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Demons - Wolf
« on: August 07, 2019, 01:54:20 PM »
    Wolf Demons
    imagined by past member Lelio, edited by RPC Admin

    Wolf demons can take three forms:
    • Human ~ Mostly human, but tend to have very long hair, and hair colour is always the colour that their wolf-pelt will take.  Eye colors in all forms are usually yellow, red, or bright blue.
    • Part Wolf ~ much like their human form, except ears become that of a wolf, a tail is added, canine teeth are elongated, sometimes extra hair on the chest, back, arms, or legs is present. Hands and feet may remain normal, become pawlike, or develop sharp claws where the nails are.  In this state they are often confused for a werewolf.  The concept behind taking this form is to frighten anything that threatens them.
    • Wolf ~ The appearance of a normal wolf, but occasionally with colors that are not seen in natural wolves, and generally larger than natural wolves.

    Wolf Demons long ago were created by an exchange of wolf souls consumed into energy of a demonic form. When enough wolf souls were consumed, the demon would be able to transform into a wolf. On this current plane of existence, Wolf Demons are created the good old fashioned way.

    Wolf demons age at a rate of three quarters that of humans for example, a 20 year old wolf demon would appear 15.

    Pack Mentality
    Both the wolf traits and the demon clan traits incur a natural desire for Wolf Demons to form packs or tribes.

    Wolf Demon Abilities
    When transformed, they have full control of their faculties.
    Not much stronger than humans in any of their forms.
    Part-wolf form gives them an upright fighting style with fangs and claws.
    Part-wolf form offers them a 'disguise' of werewolf, for intimidation purposes.
    They can command wolves, dogs and other canines.
    They cannot communicate with wolves, dogs and other canines, just command them.

    Variations of Wolf Demons
    Different wolf demons have different powers, depending on their bloodline. All of the types below MUST have the Wolf Demon in their full wolf form to access their powers.

    • Fire Wolf ~ Fire doesn't burn a fire wolf. They can be shrouded themselves in flames and their fur won't be singed.  They can turn into fire, becoming a wolf shaped flame.  They are susceptible to cold temperatures. Their brand of fire is not magical; if someone puts it out, then they will instantly transform to their human self.
    • Ghost Wolf ~ Able to change into mist or smoke, thereby allowing them to evade pursuers, hide without being noticed, and get into places by seeping under the cracks of doors and windows.  It's difficult to escape from or capture a ghost wolf.
    • Rune Wolf ~ These wolves are able to teleport items and other people to places they've physically been before. They cannot transport themselves.

    Vampire Information
    Wolf Demons CAN be drunk from by a vampire. Their blood is a little harder to draw than from a mortal but usual reactions apply for the one being drunk from (zen or erotic).
    Flavours range from Spicy (Fire Wolf) to Smoky (Ghost Wolf) to Bittersweet (Rune Wolf) with a strong savoury undercurrent. The texture is denser than human blood.