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Special Asset File #13 Codename: Nox

The Basics:

Codename: Nox
Actual Name: Classified
Age [appearance]: 31
Age [actual]: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Zodiac
Faction: Project Twilight
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Sexuality: Questioning
Quote: "If it's us or them, then I'll make sure it's them."

Hair: Nox had long hair as a kid. He went through an emo stage in high school, but after about fifteen he's had the same haircut. He wears military edge short sides, but allows himself to have more on top than is strictly regulation. He mostly keeps his hair this short to avoid having to style it, although he has been known to throw in gel from time to time.

Eyes: Nox was born with brown eyes, but do to his alterations his eyes are now greenish blue. They have an oval shape, with age lines just on the outside. This is partially due to the stress of his transformation.

Nose: Somewhat prominent, but nicely shaped, if not a little distracting.

Lips: Nox has a large mouth with full lips, and a wide smile.

Frame: 6 Foot 3 Inches, 210lbs. Nox is extremely well muscled, both from a lifetime of working out, steroids, protein and now alterations. He is equally proportioned on top and on bottom, giving him an attractive and athletic frame.

Primary Stance #1: Standing up straight, doing a barbell curl.

Primary Stance #2: Smoking a cigar, and watching someone.

Primary Stance #3: Standing at attention before his commanding officer.

Usually Seen wearing: Uniform, body armor, and weapons. However, when he's not working he mostly wears jeans, boots and tank tops.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Nox has had the tail of a dark imp surgically attached with DNA splicing and tissue graphs. The tail must be hidden when around those ignorant of the supernatural. The tail is three feet long, and normally is snaked down a pant leg, however uncomfortable. It is dark violet, with a spade tip. He's gotten used to it now, and has found he enjoys it.


Nox has a few convictions that help bring order and structure to his personality.

1. Duty, honor, and loyalty are the marks of a good person.
2. I can have my cake and eat it too, as long as nobody finds out.
3. I don't know who I am, and need others to tell me.
4. Humans need to stick together, no matter the cost.

Nox started out as a lighthearted person. He showed no violent tendencies in school, was polite and helped his parents, and was known for being quiet. He still has some of those qualities. His lighthearted nature turned into a love of humor, and jokes. Nox considers himself the master of the one liner. He also feels a need to help people, and would probably literally give someone the shirt off his back. He also doesn't wear a shirt much. He considers himself masculine and a "bro" and deals with a lot of internalized homophobia. He feels guilt for this, but still struggles to accept his sexual attraction to men. He also has a long history with  women, and considers himself questioning.

Nox loves being active, and has difficulty concentrating on sedimentary tasks. However, the life of a soldier is perfect for him. He is told what to do, and what to think. Nox isn't very bright, and so the structured life of the military has given him a sense of purpose and family. He values both of those things. His prejudice views are mostly geared towards supernaturals. Nox does not believe demons can be anything but violent killers, and that vampires are only there to tempt him and humiliate him. He has a soft spot for fae, partially because of his alterations, but also because he sees fae as victims of demons and vampires. He will protect fae, but not over humans.

Nox has issues with power and control. He can be hyper masculine and overly aggressive to prove a point, especially with someone he sees as a fellow alpha male. The reverse is he feels powerless around vampires in sexual settings. He loves the bite, and has an erotic reaction that equals nothing else. Despite his hatred of vampires he often seeks them out for sex, regretting and feeling terrible about it the next day. He can be competitive, and often likes to wrestle for who will be in the dominant position with human partners. While he'd never share this fact, Nox secretly wants to lose those contests.

Nox believes in the mission of Project Twilight, to protect average people from the monsters that prey on them. He believes he is doing a public service, and that the facility cares about him and the other special assets. His memory has been damaged and altered in several places. Nox can be overprotective and clingy in relationships, but would also lay down his life for a person he really loves.

Nox was born and raised in the West District. His birth parents are unknown, but he was adopted almost straight away by a nice couple, recently married. His parents were fairly wealthy, and Nox had lots of toys and friends as a young kid. His father was a lawyer, and his mom a self help book author. They were a respected family in the city, and played into the city's mortal politics on occasion. Nox was an only child, but always felt incredibly special. He loved water more than anything else, and would beg his parents to take him to the beach whenever possible. He learned to boogie board, and later how to surf, and most of the clothes he picked out were blue-green in color. His family was happy and prosperous, totally ignorant of the supernatural forces sharing their city.

One night, Nox came downstairs to find his mother dead, her body an empty husk. His father was being kissed by some being in a black cloak. He was a shadow demon, and he'd stollen both of Nox's parent's souls. He tried to take Nox's as well, but classified, several pages are redacted. Nox went to live with his grandmother in Minnesota, and wouldn't return to the city for several years. He loved the snow, and learned to sled, ski and snowboard. He had an aptitude for anything that involved water. Once he hit adolescence his body matured extremely fast, and at fifteen he was being mistaken for much older. He started lifting weights, and became the strongest kid in his school. He joined the young military officers program in junior year of high school, a decision that pushed him towards a military career.

Nox attended West Point, and graduated with cum lade. He was surprised he did that well. He ended up getting into fraternity life, and became a mentor to incoming freshmen as a senior. Whenever Nox could get near water he went, and he even joined the swim team. His major was occult studies, and his professors appreciated his perspective on the various cultures under discussion. After graduation he entered the U.S. army as a junior officer. He quickly worked his way to the rank of Captain, and fought two tours in Afghanistan. He was revered for his incredible strength, commitment to helping the other members of his unit, and his protection of local civilians. He was promoted to the rank of Major, and told that he was going to be reassigned.

Representatives from the FBI, the army, silicon valley, and for some reason the Catholic church, met with Nox and interviewed him. Nox expected to have questions asked about his military service, but mostly they asked him about his undergrad in the occult. They asked if he believed in the monsters he wrote about, and what he would do if they were real. "I'd protect average people, because someone needs to." They smiled, and his CO informed him he was getting transferred to a new wing of the military. Project Twilight, promised to study, and end the monsters, and Nox's unique background made him a prime candidate to serve there. His biological testing pleased the government scientists. They were pleased to discover classified, redactions of top secret data. 

In addition to the classified redactions, it looks as though several pages of Nox's history have been torn out.

Nox eagerly agreed for alterations to take place. He signed all of the needed consent forms, including a waver on his life should they fail. He was injected with the dreamcatcher formula twice daily, while he trained his body in the meantime. He began to feel changes in his genetic structure at about three months, and it was at this time, he underwent his first surgery. When he awoke, he had the tail of a dark imp. It took him weeks to learn just how to move it, and at first the doctors were afraid Nox's body would reject the new organ. However, he stabilized, and learned to use the tale like any other appendage. He also began training how to weave darkness. His trainer claimed not to be an imp, but Nox reported suspecting his teacher was one. He continued taking the formula and sat for additional surgeries, most notably his incubus alterations.

Luke Kingston, another special asset, and Nox became friends, and it was then Nox's sexuality was first tested. While Nox had other sexual encounters with men, it wasn't until Luke he questioned his sexual orientation. He remembered Luke being very passionate about their mission and Nox quickly fell for him. He was unable to tel Luke what he was feeling, as he barley understood it himself, but one night they hooked up. Nox woke to find Luke gone. THe facility told him he'd been reassigned to another squad. Nox always hoped Luke would come back, but he never did. Eventually, the facility told Nox Luke was dead.

During the leaderless period of the west, Project Twilight captured and killed several demons. Nox led many of these early raids, and often warred with the various demon gangs vying for control. Nox took pleasure in killing what he saw as soulless, evil demons. He was put in charge of a team of special assets, and now he currently works as a squad leader in this capacity. Raids in the west stopped shortly after the demons became much more organized. Raids were then moved to the North and North East. Nox was not told why. Nox wants to find the demon who killed his parents.

The first time Nox was bit by a vampire happened in college. A girl he was interested in, took him into an alley and fed. His erotic reaction was so strong, that the vampire had to place him in a trance. After that point, he sought out the bite. On occasion, he ends up at Venture, looking for a male vampire to take him home. He is vague about what he does, and feels a weird mix of pleasure and gross shame each time he goes back. He would never admit it, but he loves feeling powerless around them. He seeks a way to break himself out of this pattern with vampires.

Nox's personal data has been scrubbed from all but Project Twilight systems. His name, social, and other personal details have been destroyed. This process is reversible, but would require a higher up from Project Twilight. While the dreamcatcher formula is finally becoming stable, Nox's DNA changed forever, something about his Zodiac alteration is unstable. He often wakes up to vomit in the middle of the night, and he's been known to alternate between sadness and rage, with no understanding of why. He feels special and like destiny has big plans for him, but also feels lost and cut off from the world. He wishes to find the demon who killed his parents and repay the favor, as well as keep regular humans safe in this world of monsters.

He has recently learned from Project Twilight that Luke is alive and being mind controlled by evil vampires. He is determined to free his friend and bring him home.

Augmentations and Natural Powers:

Nox's performance tests showed a high threshold for physical modifications at the cellular level. It was decided to try a fae dominant strain of several forms of DNA - with just a touch of a fae like demon. This treatment was dubbed Dreamcatcher and was administered to Nox over three years, as his body underwent several surgeries. He also spent his free time training his new body and pushing his limits. He now takes several anti rejection medications a day, although all his alterations are stable, and the new DNA strand is slowly reaching homeostasis. The exact species that make up the strain was primarily imps, a little Incubus and even a fabled Zodiac.

Augmentation #1: Imp

Complete with a new tail, imp DNA has been combined with Nox's own, making him  a cross between fae, and his natural self. The imp who donated their tale specialized in darkness, and so Nox has developed some of the dark imp's abilities. His aging has also slowed, although this only happened recently, and Project Twilight is unsure how much longer Nox's natural life will be. They guess he will age to about half the span of an imp.

Nox practiced with Project Twilight experts to learn how to weave the element of darkness, and showed an aptitude for it. He has mastered the first two ranks of darkness weaving.
1) Shroud of Darkness - Nox can summon a mass of darkness to sneak about or hide away in; it only lasts a short while but is long enough to run away from enemies, or spring a sneak attack.
2) Blindness - Nox can send a pulse of dark energy to the target and temporarily blind them. The pulse comes from the points of his fingers. Unlike a true imp he can't aim with his eyes.

Weakness/Drawback: Since the power of element weaving is hard even for Imp's, Nox's own energy and health are compromised the more he uses these powers before resting. He has three uses before showing exhaustion, and five uses before he would drop to the ground. At this point the element will not be weaved until Nox finishes an eight hour rest. Prolonged side effects are still being monitored. Additionally, Nox suffers the same drawbacks and weaknesses as Imps.

Augmentation #2: Incubus 

While Incubuses start out as non corporal beings, some eventually take a host. The host body is mostly unchanged, except it needs to house some of the Incubus's power. Project Twilight captured a hosted Incubus. The offending spirit was killed by a powerful priest from the Society of Leopold, but the biological changes to it's host body were all ready complete. Project Twilight removed the host male's pheromone glands. They also removed his eyes and transplanted these elements to Nox. While initially it looked as though the experiment failed, it eventually showed promising results.

Corporeal Incubus eyes provide Nox with enhanced nightvision, and are beguiling and hypnotically charming. When meditating, he can astral project his mind to visit locations, but cannot interact with anything he see's. The pheromones give Nox a sexual energy, that attracts potential mates, and allows him to use seduction as a tool.

Weakness/Drawback: Nox has inherited the hormones of a sex demon, and now is never sexually satisfied. He is always hungry for it, and has a growing sex addition as a result. When he is in heat, he can be aggressive, violent and dangerous. He takes medication from Project Twilight to suppress his sexual urges, but they often win any way.

Natural Abilities: Zodiac Cancer

The fabled Zodiac are few, but rumors say that more than one lives in the city. Project Twilight has kept all but the highest ranking members in the dark about Nox's status as a Zodiac, including Nox! Project Twilight was hoping Nox would also display their water abilities, but so far those tests are negative. His strength can rival that of an ancient vampire. It also explains his overly muscular body, brown hair, propensity to look good in blue green, as well as some of Nox's personality traits. (See Zodiac species chart)

Weakness/Drawback: Nox does not posses the water abilities of the Cancer. He also has no spiritual connection to the other Zodiac that he's aware of. Nox is strong, but his speed and stamina are only peak human. He would tire much faster than a vampire or a werewolf. Additionally, his Zodiac body is in conflict with his alterations. He is prone to vomiting, mood swings, and tremors in his hands.

The Rest:
Awareness of Supernaturals: Has a warped knowledge of supers as influenced by the facility. He knows of vampires, werewolves, shifters, angels (wouldn't know the difference between dark, fallen, guardian), demons, and fae. He has a soft spot for fae alone. He does not know he's a Zodiac.

Occupation/Job: Special Asset squad leader. Rank: Major
Domicile: Project Twilight, the facility.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Nox loves to tell silly one-liners, is a master of coin tricks, and speaks fluent Russian. Nox learned Russian in college, but now uses Russian code words to help control special assets. Nox's one fear is snakes.
Hobby/Hobbies: Shooting range, sex, government conspiracy websites, working out, eating Thai food, hiking outdoors.
Likes: Humans, fae, hooking up, Luke, guns, action movies, rare coins, water, the color blue-green, rubies, and the moon, surfing, anything with water.
Dislikes: Demons, vampires, spicy food, rain, feeling conflicted, snakes, dry places, heat.
Strength: Despite being a bit of a blockhead, Nox comes from a place of wanting to protect and care about others. He is more than fine with violence, but takes no reverence in it. He has a good perspective on his mission, and remembers that helping average humans is the key. While he fears some of the special assets are just there for the slaughter, he remembers the people they are there to protect.
Weakness/Flaw: Nox is naive, and easily influenced. He is also highly conflicted, especially regarding his treatment of fae, demons and vampires. His will is weak and he needs others telling him what to do. He also feels an overwhelming emptiness he suspects is linked to his parents. The only time it goes away is when he's in the water.

Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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