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Zachariah Peterson
« on: June 24, 2019, 01:26:09 PM »
Name:  Zachariah Peterson
Nickname: Zach
Age [Appearance]: Late-twenties
Age [Actual]: 171
Date of Birth: June 24, 1848
Zodiac: Cancer
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire
Sire: Jeremiah Peterson
Fledge: None

Hair: Dark and dense; with no distinct wave pattern. Zach’s hair is long enough to nearly brush his shoulders, and also be somewhat of a nuisance. He routinely runs his hands through the mass in a bid to keep it away from his face, ceding all care as to how it falls thereafter; as a result, it often appears wind-swept. His facial hair goes beyond mere stubble, but hasn’t yet approached grizzly-territory; a tidy shadow that contours his jaw, outlining the bowed border of his upper lip.
Face Shape: Oval, like his brother’s; however, unlike Jerry, he was blessed with his mother’s more prominent cheekbones.
Complexion: Zach’s skin is light-colored without being pale; if he were able to sunbathe, he’d likely tan easily.
Eyes: The color of fresh-turned loam, Zach’s eyes are dark and borderline gloomy; possessing a measure of depth that threatens to drown anyone that dares meet them. They’re further overcast by an illustriously thick dusting of lashes. Likewise, his brows are swart and heavy; lending further the mild impression of morosity.
Nose: Neither large nor small; with a rounded tip.
Lips: Full, but not pouty. The corners of Zach’s mouth subtly up-tilt while at rest; imitating the beginnings of a smile that’s at odds with the moodiness of his gaze.
Frame: Just over six foot; sturdy, but lean.
Hands: Deft and slender-fingered.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None.
Clothing: Zach’s style is fairly minimalistic; understated, and often monochromatic. He favors black, fitted articles that still leave room for maneuverability - nothing skintight. When it comes to accessorizing, he’s a bit more adventurous; with hands and wrists frequently decked in silver, and sporting the invariable classic watch.

Zach is unsettlingly quiet, but it isn’t the reticence of a timid man; rather, his is a meditative silence. He wears the look of someone perpetually deep in thought - saving his words for when they’re most needed. In these instances, he finds no shame in telling it exactly like it is; ofttimes directing that bluntness toward his brother, Jerry. Despite being the fledge, Zach often acts as guardian and mediator; subduing his sire’s assholery. He’s perfectly capable of holding his own, and doesn’t buckle under pressure. Still, his general bearing is relaxed; limber-spined and lazy.

Though he says little, he’s still polite and attentive to those he interacts with; replacing dialogue with muted smiles and acknowledging dips of his head. He’s a closet romantic, preferring to keep these emotions on reserve instead of worn on his sleeve.

Zach was second born among a family of plantation owners; son to David and Mary. They were modestly wealthy, having maintained a profitable tobacco farm in North Carolina. He was one of five children, with two brothers (David and Jerry) and two sisters (Cynthia and Caroline). Their father was hard on his sons; but particularly callous toward his altruistic wife and gentle daughters. It was this chauvinist attitude that Zach redressed in himself; having interpreted the behavior as less than becoming.

Even as a child, Zach kept himself somewhat withdrawn. He preferred to observe in the antics of his siblings, rather than participate in them. His closest ties were with that of his brothers; until David Junior, eldest and heir, grew distant as a means to further curry their father’s favor. Left with Jerry as his primary companion, the pair formed an uncompromising bond wherein Zach was frequently compelled to recover Jerry from his own devices. More often than not, he was self-elected an impartial chaperone - intervening only when trouble was deemed forthcoming.

As they grew older, his younger brother’s troublemaking-tendencies multiplied. Instead of monitoring Tom-Sawyer-correlative adventures, Zach became convoy to grander schemes; attending rowdy parties, and bearing witness to merry misconduct. Quiet suggestions that they return home were routinely met with inebriated rejection. So, he would wait; and shoulder his brother’s weight when his own legs could no longer carry him.

It was one of these nights - the last night - that he ferried Jerry home, unaware that he was anything beyond tanked. For three days thereafter, Jeremiah had taken fiercely ill. It was an inexplicable ailment that left him debilitated and dying; or, rather, they believed he was dying. Zach stood relentless vigil at his brother’s bedside, scarcely speaking to anyone else. He ate only at their mother’s behest; far too aggrieved to do aught else save wait, and pray.

On that third and final eve, Jerry made a spontaneous recovery, bolting upright in bed. In a half-drowsed state, Zach found reprieve as he looked to his brother; but before he was given the opportunity to speak on it, Jeremiah had latched onto his throat. Negligent to Zach’s feeble, clawing attempts at escape, Jerry drank obstinately - until Zach’s struggles grew passive, and the surge of his blood slowed to a mere trickle.

In true auspicious and timely fashion, Jerry’s sire chose that precise moment to seek out her fledge. She arrived just soon enough to interfere and instruct. Amidst the hysterics Jerry’s cognizance provoked, Madeleine calmly coached - expeditiously sharing the essentials, and supervising in Jerry’s restoration of Zach’s life. With no one’s death no longer imminent, she hastily whisked the freshly-fledged brothers away; much to the perplexed dismay of their family.

The pair remained beneath Madeleine’s ward for a few years; until they were well and acclimated to their undead lives, and Jerry’s restlessness drove them elsewhere. From then, they lived as nomads. Following the ebb and flow of the mortal current, they dabbled in various avocations (music among them) - assimilating into each new era and craze.

During the late 1900s, the two brothers settled within the city. After meeting Malakai Pryce, the trio became fast friends. Together, they formed the first three members of his band, To Ashes; comprised, today, of two additional members.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Vampires, werewolves, demons.
Occupation/Job: None.
Domicile: Oceanview Heights with Jerry; paid for by Malakai.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: Has a preference for ‘zen’ blood donors.
Hobbies: Zach is the bassist for To Ashes, an alternative/metal/grunge band. A predominant measure of alone-time is spent experimenting on his own with music, often with heavy distortion and looper pedals. He’s also fond of dabbling with various other instruments; though he’s only particularly proficient with the bass and guitar.
Likes: An eclectic variety of music (favorite genres include: industrial, classic rock, jazz/blues, shoegaze); live theater (as a spectator, not a participant); impressive landscapes; classic cars.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention - a post that Jerry is happy to maintain in his stead. (Such benevolence; kind, selfless brother.)
Strength: Zach gives thorough consideration to everything; this thoughtfulness usually culminates in fair assessments, making him a reliable and impartial source for the necessary weigh-in. He has an ability to calm Jerry, his brother and sire, when no one else can. In more ways than one, he’s extremely dependable; patient, adaptable, and difficult to offend.
Weakness/Flaw: He has a tendency to be a bit too secretive; using music as an outlet for his more somber thoughts, when he’d be better off vocalizing them.

(Within reason)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes

Credit to random/nameless Pinterest board.

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Re: Zachariah Peterson
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[1990] Smells Like Teen Spirit - Zach and Jerry meet Malakai for the first time.