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Used to be
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:03:50 PM »

There had been a weird absence in the Library for nearly a week and a half, of Dreki just not being there. Beforehand he was there pretty much nightly, reading, getting used to how to search on the Library's computer for new books and where to find them, and generally learning how to become mostly independent in a new environment. So much so that it could be even possible to guess he was trying to avoid interacting with Sam. That wasn't entirely off the mark, but also wasn't the full truth of it either.

How their last interaction was very much a rollercoaster of emotions, ending on a down note, having verbally snapped by the end of it all, and even accidentally overhearing Sam basically move on from him was enough for him to never really want to interact with Sam ever again, but ultimately he did really value his independence above all of that. He wasn't about to allow some stupid heartbreak prevent him from going to a place he generally finds great comfort in. He was able to navigate the mortal Libraries around the city without help, but then again he did have less freedom there. He could help but prefer this library just due to the freedom of what he was able to read.

His appearance there that Monday night, traveling there from the other building after his classes and handing over his doctor's note over having been sick, was pretty normal for him before his small break. It seemed whatever happened during that break that it did him some good as he looked infinitely better than he did before the break. His clothes fit him well, and even at certain angles of movement, hints of lean muscle could be detected. Instead of just being pale, his skin seemed to have a golden olive undertone to it, as if he could tan a bit in the sun if he stayed out in it. His hair was done kind of nice, had two braids on either side of his head for a total of four, all meeting at his nape as they combined into a low set ponytail.

After sitting down at the workstation he could use, he navigated to the Library's categorization program on it and started to search for particular categories mostly involving Vampires or Imps. There was one particular book that stood out that basically just had a lot of base information about a lot of creatures and not really just those two. Part of him wanted more information on not just how to deal with his new roommate, who had been missing for a few days, and knew he liked vampires secretly but openly hated them, and figured information on both would be nice to maybe better help or have an idea where Nox had disappeared to at maybe at least find out what happened to him after that event.

Before he got up, one of his students seemed to notice him at that special work station and approached him, asking about it. He seemed to do his best to skirt around the idea that he was Blind but it eventually was worked out of him. After all, he had all the students turn in their assignments electronically, and always used at least one earbud while on his computer or phone, without really looking at their screens. It was kind of obvious to anyone who really paid attention. He asked the student to keep it a secret and to not treat him any differently, and explained that the reason why he kept it as such as secret was that others had a habit of treating him differently, overhelping when he didn't even need help at all, and other such things. The student nodded, understanding the reasons Dreki gave them and went on their way.

Dreki stood up, decided to try and look for the book on his own first before asking for help. He had a general idea where the section was, He would start with one end, grab the last book on each end, and bring them back to his workstation, scanning the covers and spines for an author name. Of course, some books did not provide such an easy answer due to the myriad of exotic languages some of the books were written in, but he was able to get the gist of at least where in the alphabet he was in with the section to try an narrow down its location. Of course, he was going by mortal library logic, not realizing that this place was organized a little differently than that.

After a few back and forths of grabbing about 5-7 books, reading the covers and spines to them and putting them back where he found them, then repeating, he sat down at the workstation empty-handed and a little befuddled. He sat in the chair in the workstation, looked in the direction of where the book should be around, with his elbows resting on his legs, and him hunched over, his chin resting on his thumbs while the rest of his fingers stood straight up in front of his lips. Trying to be independent in such a way was harder than he expected. Due to the nature of some books being written in an exotic language, he was having a hard time actually finding the book he wanted. His determination to try and be independent could be seen as stubbornness and an unwillingness to ask for help to others just watching him. He thought about what to try next before he bothers Sam, or someone else, for help. He wanted that to be the last case scenario, although if someone had seen what he had been doing and walked up to him and asked if he needed help, he would be more receptive to that.