessed lighting, double sinks.

Jeremiah's Suite (left):
Dark green walls with a dark-stained horizontal wood accent wall (really just around the bed area of the south wall), same hardwood floors as the rest of the apartment.  Copper bedframe, sage duvet and pillowcases, navy and gold decorative pillows, and microfiber ivory throw blanket at the end of the bed.  There is a moderately-sized television mounted to the north wall, flanked by some old guitars.  Various guitars (electric and acoustic) in stands sit in the southeast corner of the room by a comfortable brown leather armchair.   A couple of old amps serve as bedside tables.  The room and closets are kept surprisingly neat (he doesn't make an effort to keep it that way, he just isn't a messy person by nature).
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