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Alistair Cromwell
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Name: Alistair Cromwell, Al to his friends
Age [Appearance]: 25
[Age [Actual]: 55
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Demonologist/Warlock
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Sexuality: Bisexual
Quote: "Never seen a demon I didn't want to either study, fuck, or kill... Or all of the above."

Hair: Medium length black hair, loosely pushed back from his face. Dark brown facial hair, mainly mustache and soul patch
Eyes:Alistair's eyes are a dark grey with flecks of bright red scattered across the iris.
Frame: 5'9", athletic build. The small areas of skin not covered in tattoos is a soft peach.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Features: Alistair has a variety of tattoos covering his body. Some are normal human tattoos while others are laced with magic powers. Those that are magic will be explained below. The most distinguishing tattoo is of a large sigil of his beloved Naamah on his back.
Outfit (Unless stated otherwise): Ripped black jeans, red and blue converse high tops, no undershirt, and a long pale white trench-coat.

Personality: Alistair is a nihilist who's only goal is to bring his love to this realm. Everything else to him is of secondary consideration. This does not mean he doesn't have close friends and relationships with others, but he would be willing to sell them out at a moment's notice if it meant getting closer to Naamah. He rarely performs acts out of the kindness of his heart, always expecting payment for any services he provides.

History: Alistair was born in White Haven, Connecticut in the winter of 1994. He had a normal childhood, spent with loving family and caring friends. When he was 15, however, he found an old leather bound book in the school library and his whole world fell apart. He'd taken the book home to look it over and when he had opened it, the first page sliced his finger open, splattering blood across the page. As the blood struck the page, a fiery portal opened below Alistair and he fell into terrifying darkness, the small window to his room growing smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

When Alistair awoke, he realized he had been transported to a desolate wasteland of fire and broken earth. Next to him was the book with the words "Hello Alistair... We've been waiting for you..." scrawled across the blood stained page. Unsure of what exactly to do next, he picked up the book and found shelter in a nearby cave. Once inside, he was attacked by a female demon, although Alistair was easily able to fight her off and demanded answers to who she was and where he had found himself. The demon, known as Nammah, explained that they were in an alternate plane of existence, one that she had previously ruled. Nammah revealed to Alistair that she was once a powerful succubus, one of the first born on this plane. She and her sisters had ruled this land and birthed the lesser demons that filled it. But a century ago, her sisters' betrayed her and stole her power, leaving her for dead. Nammah had managed to survive thanks to the occasional lost soul, but she was nearing her end. Both in desperate need of help, they agreed to work together, with Alistair tending to her emaciated body and Nammah showing Alistair the ways of this land.

Over the next 30 years, Alistair and Nammah traveled the alternate plane, with the former desperately searching for a way to return home. During this time, the book that had sent him here began to reveal spells and the location of low-level magical items, slowly teaching Alistair the ways of magic. Yet he received no more messages mentioning him specifically. Alistair took to referring to the entity providing this information as the "First", believing that this book was a record of the spells constructed by some of the first people in the universe. Despite spending decades training, Alistair was never capable of casting incredibly grand spells, but he excelled in knowing the exact spell or item he needed to turn a situation to his advantage. He and Nammah also entered a relationship, finding companionship and love in the unlikeliest of places. While life was by no means easy, they made the best of what they could.

One day, a new spell appeared in Alistair's book, detailing how he could return to the mortal plane. Alistair was ecstatic, but quickly realized the spell only allowed for one entity to travel between realms, meaning Nammah would be left behind. While heartbroken at the idea, Nammah encouraged him to go and rejoin the life he'd lost so many years ago. Knowing that she was right, but unwilling to abandon her, he promised her that he'd spend every moment he had back on the mortal plane finding a way to bring her there as well. With a final kiss goodbye, Alistair cast the spell and left the alternate plane.

To Alistair's surprise, he arrived back on the mortal plane only five minutes after he originally left, returned to his 15 year old self. He tried to return home and begin his life again, but all he could think about was Nammah all on her own. At 16 he left home and traveled to the City. Since then, he has mainly worked as a fortune teller and stage magician, using some of the magic he learned to make ends meets. The rest of his time was spent ingratiating himself into various supernatural groups and societies, trying to find a way to bring Nammah back. During this time he learned more spells from the book, as well as amassing a few more magic items. He currently works in the Southern District as books salesmen with a side job as a magical scholar, primarily in the study of demons. He's also known to perform odd jobs of a magical nature for groups of demons in the West district.

Awareness of Supernaturals:Alistair has detailed knowledge on most demon races from his time on the alternate plane and his extensive studies once returning to Earth. He has a decent understanding of vampires, but knows little about the fae or werewolves/shifters.

Occupation/Job:Bookshop owner and magical scholar

Interesting Facts/Quirks: Having spent 30 years away from humans, he prefers the company of demons and can usually be found in various demon watering holes. He's also 30 years older mentally than he is physically so he is constantly treated as a naive by others who are technically younger than him.

Domicile: Studio apartment in the Southern District over his small bookshop (to be created later)

Hobby/Hobbies: Rare book and magical item collecting

Likes: Gin, magic items, Salem cigarettes

Dislikes: Authority, children (biggest risk to books), mixed drinks

Strengths: Alistair has a great natural intuition and strategic mind, augmented by various magical affects. He's a "jack of all trades" kind of warlock, knowing the complex details of many different kinds of spell casting. All of this helps him suss out the weaknesses of his opponent and use them to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Though he is able to understand them, Alistair has immense difficulty in casting most complex/adept spells. This is due to a mix of being untrained as well as having portions of his magic power siphoned off to fuel his magic items. When Alistair does try to cast one of these spells, the affect can be successful, but he cannot perform a spell of such power for some time.

Magical Abilities and Items:
Note: some of these items are use based and have a finite amount of power before needing to be refilled or are empty. I will be keeping track of these different amounts here. If you notice a discrepancy in RP and what I have here, please let me know.

Magical Abilities: While Alistair does not have immensely strong innate magical power, he can perform minor spells from various schools of arcane magic.

School of Abjuration: Alistair is able to create small shields out of thin air, blocking minor magical and physical attacks. These shields are weak though and are broken after a few hits. He can also weave a basic protection spell over a medium sized dwelling, but he is left weakened by the spell.

School of Divination: Alistair cannot cast divination spells, but is able to imbue fortune telling items, such as tarot cards or animal entrails, with divination magic, allowing him to gain a rough outline of what is to come. These readings are not 100% accurate and can sometimes have multiple meetings. But are always of some kind of importance.

School of Enchantment: Alistair is able to create a series of magical lights from his palms which hypnotizes it's viewers for roughly a minute. This spell works best on humans or very weak supernatural creatures. Most vampires, demons, and powerful magic users can brush off the spell without being hypnotized.

School of Evocation: Alistair is able to create a ball of fire in his hand. This ball is able to set fire to flammable material and hurt creatures like vampires that are susceptible to it. But the spell will only singe things like metal that do not burn easily. It can also be used as a light source.

School of Illusion: Alistair can create a minor illusion to change his appearance slightly. He cannot change his race, species, or gender. This only allows him to change the general features of his face. Those with the ability to see through magic can see past the illusion.

Magic Items:

Eyes of Solomon: Alistair has two large eye tattoos on the palms of both hands done with magical ink. When he places them over his eyes and mutters the incantation, they allow him to see anyone or anything across the plane of existence he is currently on. The spell does not allow him to use any of his other senses on the area he can see or communicate with anyone he's observing. Magicians and vampires with powerful enough divination or sensory abilities can detect Alistair's presence. Powerful enough invisibility or obfuscate abilities can be used to hide from this spell.
Usage/Cost: The spell can only be used for an hour, but Alistair can stop casting whenever he likes. However, due to the power of the spell, he is struck blind for the same amount of time he used the spell for.

Ring of Holding: On his right middle finger, Alistair has a large brass ring with a string of sigils written across its surface. This ring allows him to reach into a small pocket dimension where he can store various items. This space is roughly as large as a trunk with all items fitting "neatly". If he exceeds this limit, he simply cannot "fit" anything more in there. Taking out an item takes only a few seconds, but placing something inside takes a few minutes of concentrated casting.

Pearl of Wisdom: Deep in the Pacific Ocean, where darkness reigns and unknown creatures slither along, there is a rare species of oyster that takes over a century to create a pearl. These pearl's are known as "Pearls of Wisdom" because they can grant the user heightened intelligence, intuition, and cunning. Alistair purchased one from a sea witch living on Vashon Island in Washington sate. The pearl enters the user through the ear canal, attaching itself to the user's brain. The pearl can only be removed by the caster or an extremely skilled magician if the caster is to stay alive. Once the caster dies, the pearl dislodges and leaves the body.
Usage/Cost: The pearl constantly siphons off 10% of the user's total magical power, meaning that the caster must trade his ability to cast more powerful spells to use the pearl. The pearl cannot be "turned off" and the only way to stop the siphon is to dislodge the pearl entirely.

The Wings of Gabriel Five years ago, Alistair won a feather from the archangel Gabriel in a card game. The feather allows the user to grow a set of angel wings from their back and fly with ease and agility.
Usage/Cost: The spell only lasts for a minute, meaning that Alistair needs to be careful about where he flies and how he goes, as the wings will vanish once the minute is up, sending him plummeting back to earth. Once the feather has been used, it must be blessed by an angel to be used again.

“Fiction allows us to slide into these other heads, these other places, and look out through other eyes. And then in the tale we stop before we die, or we die vicariously and unharmed, and in the world beyond the tale we turn the page or close the book, and we resume our lives.” American Gods - Neil Gaiman

“Writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it's about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It's about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.” On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft - Stephen King

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