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« on: August 05, 2019, 08:21:55 AM »
Name: Paragon

Classification:  Ancients

Origin: Existed before the Ice Age.
Appearance: Depends on what body they are borrowing. Can bring down a colored glyph over the face of the body to prove its them.

Creation: Birth, given how none of them have access to their original bodies, no longer can one be born

Lifespan: Immortal

Characteristics:  Their "Face" with can be shown. It's shown as a glyph that's color and shape is unique to the Paragon itself. Also a very very large soul. Large enough that it would take several demons at once to consume lest the demons die from being unable to contain the energy it gives them (i.e., Demons have to take care not to absorb so much power that they explode).

Powers and Abilities: Can teleport. Teleportation is revealed as black smoke with a hint of their glyph color, which will fade quickly after they appear or disappear. They can and usually inhabit soulless bodies, and are able to switch without an issue, provided they've used the body before. If the body is brand new, it can take some time getting used to. They will inherit whatever abilities that body has possessed (such as dark imp abilities, or vampire abilities and weaknesses) but they cannot transfer that body's power with them. Alternatively, they can take on a corporeal form from their soul. It's usually monstrous in some way and not convenient, but is also unique to the Paragon. Arguably, this is their true form.

Liabilities and Weaknesses: Their souls can be bound for short periods of time to a very specific object (message me for a how-to if playing this species). If the said object is destroyed with a powerful enough blow, the Paragon will be killed. They are otherwise no more powerful than the body they are currently inhabiting and if the body is killed they will have to find a new one.

Lifestyle: At the moment much like traveling nomads, once they found the city they decided it was a good place to start, and settled down, taking up any soulless they come across, taking care of them, making sure they are ok and in return borrowing their bodies for general existing, much like how the vampires have their donors, so do they.

Common Personality: They watched the end of civilization once with the ice age, and have watched it near happen again and again in the past, but with the looming threat of global warming, they wish to stop it, while making the world today similar to what their world once was. They are aware of their age and those who exist left among them, and work together to achieve the goal they set out for, even if they don't always agree.

Vampire Interation: Vampires can drink from a Paragon depending on which body they inhabit - that physical body is what the vampire will experience only. The Paragon is untouchable from a bite (this means that Paragons will experience the physical pleasure of the bite if willing, but they will lose none of their being to it).