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Win Arlington
« on: July 04, 2019, 11:43:16 PM »
Win Arlington

Delectatio morosa
Sinful delight

Age [appearance]: 20
Age [actual]: a bit over 200
Gender: Male
Identifies: Bi
Preference: Men

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes

Species: Vampire
Sire: Lazarus
Fledge Brothers: Murphy (as yet unknown)
Hair: Dark brown hair that naturally curls and difficult to control. It is lengthy enough that his curls fall over his forehead, giving him a natural fringe that his face suits.
Eyes: Deep brown with impossibly long dark eyelashes that frame them.
Frame: Standing at 6' exactly, Win has a light frame with well-defined muscles.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None.
Personality: Win can be a bit of chameleon, mirroring the people he interacts with or becoming the kind of person they need him to be, saying and doing whatever he believes they would prefer. However, his true nature is that of the eternal optimist. He's a positive influence to be around and his enthusiasm has often been described as 'charming', though it can grate on those with a more serious demeanour.
History:After getting in Lazarus sights, Win was sired after a week of passion. He willingly left his mortal life behind and stayed with his sire for nine years before he was eventually dumped when Lazarus grew bored of him. Broken-hearted, Win managed to survive on his own and found a vampire club, where he discovered there were mental abilities available to him. He threw himself into learning everything with his peers and eventually ingratiated himself with some older vampires who exchanged training for sexual favours. He carried on this way for another two decades before deciding to travel. Leaving his home country (England) behind, he moved through the rest of Europe and then into Asia, where he spent the next thirty years. He enjoyed Singapore and spent a decade there before catching a ship to South America. He spent roughly another thirty years in various countries, constantly moving north albeit slowly. He finally entered the States at the turn of the twentieth century. As previously, he continued moving north stright up the central states and it took him another thirty years before he reached Canada. He spent two decades there before heading down again, taking a new path through the States until finally arriving in a city that seemed to thrum with supernatural power.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Having travelled the world, he's come across all manner of different creatures, though doesn't know their strengths and weaknesses. He can identify most by smell but he's never met an Angel - dark or otherwise.
Occupation/Job: Artist/Musician
Domicile: Staying at VIP room 2401 at the Luminary
Hobby/Hobbies: He's artistically minded. Since being sired and having the time to explore hobbies, he's sought out almost every creative type; sketching, painting, sculpting, pottery, crafting, knitting, photography, decoupage, gardening, amongst others (but not cooking or dancing), and has also taken the time to learn multiple languages and musical instruments.
Likes: Starting new relationships, making new friends, the smell of apple pie, the feel of tight leather
Dislikes: When people are dismissive of him or when he is not liked
Strength: He is amiable, patient and loyal. He is a chamelon, adapting to others.
Weakness/Flaw: He is too trusting, too easily gives up his identity and/or dignity for others
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Re: Win Arlington
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2019, 08:39:27 PM »

In The Beginning
1. 1816
~ Win meets Lazarus

In The Centre Of A Triangle
2. All In
~ Win meets Cub (Ichabod)
3. Restless Heart
~ Win meets Kerr
4. Great Expectations
~ Win meets Ben

A Standing Appointment
5. Groupie
~ Win meets Gable
6. Vices
~ Win and Gable, continued
7. Addiction
~ Win and Gable, round 2
8. Cravings
~ Win and Gable, round 3
9. Thirst
~ Win and Gable, round 4
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