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Demons - Fire
« on: September 01, 2019, 07:43:50 AM »
    Fire Demons
    Demon Form:
    They are made entirely of flames. All young demons start off as a yellow flame and in mortal form have baby blonde hair and hazel eyes. As they grow older, their flame brightens and becomes redder, stepping through the light auburn, orange and burnt orange stages before a deep red can be reached in adulthood. They remain as a red flame for quite some time until they achieve elder status by turning into a blue/black flame. Their mortal forms mirror these changes.
    Human Form:
    Their human appearance changes with age. A guide to their colouring follows:

    AGE = Hair, Eyes, Skin
    00 to 12 = Blonde or Strawberry Blonde, Hazel, Pale
    13 to 19 = Ginger or Auburn, Hazel, Sunkissed / Light Tan
    20 to 39 = Dark Orange or Scarlett Red, Hazel or Brown, Dark Tan / Light Brown
    40 to 59 = Dark Red or Mahogany, Brown, Light Brown or Dark Brown
    60+ = Black, Light Blue, Very dark brown, almost black
    1 Demon Year = 1 Human Year

    They are created by other fire demons, not born. A council of nine elder Fire Demons are the creators, though it is not unheard of for two fire demons to create another though this is frowned upon in their society. It takes more than one to make a child. The bigger the group that makes the child, the more powerful that child will be when they grow to adulthood.
    Things To Note:
    In Human Form:
    • There is no fixed gender for fire demons, they take on the appearance of how they feel, sometimes changing on a daily basis.
    • They will not burn in fire, the flames only lick around them, not scarring their tissue.
    • They are able to turn into their fire form at will, thereby eliminating physical danger to their mortal form
    • They can resist cold, though it makes them uncomfortable
    • They are naked when they transform, which can lead to some awkward situations
    In Demon Form:
    • Nothing material can hurt them except for water. They can be smothered to death if they have no air.
    • They cause a great amount of damage simply by touching things or enemies
    • They set fire to everything they touch in this form, leaving behind trails of disaster with every step whether they mean to or not
    • They can turn into their human form at will, so if they are threatened by water, ice or cold temperature they can change

    General Personalities:
    ALL Fire Demons are temperamental, but it varies on personality how short their fuses are.
    They don't recognise family units so much as their position in their society. There is a council of elders who delegate the tasks that have to be carried out for their society to continue.
    Adults carry out assigned tasks. All adults at some point become a mentor to a teenager assigned to learn from them.
    The very young have a few caretakers who will watch over them while they play all day until they come of age to be assigned a mentor.
    Young fire demons are to remain on their own plane until they are on assignment. They are to remain with their mentor at all times until they graduate.
    Fire Gateways Into Other Planes:
    Most fire demons don't care about other planes of existence, though they have a very easy means of travelling to any plane where fire is created. If the fire is big enough for them to wriggle themselves through, they could step through the 'firegate' and appear in the fire itself. Only the more curious Fire Demons have ever bothered to visit. Usually this curiosity is sated after a few years of exploration to be replaced with boredom and then they will return home.

    Vampiric Interaction:
    Fire demons cannot be bitten (their blood will set fire to the vampire who disregards their smell) or sired by vampires, unless they have bred with humans to produce a mostly human offspring, one that cannot transform but might have powers. Their blood will be hotter than usual and have an exotic, smoky taste. If this kind of human is sired, they will lose their fire powers and become fully vampire.

    Artwork: Matthias Fahsold, Playing With Fire[/list]