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Re: After Hours
« Reply #45 on: July 20, 2019, 08:10:41 AM »
"Eager to see your doom," Jimmy asked rhetorically, laughing as the image changed once again.

The scene was a wedding. Murphy and Jake stood together, holding hands at the front of an alter. Jake had never looked happier, and neither had Murphy. Lisa-Joe was Jake's best man, dressed in a full tux. Murphy's best man was hidden though. A shadow covered his face. Kerr was there, and so was Charon, Vincent and Owen, and Sam and almost the whole city. Ben was missing though. Kerr hugged Ichabod, while Digital played some old timey organ. The officiant was Zeus of all of people. The wedding planner who stood in the back was Lan Bao. Zoheret sang "Here comes the bride," while standing on a podium. It was obviously a fantasy of epic proportions. Wherever Ben looked he couldn't see himself.

"I just want to thank our best men," Jake said to the crowd. Lisa-Joe and the shadowy figure stepped forward. Ben could see blonde hair that looked like his. It was longer though. He saw a face like his, but it was rounder than his own. It looked almost just like Ben, and yet clearly wasn't. The eyes of his mortal brother stared smiling at him. Jake hugged him and Ben would clearly hear the words, "I'm so glad you're a part of my life."

The vision ended but not before Ben heard one final thing, his own crying, and the sinister laughter of Lazarus. The sound would get louder and louder until it was so overwhelming Ben's ears started to ring. The whole room steered towards a black out, and the last thing Ben saw was the laughing face of Jimmy, that was somehow also Themba, and also Lazarus.

"What's the matter love," the visage asked. "See something scary?"

With that Ben would black out, and wake up several hours later slumped in a chair in Dr. Barrow's office. Jimmy was gone. Ben was all alone.
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Re: After Hours
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Ben, his stomach knotting and feeling anxious and nauseated, moved off the chair and hurried out of the doctor's office. He was doubtful about returning for another session before, but now there was no way James Barrow would see him again. Jimmy had taken care of that. And even though Ben had invited it, he hadn't realised the extent of Malkavian madness.

Digital had never shared visions with him, only riddles. Perhaps he knew the sweaty, gross feeling that his visions would entail. Ben preferred the cryptic messages to seeing it for himself.

When Ben left Dr James Barrow's office, he closed the door gently behind him.
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