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Single Handedly
« on: July 07, 2019, 05:41:18 PM »
Lazarus drove until the sun threatened to come up and end his existence.

Behind him was a city he loved but also despised, as well as a powerful young vampire he used to love but had grown to despise, and an ambitious young vampire he’d wanted to love but was now apathetic towards.

The obsession was over. As lost to him as his left hand above the wrist.

He made it to the outskirts of the next city, pushing Murphy’s car to the limits. He was in the cheap suburbs, with rickety houses a step up from caravans. He approached the first one that had a light on and rapped on the door, intending on barging his way in.

A woman answered. She was perhaps in her thirties, mediocre, brown hair and brown eyes looking owlish behind her glasses. She was heavier than what current society would allow her but closer in size to the women from his time. He was about to ambush her, drain her and use her place to rest, but the way she was staring at him stopped him.

Adoration. Yes, he could work with that. It was better to have a mortal follower than a dead body.

“Uh, hello?” she said, her gaze fixed on his face while a blush crept up her cheeks. Her pupils dilated and her physical response was obvious. She was doing her best to keep her composure, even though a gorgeous man stood on her doorstep. He supposed she wasn’t used to beauty like his. Poor thing.

“I’ve been driving all night and I need a place to sleep,” he lied smoothly, offering her a smile that made her eyes widen. “I have no money so am knocking on doors searching for kindness.”

Her lips parted, perhaps to offer him her home, but she licked them while her eyes darted sideways, considering the intelligence of letting a strange man into her home. He didn’t need to be a mind reader to understand her hesitation.

“Please,” he said, then shifted to draw attention to his amputated arm.

When she looked at it she pulled in breath – a soft gasp of surprise that also softened her gaze when she directed it back to his face for more eye contact.

“Of course, come in,” she said, stepping back while opening the front door for him to enter. Beautiful men missing a hand were obviously no threat to her. Silly woman, except he liked the way she let her guard down and appreciated that she was easy to manipulate.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like something to eat or drink?” she asked, heading for the tiny kitchen and talking over her shoulder.

He would’ve laughed except he didn’t feel terribly amused. Too much had happened tonight. He’d sent Ben and Jake a final fuck you via Murphy’s siring, and now he was running for his life. He wanted a great deal more distance between him and the city, and this woman in her shabby little home could help him with that.

“Maybe later,” he said, thinking he would drink from her once she was feeling a bit more relaxed around him. He couldn’t look into her mind but he could read the muscles in her shoulders were a little tight. “Right now I need to sleep,” he said, the urgency of the approaching dawn giving him cause to worry. He was hoping she had a spare room, but the size of this house implied he would be sleeping on the couch. His gaze moved to the windows where the curtains were thin. Hopefully she had a heavy blanket she could lend him.

When he looked back at her he caught her staring at the couch as well, and her cheeks pinked. He didn’t know why she was so embarrassed. He looked at it again. It was a little old and saggy, but he saw no reason for her shame.

“You can use my bed,” she said quickly, like she couldn’t get the words out fast enough. “I hope you’re a heavy sleeper because I’ll be doing housework,” she warned. She detoured from the kitchen and moved into a short corridor with two doors. The first door led to a toilet/bathroom combination room and the second was her bedroom. She flipped the light switch on so she could present him with her queen-sized bed. There were multiple blankets and a heavy coverlet on it because her house was likely not well insulated. The temperature didn’t bother him.

Lazarus looked from it to the curtains which were still drawn. Heavy blackout curtains, his favourite kind. He turned to her to thank her, wanting to keep her on side and happy to leave him be, when he caught an odd expression on her face. They stared at one another for a long moment while he waited for her to spit out whatever she’d been thinking. He damned his inability to read minds. It would be a handy fucking skill to know if she knew he was a vampire and if she intended on turning him to ash.

“I’ll get to my chores,” she said, sounding breathless. “Have to leave for work soon.” She blinked like she hadn’t meant to tell him this.

“I’m not here to rob you. What am I going to take?” he said tiredly.

It was, surprisingly, the right thing to say because he finally saw her bunched-up shoulders relax. She laughed to herself and then pointed at the dresser shoved into the corner.

“You can leave your clothes on top of that and I’ll wash ‘em for you,” she offered.

“Thank you. Could you leave the curtains drawn even if I’m still asleep in the afternoon?” he asked, wanting to be sure of her.

“Course,” she said, like he didn’t need to ask. She smiled at him, not in reassurance but again in that adoration. A handsome man had entered her life and was about to sleep in her bed. She wasn’t about to pull those covers back and kill him with light. Satisfied, he nodded and began undressing. He had his shirt off before he realised she was still in the bedroom doorway, watching. When he looked at her it took her a second to register and she made a soft noise of apology and shut the door. He would’ve laughed except he was too tired.

He shed his clothing and put everything on the dresser in a messy pile before shutting off the light, pleased that the darkness felt so complete. He crawled naked in between the sheets. He imagined her smelling his underwear and rubbing it all over herself, or whatever it was women liked to do.

He closed his eyes as the sun emerged into the sky.

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Re: Single Handedly
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2019, 09:02:32 AM »
When he awoke again it was to movement on the bed.  He could sense it was still daytime, though possibly only a couple of hours before sunset. He opened his eyes to darkness but could see the woman clearly as she settled down beside him, facing him. She had no glasses on which meant she probably couldn’t see anything at all. He could feel her warmth radiating over him as her hand crept onto his chest, and the touch of her fingertips as she slid them along his skin. He caught her wrist and she gasped but didn’t try to snatch her hand back.

“I know what you are,” she breathed.

“What I am?” Lazarus repeated back at her.

“A vampire,” she told him. “You’re so pale, you’re cold, you don’t draw breath. I… I used to live in a city where vampires didn’t hide themselves. I fled and moved here because I was scared, but… but I know…” She hung her sentence there instead of continuing it as he’d expected.

He didn’t release her hand, wondering if he should drain her because she was a liability now, especially if she knew his vulnerabilities. But… she’d climbed into bed with him instead of throwing open the curtains.

As if she had the ability to read minds, she whispered: “I can protect you. I can help you.”

“Protect me?” he said, unable to stop the amused sound in his voice. She needed protecting from him. What a strange idea she had.

“You must be in trouble if you drove almost to daylight.” He had nothing to say to that because her deduction was correct. She took his silence as concurrence and pressed on. “Is the car yours?” she asked in a tone that made him think she suspected not. He shook his head, letting her continue because she was clever and she wanted to protect him. “I’ll take care of it,” she said, determined. “We can use my van.”

“We?” he asked, surprised.

“Haven’t you ever had a mortal servant?” she asked, her eyes wide as she looked at him in the dark. He doubted she could see how his lips twisted at the question, how he’d always used, abused or shunned his followers. He could see how if he’d gathered some up and kept them close, they could help him now.

“So you’re offering?” he asked, releasing her wrist. She pulled it back to herself like he expected but then reached down like he didn’t expect. The warmth of her hand was welcome around his cock and he hardened beneath her attention. He closed his eyes to savour it but as she continued to stroke, he eventually grew bored of her motions. “Use your mouth.”

She didn’t hesitate and submerged beneath the covers. She was clumsy at first, getting into position, but once there she revealed she could perform a blow as good as any of his boys. He wasn’t interested in her in the slightest, but a mouth was a mouth. Being daytime meant he was more lethargic than usual and so she had her work cut out for her. It took a long time before she came back up for air, her ministrations upon his body a resounding success because he was horny and ready for a fuck, but she hadn’t brought him to full satisfaction. She made an apology about her aching jaw which he ignored.

He turned and reached for her, remembering she wasn’t the first woman he’d had, and pulled her close. Her breasts were squashed against him, which he didn’t care for, but she afforded him entry by wrapping a leg around his hips. The head of his cock seemed to zero in on her warmth because it was nudging against her opening, slick and hot. She reached down between them, aimed him upwards into her and he thrust impatiently.

Her body was tight and hot; different to a pretty boy with a sweet ass but still an enjoyable sensation. Again, he closed his eyes and shunted his hips in and out, ignoring her cries and grunts and groans. A few minutes later he withdrew in order to flip her around, facing away from him. Her breasts were an annoyance that he couldn’t ignore, and he didn’t like her hot breath on him. With a little adjustment, he was thrusting into her from behind. She snuck a hand down and pressed fingers against herself while they had sex, doing it until she came. Her entire body clenched and vibrated with the force of it, squeezing his own orgasm out of him. He pumped his seed into her and fell back, exhausted, giving himself back to the heavy hand of day.

When he woke again the sun’s rays were still cresting the sky but the sun itself had been spun away. He wondered if the afternoon’s activities had been a dream, especially when he found himself in bed alone. He sat up and his gaze found his clothes on the dresser, neatly folded in a pile. He could smell the detergent she’d used on them.

He could smell her on him. Lazarus grimaced and got out of bed, exiting the room and entering the bathroom where he could shower. He used her soap and hair products and stood under a stream so hot that it would warm his skin to the touch. When he stepped out, he smelt like her in an entirely different way – a more acceptable way.

He’d fully dressed by the time she returned, a different set of keys in hand. He was lounging in the front room and saw the duckling keychain dangling from her fist. She followed his gaze and lifted it slightly.

“I like ducks,” she said sheepishly. With her wide eyes behind thick glasses, he wondered why she didn’t like owls. She had an embarrassed look on her face and was fidgeting where she stood in the middle of the room.

“What is it? Spit it out.” He thought she might ask him how he’d lost his hand.

“What’s your name? I’m Kate.”

He looked at her, so used to not caring about names that he’d not bothered to ask. Now that she’d signed up as his ‘mortal servant’, it made sense that they’d have to call each other something. With a growing smile – because things had started going his way again – he announced himself grandly.

“Lazarus, the Risen.”