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Demons - Stone [GARGOYLE]
« on: August 06, 2019, 08:48:39 AM »
Current Understanding
The word gargoyle is derived from an old French word gargouille, meaning throat. When an architect designs a waterspout on a building (a device that directs water away from the building), it is called a gargoyle. If there is a stone carving on the side of a building and has a face that resembles a strange creature, it is called a grotesque but current understanding has people referring to grotesques as gargoyles. The understanding behind creating gargoyles on buildings is to ward off evil spirits, making a gargoyle a friendly guardian for the dweller within.
The Mythology
Gargoyles come to life at night, to protect the person that lives in the building where they reside. Therefore they are enslaved guardians.
Creating a Gargoyle
One must have artistic talent to shape the creature out of stone or clay. The gargoyle must be mounted on a building. A demon from another plane might investigate the portal that this creates into their world. Curiosity will be its downfall, for once the demon is in the statue, they are bound to it and the portal closes. They will be compelled to fulfil its obligation as protector. If the building they live upon is not under threat, they are free to roam as they like.
Gargoyle Movements
When night falls and takes a strong hold (ie, after twilight), a gargoyle may come to life.
The gargoyle must return to its original position on the building before dawn, or the rays of the sun will destroy it.
Stone gargoyles are incredibly strong and are resistant to many things as they are made of stone.
Winged gargoyles are rapid flyers, and can perform many acrobatic feats.
Wingless gargoyles, though restricted to the ground, are versatile climbers and acrobats
If they wish to remain unnoticed, they can simply freeze somewhere and pretend to be statues.
They live forever unless they are destroyed.
Clay gargoyles are soft-fleshed when they come to life, as an animal would be, and can be easily slain
Not a very intelligent (or emotional) species
They can't talk, only grunt - but they can invade the dreams of and speak to those who reside in their building.

Vampire Interaction
Stone Gargoyles can't be drunk from because stone. Clay gargoyle blood tastes like clay. Not so yummy and doesn't offer vampire sustenance either, so there's no point drinking from this creature.

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