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The Selenite Athame
« on: July 05, 2019, 05:08:20 AM »
The Selenite Athame
Black Biter, The Pitch Blade, The Angel’s Kiss, The Angel's Spear

Owned by: Astrid Kragen
Created by: Erik Kraai

Pitch black Selenite blade with a twisted handle engraved with sigils and runes.  The handle portion is wrapped in soft leather to protect the hand of the wielder. 

Here is what remains of the most popular version of the legend of the Selenite Athame:

A great Elven Queen emerged from the endless wood, bearing a tall spiral staff of luminous, Angel-kissed gypsum.  A crack divided the sigiled top-fourth from the bottom remainder.  Its sigils warned the hubris of those who would wield with ill intent and those who ignored universal laws of balance.

This staff held much power, the Queen conducting miraculous healings upon many peoples.  She sought Erik, whose reputation as a creator of magical objects now stretched across worlds, to repair the great staff.  He accepted the task in exchange for a favor from The Queen and set to work with its repairs. 

During the Crafting, the tip separated entirely and refused to be joined again.  With this he fashioned an intricate Athame, knowing it would not do to dispose of the fragment, much less separate it from the Elven Queen.  Runes etched into the handle augmented the staff's power and tethered them to one another as if they had one heart.

Together with the repaired staff, he presented The Queen with the objects.  Delighted, she bestowed upon him the blessing of clairvoyant sight in addition to that promise of a future favor.  She vanished into the wood again just as she had appeared.

Many years later, it has been said that The Queen, without the great staff, was slain and the Selenite Athame looted from her bleeding corpse.  The blade tainted when exposed to the spilled Elvish blood, and continued to blacken as it was used by this thief.  While tainted, the blade can only detect illness and poison.

Properties and Drawbacks:
Detects poison on/in an object or person.
Detects illness.
Detects curses.
Can focus intent to determine the location of the illness/poison/curse in the body/object with startling precision.  It vibrates lightly in the hand, quicker when pointed at the source of the issue.

When purified:
Heals ailments (requires blood sacrifice in proportion to the ailment, less if the blood is inhuman). 
It is rumored to have the ability to bring life back to the dead, but a life of equal proportion is required as a sacrifice and this has never been tested.
Purges poison, illness, and curses.
Can point to the location of the great staff.

Though it is polished, it can flake and splinter.  Splinters embedded into the hand will have unpredictable effects. 

The sigils glow red while using.

Neutral in its taint.  When purified, it accepts its current owner.  If seized by force, the blade becomes tainted and gradually loses some of its abilities.  Only an angel or a descendant of Erik Kraii may purify the blade.

Enhance and Compete:
Competes with curses.
Neutral to blessings.
Can be physically destroyed by supernatural strength.
Enhanced in angelic hands.
Neutral to dark/fallen angel magic and weapons.
Competes with demonic weapons/magic.
Competes with draconic weapons/magic.
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