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55 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
« on: July 22, 2019, 10:09:45 AM »
[[This is a private residence and retail business. If your character would like to make an appointment, and is not a student our faculty member of the Academy for Supernaturals, PM Billiam to make the appointment. If you are an Academy student or staff member please seek out Dr. Barrow during office hours]]

55 JFK Blvd.
Occupant(s): Dr. James Barrow, and Jimmy too!
Style: Industrial Loft - Inspiration Bushwick Brooklyn, NY
Cost: Building: $500,000; Restoration: $150,000; Property Taxes: Low; Owned or Rented: Owned
Other Occupants: James's cat, Queenie

Description: James bought an old, two story warehouse in the North District when he moved to the city, fully intending to make it his home. The bottom floor has a street side entrance to Jame's private practice, Humane Solutions Inc. The space was converted from the old management offices from the warehouse days. Exposed brick walls and high ceilings make the office feel more open than you'd expect in a doctor's office. James has a long leather couch for when he practices psychoanalysis, as well as several comfy leather arm chairs. The room also has a central red rug and several full bookshelves. Most of the titles are on psychology and range from the 1880's to current. James has a large oak desk tucked into the left corner of the room, with heavy looking brass paperweights and a laptop. Large open windows with iron fittings would filter sunlight into the room beautifully if James was ever down there during that time. There is also a rubbish bin and coat rack by the door.

Starting on the office level and snaking up to the second floor is a set of wooden stairs with iron railings. Brass fixtures are spread along the banister, and while not quite a spiral staircase, they do make the user travel in an effective circle to reach the top. The second floor feels like an attic style apartment. Another huge window gives a view of the various other warehouses in the area, as well as a good view of the moon on clear nights. The exposed brick and iron adornments continue on the second floor, giving the whole space an industrial feel. While downstairs feels very old, upstairs feels rather young. A neon sign flashes above Jame's bed reading SIREN.

A turntable and full sound system are against the back wall. Records like Amy Winehouse, David Bowie and the Scissor Sisters decorate the bricks above the record player. A small bathroom is off to the right of the stairs, the only room the loft actually has. It shares a similar brass and iron look, with dark grey tile, and a large bathtub in the center. A full mirror runs along the back wall of the bathroom, and a large metal sink is littered in expensive grooming products. Back out in the main room an unused kitchenette sits near a gas pipe connecting to the oven. James keeps the gas turned off for safety. Plants litter the apartment. A lemon bush sits in a large black receptacle made of plastic, and makes the apartment smell like citrus. A modern looking grey couch is in the center of the room, while the bed rests in what looks like a converted storage room. A metal door can be pulled down like a storage locker during the day, keeping James safe from the sun. His clothes are all hung up on a long rack and reflect both his business attire - suits - and casual attire - jeans and flannel.

The downstairs reads more James, while it looks like Jimmy controls upstairs.


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