Author Topic: 1885 Charleston - The Peterson Brothers And The Vamp  (Read 1176 times)

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1885 Charleston - The Peterson Brothers And The Vamp
« on: August 16, 2019, 04:45:27 AM »
Trigger warning, while not a goal of this post, in order to more accurately describe the era racial language has been included that does not reflect the vocabulary of the writer, and it's inclusion is to paint a more accurate picture of time instead of just shying away for the sake of reader comfort. If any of these uses offend or confuse the reader, please let me know and I'll edit them out.

Reserved for those dastardly Peterson Brothers

1885, Charleston SC

The Vamp's steps resonated on the cobbled streets of Charleston, as her hands lifted up the frill of her hoop scoot. She wouldn't be dirtied up before attending such a lavish party, and the streets just hadn't been as clean since the end of the great war. She called it the great war, as it had effected the whole nation, both mortal and vampire. The Vamp's role as a union informant had lost her the trust of her local neighbors, and with her manor home burned to a cinder, and her fortune alongside it, Lisa-Joe Hampton was searching for reinvention. It had rained most of the day, and so each puddle gave her the chance to check her gown and makeup. Both had to be perfect. She wasn't strictly on the invite list anymore, and so her presentation at the front of the manor house would be paramount. She needed to get into this party. There were things at stake.

Lisa-Joe loved the city of Charleston. She could see it now; the picturesque little homes, the cobbled streets, and gas lamps that looked like nothing more than fireflies, as they attempted to cut through the heavy fog would all become southern mythology for the whites who'd lost the war, and perhaps even to the now free blacks who wanted to make a name for themselves.

A newly freed black man was Lisa-Joe's escort, and her fledge. Louis had saved her life recently, and she'd rewarded him with vampirsim. He was dressed in a fetching double breasted vest, with a waistcoat and top hat. He'd never looked so smart. He laid his jacket down on an obscenely large puddle, and Lisa-Joe gingerly crossed. She smiled warmly at him, and let the man take her hand. The streets were mostly empty, but this was still a very white town, and so the most polite people who passed them made disappointing looks. A few uttered words like "whore" and "nigger." Both vampires were used to hearing them, and so paid them little mind as they moved towards the location of the party. Lisa-Joe's dress was green, with purple flowers stitched into the bustle. Her red hair was beautifully combed out to its full length, and fresh summer flowers and good oils coated it and provided style.

After about a half hour of walking they reached their location, a grand Victorian manor house, just about to be ten years old. The home was made of brick and held over thirty rooms. White banisters covered the length of both the first and second floor, and large, open windows let the sounds of partying already in progress echo into the streets.

There was a large crowd gathered outside, and many seemed to be trying to gain entry to the home of private businessmen, William. W. Boughs. During this time of Reconstruction, everyone in the south was poor. Yet, Mr. Boughs had the money to build a new mansion from scratch. He was a carpetbagger, a northerner who'd come to take advantage of the crippled south. He had a pretty little wife, and pretty children, and yet it was all a lie. Lisa-Joe knew something most of the people waiting to gain entry didn't know. Mr. Boughs was a vampire. He was an old and powerful vampire, although exactly how old she didn't know. That was one of the reasons she'd been instructed to come here tonight. Louis wouldn't be let in, as despite being a self proclaimed abolitionist, Mr. Boughs had made his views on blacks clear in recent public statements. He'd be engineering an escape if one was needed.

She kissed him goodbye, and with a beautiful twinkle escaping his golden eyes, he winked at her and made his way into the massive crowd. Lisa-Joe worked her way to the front of the masses, filling right behind two, good looking young vampires who also seemed to be trying to gain entrance. She placed herself behind them casually, wondered if they had proper invitations. She'd need to sneak in with them if she was to gain entry. Otherwise more drastic measures would be needed. Tonight was no ordinary party, and she wondered as she stared at the two good looking boys if they knew what they were walking into.
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