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Re: Smells Like Teen Spirit
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Zach thought little of his brother’s very unappetizing and quite viscid snort. Undignified summarized Jerry in a nutshell. This was normal; routine, even. He caught the distaste in Malakai’s expression, however, and couldn’t help but to find humor in that.

When Mal glanced his way, Zach acknowledged him by way of a small, appreciative smile. After having shared only the briefest of conversations with Zach, he’d still taken it upon himself to show his brother some kindness - in spite of a possible (probable) dislike for him.  He seemed like a genuinely good guy. Well-rounded. Sound.

“Ah,” waffled Zach, mulling over whether or not to accept. He didn’t wish to impose, nor did he want to refuse; it somehow felt discourteous, and he was thirsty. “Yeah,” he finally settled upon. “Thanks. I’ll get you next time.” If there were a next time.