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Re: The Gift
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Once alone, Jake took an unneeded breath in and out. He was hard. He was pent up. He was also by himself. He couldn't call Murphy. He wasn't ready for that yet. He inspected the fans once more, and couldn't help but think how beautiful and deadly they were. To distract himself from his lust he moved through some of the motions again. He would learn to use these, from Shan or someone. For now, he placed them back in their box and headed towards the guest room. Once inside, he couldn't think of anything but fucking that sexy boy, and he undid his pants. With closed eyes, he began to jerk himself, thinking of how things might've played out differently.

An image of throwing Shan down on the couch, kissing him hard and grinding into his smooth body entered Jake's mind. He played out what happened next, his dream clothes coming off, and Shan's ass staring up at him. Jake stuck his face in it, and moved a hand around to stroke the human's rod. By now, Jake's real rod was twitching and precum covered the tip. His whole body felt tight, and pent up.

In the dream, he was now fucking Shan, hard and with passion. He saw Shan's pretty face, contorting into ecstasy as Jake hit his spot over and over. Jake felt himself nearing climax, and as he covered the floor in seamen, in the dream it went inside Shan. Jake opened his eyes, and looked down. His cock was still hard in his hand. His digits were wet and sticky and the floor was covered in cum.  Jake wiped us the mess with a rag, thanking Cain he hadn't put carpet in here, and then plopped down onto the bed. He'd needed that release, and was only sorry Shan didn't get to know.
Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
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