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« on: September 01, 2019, 08:03:24 AM »
written by member simplychaotic
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Category: Fae

Sidhe (pronounced Shee) is a Gaelic word referring first to earthen mounds that were thought to be home to a supernatural race related to the fae of other traditions, and later to these inhabitants themselves.
The Sidhe can fly through the air and shapeshift in a manner similar to Aspect Shifters.
Known as Bean Sidhe (better recognised as Banshee) not all of them are this type.
They are protectors of lakes and rivers because these are the portals from their plane of existence to the mortal land in Ireland and Scotland.
The raven is often associated with them and are thought of as their messengers, or minions.
They are often considered attractive, but this is mostly due to their ability to 'charm' people.
They are allergic to both silver and iron. Weapons made of this can kill them. Iron burns them and silver weakens them.
They are slaves to their own desires; they are well known to be abductors of beautiful mortals that they wish to keep as pets.
They are vain creatures and can be manipulated with flattery.
Sidhe are often tall and keep their hair long. They dress in fine or fashionable clothes regardless of comfort. Their hair, teeth and nails are almost always immaculate.

Common Personlity Traits: All of them are vain. Some of them can be over-confident or smug. Some have been known to lack patience. They all appreciate beauty.
Fae powers: Shape-shifting to look like other people (not into animals or things), communication with ravens, charm, can fly or teleport - never both and sometimes neither.
Vampire Interaction: Vampires gain sustenance drinking from them. Their blood has an interesting flavour but the texture is like uncooked egg-white so not all vampires enjoy it. They can be sired and when this happens the transition from Sidhe to Vampire is complete - they lose all their Sidhe powers.

Artwork: wycked, Fiach Dubh, -the Trickster