Author Topic: Unholy Corruption [שחיתות בלתי קדושה]  (Read 877 times)

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Unholy Corruption [שחיתות בלתי קדושה]
« on: August 17, 2019, 03:47:02 AM »

Name:שחי תות בלתי קדושה (Unholy Corruption)

Secondary Names:
Seraph Shamshir Swords, Blades of Corruption

In Possession Of:

Created by:
The Seraphim of the Heavenly Plane (Transformed into their current state by the dark ritual that turns fallen angels into dark ones)

Every angel has an affinity for, and bonds with, one type of weapon. Once matched, this weapon is then recreated by the Seraphim and gifted to the angel when they are of age. Once bonded that bond is for eternity, and the weapon becomes infused with power to match the nature of the one they are bound to. These soul bound Seraphim weapons are unbreakable and respond to only those they are bound to, harming anyone else that dares to touch them.

Saraekiel had an affinity for using twin Persian Style Shamshir swords and so these where gifted to him when he was of age by the Seraphim of the Heavenly Plane. When he Fell, these blades turned into ordinary metal, though they always stayed sharp and never rusted, but they became blunt, heavy and cumbersome when they were touched by anyone else except Saraekiel.

When Saraekiel performed the Dark Ritual to become a Dark Angel, his weapons also transformed into a dark version of themselves and are now filled with a dark and sinister power.

Chaotic neutral

Corrupting Magic:
Drains and corrupts vitality and magic.
Corrupts and rots whatever it touches or causes damage to. The longer the contact or more serious the damage, the stronger and bigger the spread of corruption.

A cut from these weapons causes the flesh to putrefy and rot. When used against living creatures, the corrupting magic of these blades will enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, slowly but surely killing the victim by draining their vitality and magic whilst rotting them from the inside out. When used against vampires, this corruption will spread depending on the size and depth of the initial wound, the bigger the wound the bigger the putrefaction area, however as long as the vampire is strong enough, the corruption and drain on their magic shouldn’t be fatal as long as they retain the strength to continuously heal the damage until the curse of the blades has worn off.

Competing Magic: Angelic. Blessings
Enhancing Magic: Dark Angel abilities (Saraekiels)
Neutral Magic: Curses,Dark magic