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"Sorry for your loss."
« on: June 21, 2019, 03:23:37 AM »
Zoheret sat at her computer desk, a shiny new MacBook Air with an iridescent case in front of her and a smirk on her beautifully painted lips. Her hair was completely down, relaxing for once in the gentle breeze flowing in from the open balcony door that looked over the sea. The sun was just beginning to set and the reflection on the water felt particularly poetic in the moment. The silk kimono that was draped over her perfect shoulders barely covered her frame, leaving much of her chest and midriff exposed - not that she minded. All of the staff at Attica Villa knew enough to never bother her once she retired to her private chambers until she herself had remerged. Her clutch lay open and a credit card for a 'Sarah Angelo' lay exposed on the desk next to her swift hands. Hopefully - though she highly doubted the reference would be received at all - the name would give the receiver the biggest hint who had sent the gift.

She scrolled casually through the website for what she was looking for, an idea in mind but nothing from the online shop was up to her high standards - yet. The webpage was sorted from least to most expensive out of consideration for those who shopped but didn't have the means to spend exorbitant on fruit baskets. Fortunately, money had never really been an issue for her; so she selected the section that listed the most expensive baskets first. It was more important to be thoughtful than stingy in this particular instance.

It wasn't long before a beautiful, delicious-looking fruit basket pulled her attention. The arrangement was a gorgeous selection of fruit - halved slices of juicy orange, crescent-shaped pieces of melons, vine-ripened grapes, plump red strawberries with their green hats intact, and of course, dark chocolate dipped apple slices, strewn with stripes of white chocolate - placed in a square basket, displayed artfully as any centerpiece should be. The edible arrangement was finished off with delicate, dove-shaped pineapple pieces, coated with a tempered, reflective white chocolate. The company called this particular arrangement 'Always in Our Heart'. Zoheret smiled and picked up her credit card.

After her order was placed, Zoheret smiled smugly to herself and closed the browser window, re-reading with satisfaction an article that had been printed in the local paper and strewn about on the online supernatural media two nights before.


Near midnight last night, our newspaper was contacted by a representative from the former demon Oligarch Chtahzus'aak, commonly known as Zeus, for a publication notice regarding a shift in the political structure of the city. In an unexpected turn of events, the representation of the West District has been 'peacefully conceded' to the former Oligarch by Central District Leader Jake McCloud.

Effective immediately:   
Control of the West District has been peacefully conceded to Chtahzus’aak.  District laws will be amended to reflect this change.

Anyone impacted by these recent shifts of power is encouraged to seek an appointment at the Block for immediate assistance. 
There are resources and funds available to any who wish to relocate to or from the West district. || 666.666.6666

When pressed for details of the event, District Leader Chtahzus'aak's offices offered no more clarification. District Leader McCloud's offices have not thus far responded to inquiry.

As the news had come through Zoheret's offices during the previous night, her staff considered it a mild victory. Zoheret, herself, had laughed heartily in her own chambers. The news about McCloud's loss of the West had come not two days after the vampire had called her the museum to discuss Saraekiel's loyalties - a topic which Zoheret kindly reminded Jake, was none of his business. And while she wasn't particularly fond of the idea of having a demon of all creatures governing the unruly district nearby, she was at least confident that Chtahzus'aak was a better leader and politician, having known part of his resume as an Oligarch. She knew him as paranoid, private, and efficient.

They had never really known each other - Chtahzus'aak had always been extremely private, his thoughts locked away from the sounding board that was the Oligarchy during any kind of meeting that they all had to deal with. They had caught eyes in passing with the very rare greeting exchanged - neither of them really interested in getting to know anything about the other. The only time they had spoken had been during obligatory meetings when part of the governing body for supernaturals. She had never really been sure whether he had quarters at the Chambers - that block of his had always seemed to be a top priority. Curious, then, that he didn't jump at the opportunity of governing the West when Galvin had broken apart the Oligarchy.

Zoheret reclined back in her computer chair and faced out towards the ocean, the sun painting her naked skin in golds, reds, and purples. She picked up her landline phone and dialed the number that had been given in the article - an easy enough one to remember. "I'd like to schedule an appointment with District Leader Chtahzus'aak, please."

In two days, Central District Leader Jake McCloud would be receiving a massive fruit basket with a note that read simply:

Sorry for your loss.
- Z

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Re: "Sorry for your loss."
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2019, 05:02:56 AM »
The White Rabbit was full of life tonight, as it's owner worked his way towards the elevator leading down to his home in the Rabbit Warrens. He'd been upstairs to kick off the weekly jock party; he'd ended up it's permanent host since Lisa-Joe said he needed to be more involved in the club. The boys were well on their way to sex, booze, and blood, and Jake felt satisfied his duty had been done. In truth, his mood was a foul one. His meeting with Zeus was only a few days behind him, and while the press coverage was mostly good for everyone, Jake still saw giving up the west as a humiliating loss. He'd always intended to transfer it over eventually, or at least he'd told himself that in the days since, but not now, and certainly not to Zeus. The smug, ugly mother fucker had broken into Jake's home, made demands at knife point, broken stuff and shirked any responsibility for his people's suffering. To hear Zeus talk it was like Jake had gone into the west and butchered thousands, burning their homes to the ground and salting the earth. Far more died in the days before Jake took over, then on the day he took it, and yet everything was somehow his fault.

He couldn't let it go, and he'd driven himself crazy having this fight with himself over and over again. On the other hand, he was glad to be rid of it, and hoped Zeus's threats would end there. He claimed to not want violence in the same meeting he'd threatened it, and that alone told Jake he wasn't trustworthy. It wasn't all bad though. His efforts in the north looked like they might bear fruit, and he decided to keep a watchful eye on the situation as it unfolded. The dark wolves weren't exactly thrilled a dark angel was their district leader, and Jake had sewn further seeds of doubt. Hopefully, Domink Lowe, or Keynigh would be the district leader in the north again. Let the dark angels nest together in the northwest. Nobody cared about the northwest anyways. He wondered if Zoheret was already in Greece. He'd gotten under her skin at the museum, and hoped it would create just enough doubt to get her out of the city for a while. Once Saraekiel was gone, then Jake would be happy for the city's pet bird to return.

The elevator pinged and Jake entered, taking it down lost in his thoughts. When he emerged in the Warrens he was met by Riley, one of his security officers.

"Hey boss, left something at your door. Don't shoot the delivery boy."

With that Riley raced away, leaving Jake wondering what would cause him to fear his ire. When he reached his door he found the reason. An elaborate fruit basket awaited, with all sorts of mortal treats. Apples, grapes, melons, pineapples, and kiwi made up the structure, and the arrangement was pleasing to the eye. Jake briefly wondered who would send a vampire a fruit basket, as he obviously couldn't eat it. As he reached for the card, he figured he'd take it upstairs and feed the bar with it, and would send a thank you to whomever sent it. Then he saw the handwriting, and the ridiculous looking Z.

Sorry for your loss.

Jake's fingers began to tremble and he crushed the card in his hand. He made sure he was alone in the hallway before taking the basket inside and placing it on an unoccupied piece of floor. He tore the card into a million pieces, and threw them into the air like confetti before cursing into the void.

"That stupid fucking bitch. I'll kill her. I'll pluck her wings off! I'll... Ugh.... Fucking... UGH!"

How dare she mock him. She had no ambition, no drive. Jake might've lost the west but at least he had the nerve to take it. What did she do? She obviously wasn't going to Greece, and he was sure she would've told Saraekiel all about their meeting. She was probably feeling so smug. She dared claim a victory she played no part in, or at least as far as Jake knew she played no part. He looked at the basket again. It was mocking him.

"Fucking, god damnit, mother fucking bitch. She thinks she's so fucking clever. I'll end her!"

This went on for several minutes, as Jake paced back and forth, the basket serving as a totem of evil. Eventually, he decided to take his rage out on it. He wouldn't dirty or disrespect Venom for such a task, but the 14th century English broadsword on his wall wasn't as lucky. He grabbed the blade, and drug it across the ground over to the offending totem. There was a pause, as his better angels told him this was childish, immature, exactly what Zoheret wanted to happen. He thought of Sam, and how she'd tell him not to let this get to him. Murphy would be embarrassed by Jake right now, and smug little Ben would say this kind of tantrum proved Jake wasn't qualified to rule. Sam meant well, and being better for Murphy was something Jake was working on, but both of them weren't here.

Fuck what Ben thinks and fuck what Zoheret wants. I need this, he rationalized.

With those thoughts in mind, he began to hack at the basket, first splitting it in two before proceeding to mash it into paste. He screamed curses at Zoheret, at Ben, at Zeus, and most of all... at Lazarus. "You fucking made me weak you blonde piece of shit," he said about either Laz or Zo. "I'm not weak. I'll show them. I'll end them all!" The basket was now kindling, and the fruit was ready for a baby's consumption. One final swing, and the sword broke off it's pommel, clanging on the ground. Jake tossed the hilt to the ground too, and went to the guest bedroom - where he'd been sleeping - and shut himself in for the rest of the night.
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