Author Topic: Nox's Nighttime Habit  (Read 1258 times)

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Re: Nox's Nighttime Habit
« Reply #30 on: November 08, 2019, 12:02:49 AM »
Jeanne listened to everyone's points of view silently, channelling the information she was seeing to Charon through her eyes like a live news feed - his ability more than hers, again. When all was said and done, it seemed that everyone would join and she didn't bother to argue twice. If Drew wanted to put himself in harm's way then that was where he would be. She chose to address Charon first.

We shall rendezvous here. Come now. When you arrive, we will take two cars and the youngling will lead us to our destination. Bring some extra fuel, just in case we need accelerant.

Charon conveyed his agreement and their communiqué ended. She addressed her companions as a whole. "Reinforcements are coming. When they have all arrived, you will guide us to this facility, Mister Sullivan and the gods themselves may regret it."

She smiled grimly as she drank the rest of her drink, fortifying herself for the upcoming battle.

(Continued in Rise Of An Arach Angel)