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Demons - Weather
« on: August 31, 2019, 04:34:07 PM »
Weather Demons
imagined by member: sagedistorm
finessed by RPC Admin

Overall Appearances:
Weather demons are able to pass for humans nearly flawlessly. They are dominant-personality types and have ‘that something’ that makes them the center of attention—even if they do not want to be. Their hair is a pastel hue of any color (for example: light brown, pale blonde, strawberry blonde, lavender, light blue, mint green). Their eyes, however, are brilliantly colored; emerald greens, shining turquoise, glowing orange, etc.

They can easily blend in with humans.
They have natural presence, which humans define as 'charismatic'.
They can easily manipulate existing weather to have more or less force.
With focus, they can create or change weather - rain to sleet, sleet to snow, dissipate rainclouds or charge lightning in existing clouds.
With a lot of practice, experience and focus they can summon different weather patterns, calling storms or sending them away.
They can use the wind to save them from a bad tumble, or even use it to 'fly' as long as they can retain focus.

Adults are experienced but teens have a raw power. Their powers don't kick in until after puberty.
When higher in altitude their manipulation of the weather is stronger/easier
They do not have a demonic form, but they are still demons.

The source of their abilities is the atmosphere. If they are not outside, they cannot control the weather.
Their weather control is weakened if they are stressed or non-existent if they lose focus. They MUST be calm and centered.
If they don't know what their powers are, they will not be able to tap into them. A weather demon that is upset cannot make it rain. It is a purposeful skill.
Weather demons are the mixed race of the demon world. They are considered a bastard line of Air, Fire, Electricity, Water, or Ice demons. Individually, they may vary in their natural talents (a Weather Demon with a stronger Power Demon heritage will be able to summon electrical storms easier for instance), but all Weather demons are at least part Air, Power (Electricity sub-class) and Water. Because of this mixed heritage, they don't have a huge control over any one thing. Should a Weather Demon and a Water Demon compete for the creation of rain, a water demon would win every time for their specific talent is more powerful.
There are different cultures or strengths for Weather Demons, depending on how their bloodline is mixed:
Rain Maker - Dominant Water Demon bloodline (prominantly recognised as shaman)
Storm Bringer - Dominant Power Demon (Electricity sub-class) bloodline (prominantly recognised for lightning creation)
Traveller - Dominant Air Demon bloodline (prominantly recognised for wind manipulation and flying/tumbling)
They live naturally to around 200 years of age. They age like a human until they hit puberty, and then they slow down.
Subgroup of: Air, Power (Electricity sub-class), and Water (at least)

Vampire Interaction:
They can be drunk from, and while their blood might taste a bit differently to a human's, only the most refined palate will notice the difference as Weather Demons have humans in their family tree.
Siring a Weather Demon will create a vampire who can command the weather. Their powers are retained in vampirism.

Artwork: Gilad Benari, Heading Into A Storm