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Kyle Wilson
« on: September 11, 2019, 04:54:45 PM »

The Basics:

Name: Kyle Wilson
Age [appearance]: 18
Age [actual]: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Sexuality: Gay
Quote: I’m just filling in for your boyfriend.

Permissions given in RP:
1. Feeding -  Yes
2. Wounding/Cursing - Yes
3. Killing - Yes
4. Mind Control - Yes, but ask for consent before sexual acts. Writer request.


Hair: Kyle’s childhood idol is Farrah Fawcett, and his love for her big hair has led to him always styling his hair with a similar volume. He has a very full head of reddish brown hair, and is always blow dried and hairsprayed. The style often changes, but his signature look is modeled after Farrah herself.

Eyes: Hazel. They are bright, open eyes that often look confused or overwhelmed. They’re kind eyes, like a puppy, and are often the second thing people notice about him, after of course his hair.

Face: Kyle’s face is youthful in age, and has a clear complexion. He wishes he had more cheek bones, but is happy for clear skin. He sunburns easily on his nose. He has a pair of adorable dimples when he smiles. 

Nose: Kyle’s nose is fairly standard. It’s neither too large or too small for his face. He thinks it’s too big but it is just his perception.

Mouth and Lips: Kyle has a happy, optimistic smile that disarms all but the most cynical of people. It practically makes him exude innocence and confusion. He wishes he had more lip, often feeling they’re too thin.

Frame and Body: Height, 5,10, weight: 155lbs. Kyle has a slim build and is evenly proportioned. He often feels like his body looks like a board, but is happy that guys seem to like it. He does have a bit of a bum, enough to grab, but is otherwise considered thin to skinny.

Usually Seen Wearing: A lot of super preppy and neat clothes to be honest, but he is desperately searching for his style.

Primary Stance #1: He can be seen nervously shuffling about when in the bar scene.

Primary Stance #2: Hoping behind the wheel of his car in an overly dramatic fashion.

Primary Stance #3: Smoking behind a building, leaning up against a wall.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a deep pink colored water mark scar on his back, located on his left shoulder blade. He rarely has to shave his face and wishes he looked older.


Kyle has a few convictions that help bring order to his personality.

1. Don't crush people's dreams. Sometimes it's all they have!
2. Life is one long exploration, always something new to try.
3. I will do anything to fit in.
4. I choose what's right, and stand up for my friends.

Kyle spent most of his life dreaming of bigger and better things. Being from a small town in Iowa left him always wondering what life was like in bigger, more exotic places. He is often described as spacey, stoner, or well intentioned airhead. He doesn't mind though. His daydreams are often so much better than real life, putting himself in positions of knowledge or authority. He is not as dumb as he often comes off, but most people dismiss his flights of fantasy as a lack of ability. He has a bad reaction to people who burst bubbles for no reason, believing that people having motivation and ambition shouldn't be discouraged. He understands from his upbringing that sometimes dreams of a better tomorrow are all you have.

Another major trait of Kyle's is a love for traveling, and feeling like everything is an adventure. He almost never says no to new things, even when they could obviously harm him. Even though he has pretty solid instincts, he rarely follows them. He's tried many kinds of food most people his age haven't, seen much of the country as he traveled to the city, and easily makes new friends. Most people say that Kyle is fearless, and that he's never met a challenge he didn't look forward to.

Kyle is vulnerable to peer pressure, and will do things against his convictions if they allow him to be liked by someone he likes. This has involved shoplifting, smoking pot, drinking, casual sex, and even cocaine. He often feels he has to make people happy or they won't be friends with him. Kyle hates the idea of being alone for too long, and creates situations that force other people close to him. This includes his suicide attempt. That being said, when Kyle has good influences his better angles come out, revealing a gentle person.

Despite some of his bad choices, Kyle is a deeply loyal friend, and stands up for people who he feels have been wronged. Bullies who normally scare him become just obstacles to overcome, and he will look power in the face and speak truth. This often gets him in trouble, and got him beat up multiple times in his home town. Kyle would say he doesn't care what happens to him, so long as his friend, or the downtrodden, are safe from harm. Kyle doesn't always value his own needs when standing up for others. That being said, the good friends he does have love him for his ferocity and passion, and it's the one time he never daydreams.


Kyle was born in Eldora Iowa, and spent his early life there. His father was a dairy farmer, and his mother was the town veterinarian. Kyle was an only child and grew up helping his family manage their farm. His father attempted to bestow a love of the earth, but once remarked to Kyle, "your heads always in them clouds." Indeed Kyle could often be found staring at the sky, picking out shapes in the white, puffy, cumulus. He did as he was told, and even though his father didn't think he was motivated enough to work, he enjoyed his child's showmanship. Kyle's family are evangelical Christians, although he isn't, and so they were in church almost every night of his childhood. He grew to hate the stories of a fiery hell. He preferred his daydreams, especially the ones where he was a superhero.

His father had a drinking problem, and around Kyle's eighth birthday began physically assaulting Kyle's mother. Kyle stood up for her, trying to save her and fight for her, but his dad simply beat him too. After he was attacked, his mother finally left, taking Kyle with her to the big city of Des Moines. He entered middle school here, but for those first few years after the divorce he was quiet and shutdown, even attempting suicide at the age of thirteen. Eventually his mom got him in therapy, and joined him there too, and he was able to rouse some of his more optimistic spirit. He liked living in Des Moines, finding more things to do, and new adventures to go on.

By high school he realized he was gay, and that deeply conflicted with his parents religion. His father disowned him upon finding out, cutting him out of the will all together. His mother said, "I don't understand why'd you want this life." He was crushed and decided to run away. After graduation he applied to the Watson School of the Arts, creative writing program and was accepted. His entrance piece was about growing up with an abusive dad and how he survived that situation. The deans were impressed with the rawness of his work and gave him a scholarship. He moved to the city, leaving Des Moines and his family behind. His mother expressed interest about coming to the city to see him, but so far hasn't made the trip. He lives in student housing, and attends class regularly. His ultimate goal is to be a published writer. He's been in the city for a semester.

The Rest

Awareness of Supernaturals: None

Domicile: West District, Watson University of the Arts student housing

Occupation/Job: Student, but writes freelance for progressive blogs and is a meme/gif extraordinaire, often picking the dankest and funniest memes. He currently slings coffee at a local coffee shop to pay the bills.

Powers and Abilities: None

Hobbies: Daydreaming, puzzles, going on trips, writing horror fiction with his friends, playing in his Dungeons and Dragons group, horror movie buff, and overall mega geek.

Interesting Facts/Quirks: He expresses himself simply, but uses a large vocabulary when writing. He had a pet dog, who still lives with his mom, and he longs to have a pet in the city one day. A quirk is that he can constantly be seen sucking on his middle finger. He loves to sing, and isn't bad!

Likes: Pizza, boys, nature, good-bad novels, good novels, campy movies, cuddles, animals (especially dogs), weed, e-cigs, and greeting people with hugs.

Dislikes: Hostile energy, guys who try and pretend they're super masculine, fem shaming, people who are too grounded and realist, capitalism, cats, herbal tea (would rather have coffee)

Strength: Kyle is determined and hopeful and uses his daydreams to manage his worries and work through his problems. He's come a long way from his small Iowa town, and has total confidence that he'll succeed in his next endeavor.

Weakness/Flaw: Too much optimism is like a sugar high. When Kyle crashes, he crashes hard and his despair can be all consuming. It normally takes friends to rally him at that point, and many remark it's hard to see brave and happy Kyle distraught. He is also easily influenced and lacks personal regard for his safety if it means trying something new or fitting in.


Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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