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Ethan Wells
« on: July 30, 2019, 10:20:05 AM »
Name: Ethan Ulysses Wells
Known as: Arizona
Age [appearance]: Mid thirties
Age [actual]: 36
Date of Birth: August 18th (1983)
Gender Expressed: Man
Gender Orientation: Cis Male
Sexuality: Bisexual - prefers (cis)women
Occupation: Bar Staff at Club Zero; Third Hand in the Bastards
Nationality: American
Race: Indigenous American/Pacific Islander - Kanaka Maoli of Hawai'i
Species: Werewolf - human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Wounding/Cursing: Ask first
Killing: Yes
Hair: Rich brown with bleached blonde ends, slightly thinning. Natural crimped waves, usually worn long and wild or pulled back into a messy bun. Reaches mid-shoulders
Eyes: Angular and heavily lidded under a heavy, forward brow. Chocolate brown with varying rings of amber and espresso. Unkempt eyebrows. Extensive wrinkles in the corners when he smiles.
Frame: (include height and weight) 6'4'' and 235 lbs. Solidly built with extreme muscle tone all over. Broad chest but sloped shoulders. Slightly intimidating.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: tohono o'odham tribal tattoo on left pectoral. Unkempt brown beard.
Personality: Party animal. Loves to joke. always up for a challenge. charismatic. Rough and crude. Not emotionally expressive.
History: Born in Tucson, Arizona to a teenage single mother who gave the baby up for adoption. Dr. Francis and Dr. Cynthia Wells promptly adopted the baby at 3 months old and named the boy Ethan. He was the fourth of six children, the only one adopted. The Wells' family was a prominent family in the city, Francis being a podiatrist and Cynthia being a OB/GYN. The family had a more-than comfortable wealth and spoiled their children to make up for their lack of presence. The Wells children spent much of their formative years being raised by a series of nannies.

Given everything by parents. Huge family of white ancestry. Dropped out of high school, got GED. Attempted one semester at a community college upon the insistence of his parents.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Knows about werewolves, vampires, demons (generally, shadow and smoke), and shifters. Knows a lot of other species exist, but couldn't recognize them instantly like he can with the others.
Occupation/Job: Bar Staff at Club Zero
Domicile: North District
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Loves Motley Crew, Black Sabbath, and Avenged Sevenfold. Very accustomed to working with a hangover. Always wears a colorful elastic as an accessory around his wrist.
Hobby/Hobbies: Fighting, drinking, partying, playing musical instruments (drums and guitar).
Emotion or Logic?: Leans more emotional
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
Generous or Stingy?: Generous
Polite or Rude?: Depends on the person

Likes: Women, men, blood, cannabis,
Dislikes: Hard drugs, arguments, overly emotional people.
Strength: Very physically strong, charismatic,
Weakness/Flaw: Peter pan complex - never wants to grow up. Often thinks he's more capable than he actually is.