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Demons - Ice
« on: August 31, 2019, 12:59:19 PM »
Ice Demons
Demon Form:
Due to their colouring, ice demons blend in with the human race better than their Water Demon counterparts, though there is no mistaking them for a human when one is close enough, because their skin has an icy-sheen quality to it, and they posses nubs of ice on their heads - small horns which proclaim their demonic heritage.
Features are usually very angular and statuesque - as though they have been chipped by a sculptor out of the very ice themselves. Their hair, if they have any, is wispy and always white. Their eyes are one of three pale colours; ice-blue, ice-green or ice-gray.
Human Form
Their horns disappear and their skin loses the icy quality, appearing less translucent, but you will never find a tanned ice-demon.
Their eye colour remains the same.
They retain their angular and ethereal appearance, giving them an 'elven' look.

1 Demon Year = 20 Human Years
A demon that appears as a 20 year old human is 400 years old.
In both Human and Demon form
They can turn water into ice with their touch.
They can turn moisture in the air into ice, causing such things as dry-ice smoke screens if they wish to evade someone.
Be wary of ice demons when it rains or if near one while swimming, for they could turn anyone who is saturated or surrounded by water, into an ice-block.
In both Human and Demon form
Prolonged heat of any kind will be fatal; because of this, ice-demons have adopted a nocturnal quality for the nights are cooler. The sun is not their friend.
For those 'in the know', ice-demons are sometimes confused with vampires due to their pale colouring and nocturnal habits. Ice-demons are always offended by this.
General Personalities:
Ice demons are much like their element, cool and indifferent. It is said their hearts are made of the very substance they control.
It is extremely rare for an ice-demon to lose control of their emotions.
Interesting Facts:
They can cast themselves into suspended animation and have everyone to think that they are a very clever statue.  They are vulnerable in this state, so usually trek to places like the North or South pole before performing this feat.

Vampire Interaction:
Their blood runs cool but still flows freely. A vampire who drinks from this demon will get a chilly, almost icy drink. A vampire that attempts to sire an ice demon has a 60% chance of success. 30% chance of the vampire turning into an ice demon. 10% chance of one of the vampire dying.

Artwork: Natalie Clark, yuki no onna: Ice Demon