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Achaius Dewar
« on: January 09, 2020, 10:47:19 AM »
Name: Achaius Dewar
Age [appearance]: Late thirties, early forties
Age [actual]: Born 1027 to present
Gender: Male
Species: Human (refer to Artefact)

Siring/Feeding: Siring - No/Feeding - Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes
Hair: Long crew cut, peppered
Eyes: Olive
Frame: 6’3” and 201 pounds
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He bears a Mariner’s mark on his right shoulder.
Personality: Strict in study and cause, Achaius is a bit of a militant scholar. He is someone who measures productivity through achievement, and plans his days going forward accordingly. He holds a patient respect for the world around him; and, though a little manic in some cases, maintains a cordial composure at all times. He seeks to be his best self by pushing through weaknesses.
History:  Born in Scotland, Achaius’ family took quarter with Courtiers as high profile guardsmen. At the age of seventeen, his parents married him into French nobility. The young woman was saved from being a spinster at the age of thirty-two. Shortly after their marriage, his child, Brianna, was born. When she came into the world, he fell in love and his call to be a guardian angel awakened. Both grateful for, and respectful of, the woman who brought her into the world, he admired her strength during childbirth and appreciated her wisdom as Brianna grew. He became Lord and protector of his Estate. Even gaining a few vassals who served his estate as craftsmen and nomads. Since Achaius never barred his daughter from activity - be it scholarly pursuits or riding the grounds - people of the time began telling him that she was as good as a son.

It was around Brianna’s marrying age that disaster struck the estate. One fateful afternoon, jealousy and refusals to involve himself in land grabs that would’ve left Brianna in the hands of cruel people bore serious consequences. His estate and everything worldly burned to the ground --the fields put to fire, the house, every last bit turned to ash. His daughter and wife managed to flee the fire but it was the maddening screams of the latter that told him at least one of the two got caught by those who started the fire. He was too busy trying bank the flames to prevent the pursuit.

When the last of the house crumbled, and embers simmered out, Achaius went into the woods to seek out the women. His daughter, he discovered, was nowhere to be found. His wife, in a freshly dug grave. In a numb state of bereavement, he exhumed his wife’s corpse and took her back home. He sought out a Gyspy tribe and asked for their assistance in preserving her. They themselves didn’t quite understand what he sought, so they sent him under the hill to the place of Fae and Magic.

There, he found a means of keeping his wife whole and in-tact. A thin gold cast, moulded to her form like a second skin --inlaid with runic scroll work. His vow: to acquire the knowledge that would permit her to live again. With some knowledge of the way souls drift, he wants to track her down and invite her back to her body. This has been his personal quest since her death. And is, in fact, partially responsible for his longevity. For his own preservation, or what largely permits his longevity, Achaius has been emubed with --surgical stitchings of silver in the design of the House Seal that adopted him. The crest takes up a large portion of his back, and boasts an allotment of gems in the design. These gems contain vortexes of energy that need to be replenished through daily meditation; cycles to power down before empowering them. Location has large a effect on this repooling  --and place with poisoned energy can make Achaius ill, how long he remains that way, is determined by how many stones absorb the soured energy. This embument has also made Achaius highly sensitive to the energies of corporeal plane. (For example: If there's a corridor of sidewalk lined with air conditioners, Achaius would completely avoid walking down it. This due to the amount of stagnant energy contained in those units. The energy itself is alive and overabundant; as a result it cries out against it's captivity.)
Achaius constitutes as a thaumaturgical survivor. Due to his grief, loyalty, and bereavement he’s been awarded amnesty from the Fae Court of Scotland.  Mind you, however, this court is much older and holds more decorum and formality than what the modern world made of them through gaming and presumptions. Being bound as a Fae vassal lends a hint mania to everything he does, he’s essentially human in bodily maintenance and function; but it can be perceived as act. Longevity, for Fae, comes with a deep intrinsic understanding of time as a human construct. When humanity began counting the days --in lieu of letting them run their course by one rolling casually into the next, they began numbering their days. As a result, Achaius’ time under the hill has made him acutely aware of time. This awareness puts him in a state of mind parallel to the “Time’s running out clock” humanity currently internalizes. The Fae taught him to slow down, pull back, and put the day into perspective --then put the afternoon into perspective -follow that with evening --then feel the stretch into twilight.

His down time is difficult to achieve. This due to the traffic in his mind. Fae, after all, do enjoy paying visits when they’ve all the time in the world. Sleep becomes a meditation of salutations and chatter active and mindful in practice. He examines and detaches weaknesses at this time. Everything --like injury, illness, even death has an internal factor --by denying those elements of humanity have a hold on him or more recognizing the parasitic energies that would try to impose them upon him; this then is where the Fae aid in healing and resuscitation --With a mind too active to waste, Achaius has got too much to do, too much to get done, and feels he doesn’t need to be held back or restrained by those limitations.

In tribute to his wife, when he’s not woven into other worldly work, Achaius prescribes himself to the  military, militia, just about any one who needs a good sword arm. The military is how he put himself in America, and also, how he tracked his daughter through the years.

When serving his station Under the hill, a week there constitutes as a year spent above. Thus working under the hill turns more time in the human world than one realizes, and it’s easy --when busy with the affairs of the Fae to watch and observe the development of the Human world. Or, perhaps, more observing the passing of the years. It’s different each time, depending on location.

In tribute to his wife, when he’s not woven into other-worldly work, Achaius prescribes himself to the military or militia or to just about anyone who needs a good sword arm. The military is how he got to America, and also how he tracked his daughter through the years.
Awareness of Supernaturals: As a diligent Scotsman of the Mid 11th century , Achaius is consciously aware of the Fae world. He understands that all the stories told when he was a child held a grain of truth somewhere. Therefore the creatures and beings do exist, and one must be both respectful and mindful when encountering them.

Occupation/Job: To follow his Job history through the ages would be quite tedious. So for the sake of present day, Achaius acts as a Coroner. He’s held a position with Federal task forces (having enlisted in a transfer of residence) Right now, he holds a reserved position --putting him on call, but is currently out of mundane work due to his recent move.

Domicile: Right now he’s staying at the Detour Motel and still needs to tour the city before finding a place to settle in.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Be it the blessing of the name he was christened with, or respect he showed them growing up --Achaius is really good with horses.
Hobby/Hobbies:  Enjoys horseback riding, Anything that keeps his hands busy and his mind occupied. On the rare occasion, he can get into a good book.
Likes: People who know how to show  respect in kind. Open ears and closed mouths. Cigarettes.
Dislikes:  Obnoxious or Blatantly disrespectful people. Contemptuous behaviour.
Strength: Tactful, Courteous, Knowing when it’s important to listen.
Weakness/Flaw:  Can be formal to a fault. Even temper sometimes mistaken as apathy. Survivor’s guilt.
† Mishca - Mild Miscreant
†Nanashi - Cat. Boy.
† Keide - I see what lies beneath.