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Trick Fallows
« on: September 27, 2019, 08:38:53 PM »
Name: Robert Ariadne Fallows
Nickname: Trick
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Nymph
Type: Water

Hair: Shaved with a number two blade from the temples down and with a generous length on top, Trick styles his hair with a sweep to the right and a light spray to hold it in place. His fingers run through it when he's uncomfortable, nervous, flirty or when thinking of something to say. His hair, oft mistakenly described as black, is intensely dark brown.
Eyes: Thick dark lashes surround his vivid blue eyes, giving the impression of guyliner. His eye shape lends a feel of a perpetual smile, for they narrow on the outer edges.
Height: 190cm (6'2")
Weight: 82kg (181 lbs)
Frame: Trick's muscles are obvious and well-defined. Because of his fitness regime, Trick enjoys appreciative looks due to his toned physique.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A thin black line encircles his left forearm.

Family: Trick lives at the family home with his patient and doting father, Jon, and his sister, Gia, nine years his junior. He gives her grief in the form of sass and jokes but when she reveals she is truly upset, he will relent and be kind. If others pick on her he becomes fiercely protective. He has a fickle aunt who sporadically drops in unannounced and puts them all into an emotional whirlwind before leaving again. They have a family dog who Gia named Doodle when she was ten. Trick refuses to use Doodle's full name and calls him 'Dood'.

Domicile: Lives in a small house in the North District.

Personality: Trick is the type to go with the flow. Easygoing and charismatic, with the right people he can be a goof or have an intense and serious chat. He is a good conversationalist and interested in what people have to say and who they are. He has been known to make snap judgements and he won't shy from verbal conflict. If someone makes an offhand quip that he thinks is unjustified, he will doggedly pursue their opinion until they either relent or it deteriorates into name-calling, in which Trick believes he is the victor. This has cost him a few friendships.
Values: His father has raised him to be a polite and socially-aware young man. He has good manners and is helpful when people are noticeably struggling. He will stick up for the little guy when he sees injustice.

Romantic History: Trick had numerous boyfriends in high school, he never had trouble attracting interest or getting a date. This changed after graduation and he discovered serious relationships came with serious expectations - none that he was willing to comply with. His relationships mostly break at a point of turning; when it was time to say 'I love you', it was time to end it.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Trick is well aware of most of the supernatural community and has a healthy amount of fear to accompany his awareness. Specifically, he has the opinion that demons and vampires are the worst of the worst.

Education: Trick graduated high school but wasn't interested in pursuing any kind of higher education, nor did he have the finances to. Every year he takes a photography class to expand his skills. He attends a 2 hour class every Friday morning from 8am at Watson University of the Arts.

Occupation/Job: Trick works the registers at a large upmarket department store at Cypress Shoppingtown. He has worked there since high school doing casual hours. It bores him but he gets to meet cute guys there so he sticks with it plus he's been there so long he's uncomfortable at the thought of leaving. He is rostered four days a week - Tuesday Noon until 8pm, Wednesday mornings from 7am until Noon, Thursday Noon until 10pm, Friday Noon until 5pm.

Clothing: Trick doesn't have a lot of clothing in spite of his job. He has just enough to look presentable at work and the rest of the time he dresses casually. He has a skater-style aesthetic during the day and adopts a rocker style when going out. He wears a lot of inexpensive jewellery - chunky rings, leather wrist bands, silver cuffs and various pendants that he wears on a leather cord or sometimes a thin chain.

Notable Possessions: He drives a nondescript old faded red sedan that he bought cheap but something is always going wrong with it. Last month the windows wouldn't roll up. This month the air conditioning didn't work. Next month it might be the radio. Instead of getting a new car with his savings, he puts a lot of his money towards the family bills. Every so often he will splurge on himself, his biggest prizes being an excellent digital camera and the latest cellphone. He also has an Instagram account he is proud of and over the years he built a loyal fan base of 18,000 followers who adore his nature shots. His handle is TrickShot.

Notable Moments of History: When he was 18 he got mixed up with a vampire named Marcel who got him into the vampire-pet lifestyle. Because his blood got vampires high, he was passed around to Marcel's buddies at parties. He was also high on whatever pills Marcel got him to take and went with whatever vamp Marcel encouraged him to be with. Most of this part of his life is a blur. One of the vampires he was handed off to, Serren, managed to win him over by saying he was being treated badly and Serren would treat him better. He made the leap because Marcel wasn't paying him as much attention anymore and Serren's concerns seemed legitimate. Eventually Serren ended up doing the same thing, only without the pills. Trick thought he was saving him from the wrath of older vampires until his father found him and revealed that there were bite-sex films starring him on the supernatural darkweb. Shocked and ashamed, Trick abandoned the vampire lifestyle. He still misses the bite and understands that it has become an addiction, therefore he treats it like an ex-alcoholic treats liquor... to not indulge at all.

Fitness Routine: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons Trick invests an hour of his time at the gym doing weights. Tuesday and Thursday mornings he takes the family dog for a run on the beach.

Hobbies / Quirks: He hates his name, especially his middle name. It's a generations-old nymph name from on his father's side. He thinks water nymphs have the weakest powers in comparison to other nymph skills. He is aware of his own attractiveness and uses it to maximum advantage. He is often found at Mirror Lake participating in kayaking and swimming. He also goes to the beach to swim, free dive, and surf. He is a strong swimmer even without using his powers. He also played water polo in high school. Rarely seen without a camera or a cellphone, Trick is a regular Instagrammer. He will put down other social medias with the exception of Snapchat.

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Re: Trick Fallows
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2019, 09:40:39 PM »
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