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« on: August 03, 2019, 02:28:17 PM »
Other Name: Lycanthropes
The History of the Werewolf:
There are too many mythologies based on the beginnings of werewolves, but it is always considered a curse.
The earliest recorded werewolf history is that of the ancient Greek tale of Lycaon, who willingly ate the flesh of another human being and was cursed by the Gods to turn into a wolf to portray his nature.
The Transformation
Only two things encourage the transformation of a werewolf into its alter ego:
  • Cycle of a full moon
  • Threat of physical death
Should one of these events make itself present, the transformation cannot be denied.
The transformation is never complete - the werewolf is a beast, a monster, not a true wolf but rather a person who has wolf features.
Creatures Who Can Be Cursed By Werewolves
  • Humans
  • Fae
  • Shifters
  • Zodiacs

Skills and Abilities / Flaws & Weaknesses
  • They are their own species (Fae, Human, Shifter, Zodiac) until transformed.
  • In Werewolf form, they have regenerative abilities to a point (healing but not limb reattachment)
  • If they shift back from Werewolf form while still injured, they will retain those injuries
  • In Werewolf form, they can only be killed by silver (bullet, sword).
  • Injuries created by silver will not heal in Werewolf form, but WILL heal in the original form
  • When transforming by FULL MOON they will be changed until the moon is gone
  • When transforming by THREAT OF DEATH they will be changed until the threat is gone
  • In Werewolf form they will EITHER remember everything after they transform back, OR they will see it all happen but can't stop it
  • In Werewolf form they have enhanced STRENGTH and AGILITY
  • In Werewolf form they improved SIGHT, SMELL and HEARING - but taste and touch sensitivity goes downhill
  • Vampires can smell the curse in them while angels, demons and witches can see it in their aura
  • In Werewolf form their BITE will pass on the curse, not their scratches.
  • They are the same size as a wolf as they are a human - big person = big wolf, small person = small wolf
  • In Werewolf form they have the same colour eyes as their original form, and their fur is their hair colour
  • In Werewolf form their lifespan (ageing) depends on their original form
  • Werewolves are created by attack, not born (regardless if one or both parents is/are a werewolf)

Vampire Interaction
In Werewolf form their blood is TOXIC to Vampires (yes, Vampires can DIE from drinking a certain quantity of it)
In their own form their blood tastes bad - sour like vinegar with an aftertaste of rot.
They have a 'wet dog' undercurrent of a scent to vampires, warning them not to drink.
There is no known cure
There ARE magical items that can help them control themselves when transformed, but they are RARE

Artwork: Stanlee Houston, Werewolf