Author Topic: Soul Collecting: Demon Info Sheet  (Read 582 times)

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Soul Collecting: Demon Info Sheet
« on: September 07, 2019, 10:55:44 AM »

Any kind of demon can collect a soul.
Anybody's soul can be collected.

Souls can be willingly offered. This is usually done through negotiation but not always. If by negotiation and the contract is unfulfilled by the demon (by tricking), then the soul will escape their clutches and then return to their owner. If the soul was already consumed, the power the consumer gained will wither and die inside of them so the demon has a vested interest in fulfilling the negotiation.

Souls can be stolen. This is extremely difficult. The soul is deeply embedded in a body. There is no magic and are no artefacts in existence that can forcibly steal a soul but there are those that can loosen them. Through heartache and emotional pain, a soul can also be loosened, or even detached if the person 'gives up' or is broken. Souls can only be stolen if loosened first.

The taking of a soul is through the 'demonic kiss'. As vampires drink blood, demons can kiss souls. Open mouthed, breathing in not oxygen but the essence of soul. At first tendrils will gather, then it will be greater and greater as the kiss continues. The person being kissed will feel overwhelmed by all types of emotions but most strongly a blend of euphoria and sadness. Once their soul is gone, they will become apathetic. They will no longer feel passionately about anything.

Souls, when collected, are worth a LOT to the supernatural world. They can be collected for money or status. When they are consumed, they grant the demon more stamina, stronger powers and extended life. If the soul is supernatural, then they may even grant the demon extra powers.