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Edgar Figueroa
« on: August 29, 2019, 09:07:16 AM »
Name: Edgar "Eddy" Figueroa
Age [appearance]: Late forties
Age [actual]: 52
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Permissions Given During Reasonable RP
Feeding: Yes
Wounding: Yes
Killing: Yes
Hair: Short, dark brown, thick and straight with no wave to it
Eyes: Muted brown with dazzlingly thick eyelashes, giving the impression he wears makeup
Frame: 5' 11", 135lbs (61 kg)
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: "Semper fidelis" with the Marine Corps logo on his upper left arm.
Personality: Highly manipulative. Public sees a very confident, charismatic, and family-oriented man who loves his country. Known to be ruthless, intelligent, and cunning in pursuit of his goals. Not boastful, but arrogant and stubborn to a fault. Violent temper, but usually contained well. Quiet - tends to watch a situation unfold before reacting. Plays by his own rules and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Plays well with others as long as he can get what he wants first. Deceitful, a snake, two-faced. Easily turns to extreme measures (i.e. violence) to handle situations. People tend to like him because he's willing to say things that aren't supposed to be said. Good at using fear to sway people. Thinks very low of most people, but tends not to admit that out loud.
History: Has lived in the city his entire life. Son of Spanish immigrants, born on American soil. Father was a structural engineer, mother was a housewife. Raised Eddy and his brother in the suburbs, fairly well off. Edgar joined the Marines at 18. Participated in Operation: Just Cause (Panama, 1989), Operation: Desert Storm (Iraq, 1991), and the Kosovo Conflict (1999). Honorably discharged after he lost 90% hearing in one ear and suffered lingering brain damage from a building collapsing. Became an advocate for injured veterans for a few years before becoming a lobbyist. Developed a taste for politics and won his first campaign for elected city office in 2004, using his military history as a stepping stone. He kept moving upwards in the political scene, landing the position as the state representative in 2008.

Has been recently (during 18-month break) elected as the mayor of the city. Upon taking office, he was briefed by the outgoing mayor about the presence and history of the supernatural populations in the city. Since taking office he has made sure to surround himself with similarly minded "good ol' boys" who think similarly to him.
Awareness of Supernaturals: Cannot innately tell the differences between species unless it is glaringly obvious, but he knows about the existence of every type of supernatural that exists within city limits. Is intimately familiar with the current structure of the Districts and all the District Leaders.
Occupation/Job: Mayor of the city. Former state representative for the Republican party.
Domicile: The Majester
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Always carries a loaded handgun. Multilingual in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Basque. Has three children, a pretty wife and a gorgeous mistress. Honestly believes that women have no place in male spaces. Socially dabbles with cocaine. Cannot hear out of his left ear.
Hobby/Hobbies: Going to the shooting range, playing American football, running, drinking covfefe
Likes: Politics, strip clubs, guns, cage fighting (watching only these days), drinking, cocaine,
Dislikes: liberals, protests, dealing with the supernaturals in the city.
Strength: Good with his gun. Intelligent. Charismatic, assertive, dauntless in all pursuits, discreet, punctual, professional at all public times, determined to not fail.
Weakness/Flaw: Physically abusive to partners. Very closed-minded with gender expectations and duties. Vain in politics - needs to have people blow smoke up his ass. Loves to gambl.e and solicit prostitution.  Self confident to the point of delusion. Has no truly close relationships with people, all business and superficial. Tends to act like he owns people, especially those closest to him (wife, kids, mistress).

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