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Shan Longwei
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:18:19 PM »
Full Name: Longwei Shan
Translation of Name: Great Dragon Mountain

Dedicated to: Lan Bao
Gifted to: Jake McCloud

Age [appearance]: Early 20s
Age [actual]: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Warm black in colour and cut short back and sides with length on top so he can flip it back or to the side, with a generous helping of mousse to give it volume.
Eyes: Long and sensual, with well-defined curled lashes. Their dark brown depths can deliver a piercing stare.
Frame: Lithe and muscular, Shan has a dancer's frame. He also works with weights for his kung fu arts, giving him a strong core and legs. He stands at 5'6".
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A coiled jade dragon tattoo is wrapped around his right leg.

Family: His parents live in a building right on the main strip where the markets are held. Along with Shan's two older brothers, they operate a trinkets shop - lots of kitsch Chinese mementos for visiting tourists. Every now and then they'll import a crate of illegal things - this is where Lan Bao sometimes gets her next item for her weapon collection. This is how Shan got to know Lan Bao and was asked to join her most loyal devotees, offered a place to live in her building. It was a great honour and his family were thrilled with Shan.
Personality: When dealing with Lan Bao's tasks, he is always respectful and formal. Otherwise, he can be cocky and smug. Very flirty and ready to jump into bed with anybody who appeals to him, Shan has a reputation for being a guy for fun but not for keeps. He tried a relationship once but cheated too often for it to become serious and he realised relationships were not for him - not closed ones, anyway. He has been pimped out by Lan Bao a few times and he is complimented by that rather than offended. Not much offends him but his trivial outlook does tire some people quickly. He's warm-hearted and rarely says anything cruel to anyone.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Shan knows about a lot about different supernatural species, thanks to living in Chinatown. What he knows is by observation only; creatures that can turn into frightening creatures with wings (demons), people who can wield the elements (fae or demons), people with tails (fae), vampires (by discussion only) and of course, the Kuei Jin - the last who he considers powerful spirit gods and wielders of magic. He has been drunk from by the Kuei Jin so he understands that vampires would want the same from him but they do not intimidate him. To Shan, Kuei Jin are far superior to vampires.

Occupation/Job: Dancer / Donor / Messenger
Domicile: Shogun House, a single bedroom apartment on level six.
Digital: I drink from the poison chalice
Lan Bao: I reap the harvest of my people
Cain: I am the instrument that vampires play
Shan: I take what is mine and what is yours