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Phaedre Nicolaides
« on: August 03, 2019, 02:11:30 AM »

Name:Phaedre Nicolaides
Alias/Nicknames: Phaedre or Phae.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Fluid
Nationality/Race: Greek
Species: Gorgon
Age [actual]: 322
Date of Birth: Third week of the first month of Spring (generally never disclosed)
Age [appearance]: 25

Domicile: North District

Magical Objects: Eye Of Medusa, Fang of Lycaon

Hair:  Shoulder length, chocolate brown and copper coloured curls. Medusa Hair: Complete mass of basilisk serpents, a mix of two types (red or black eyes, resemble red belly black snakes)
Eyes: Human; Light brown, tawny, almost golden coloured. Dragon eyes; grey and black speckled. Gorgon; Red glow with black shadows.
Skin: Sun kissed, dusky copper.
Shape of Face: Long and oval
Mouth: Full, seductive and curls upwards in the corners
Hands: Long fingered and elegant
Frame: Lithe and full figured
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Dragon scales down her spine (Shiny black with a shimmering blood-red pearlescence)

Current Occupation and Salary: Owner and manager of Club Zero

Hobbies: Collecting poetry
Pastimes: Collecting magical items.
Health: Perfect
Vices: Hoards magical items, compelled to collect and gather them.

Observable Behavior:

Eye contact: direct
Gait: Sinuously sensuall
Posture: Straight and poised

Likes & Dislikes
Sports: Swimming, shooting
Food & Drink: Mediterranean, wine, ouzo
Music: Classical
Books & Magazines: Fashion Magazines, Poetry

Pet Peeves: Dirty dishes, snake skin clothing (all types)
Fears / Phobias: Having her head shaved or hair cut.
Dislikes: The cold, snow, extreme winters

Awareness of Supernaturals: Aware of all the different types.

Supernatural Abilities:

Snake venom, Full strength. (Bleeding and Stone. See species sheet) (Can be cured with her blood or tears)

Gorgon Gaze (Turns anyone into stone, instantly. They can be turned back to normal using Phaedre's blood or tears if applied withing 500yrs of becoming stone.)

Teleportation (Blink). (up to 1 mile)

Dragon Fire (Can summon and shoot dragon fire)

Strongest Positive Trait: Loyal
Strongest Negative Trait: vindictive

Character Strengths: Charming, patient, polite
Character Flaws:Confident to the point of arrogance, Impatient with other people, Self perfectionist, intolerant (does not suffer fools).
Quirks: Plays with her necklace when she is thinking or day dreaming.
Sense of Humor: Dry
Temper: Cold and deadly

Relationships & History
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Mother (Cassandra, Queen of the Cyclades Gorgons, older sister, younger brother. Godmother
Notable Connections: Her Godmother Vai and Saraekiel (Saraekiel saved her mother and elder sister and so earned a clan debt and a place of honour amongst her family)

Hometown: Naxos
Family Background: Royal family of the Cyclades Gorgons. Descendants of Medusa
Mother: Cassandra (Queen of the Cyclades Gorgons)
Father: A Sidhe royal
Siblings: Older sister and younger brother
Birth Order: Second
Extended Family: Vai

History: N/D

Recent History:
Has moved to America and to the city with her younger brother and a small entourage of gorgons because she is old enough to start her own clan and because her mother requested her to. Has joined Saraekiels Northern team of supes, entered a partnership with her Godmother and brought a nightclub. (Club Zero)