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DWC Werewolf Template
« on: September 28, 2019, 02:52:19 PM »
The Dark Wolves Clan is now accepting werewolves – made via the usual Infusco Werewolf species character sheet, with all the features listed therein - into their pack. Keynigh received a vision from Akasha telling him that the pack must increase their numbers. He would like it to be known that Akasha has also shared with him a special blessing/meditation process by which pack werewolves may obtain a degree of control over the beast within them – if they are truly worthy.

This process is not easy and most will fail to achieve their goal (only five percent of the pack should be able to do this at any given time). Before the process can even be initiated, the werewolf aspiring to control must be blessed by Akasha in much the same way Keynigh was – Akasha will walk their dreams and grant them a vision of them as a werewolf meditating (the setting varies according to the individual’s temperament and associations with places of peace – a waterfall, by the ocean, in a deep forest, in a cave etc.). Such blessings are rare indeed but vivid enough to infuse the werewolf with understanding that they’ve been blessed when they awaken.

Once a blessing has been bestowed, the werewolf may take the next step in their journey to enlightenment by practising:

1.) Meditate- Characters who are able to meditate and establish a form of unwavering inner peace for the three days prior to a full moon cycle (meditation must occur on at least three occasions for at least an hour of deep contemplation on each day before the first night of the full moon – the more instances of meditation, the greater the chance it will take effect) will present with less violence and be more prone to flight rather than fight when they take their werewolf form on the three nights of the full moon. They will have a higher level of cognition and more awareness of their actions when under the influence of the moon and may retain some memories (of the significant events of the night) afterward.

2.) Communicate- Characters who have met the requirements of meditation prior to a full moon may exhibit enough calm to communicate in their werewolf form using sign language, gestures and body language. Their voice boxes are incapable of producing recognisable speech but growls and snarls may be employed to accompany their gestures and punctuate their communication.

3.) Voluntary Shift- Werewolves who are able to meditate may do so at any time in between the full moon cycle and voluntarily shift from human into werewolf form for a limited time. They must meditate for at least an hour beforehand and will retain a higher level of sentience and instinct than they normally do, as the full moon isn’t present to exacerbate their wildness. The werewolf in question will feel discomfort and pain during the voluntary shift, their cracking bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments shifting into place causing far more agony than a lunar-motivated change does. Werewolves will retain their voluntary werewolf form for half the length of time they meditated to achieve the shift (one hour of meditation = half an hour of werewolf form).

4.) Extended Life Span- Werewolves who regularly practise meditation and consistently achieve inner peace may extend their lives beyond that of a normal human being up to a maximum of twenty percent of their original life expectancy (e.g. if they would’ve lived to 90 years old, meditation would help them live to 108 years old).

Please note: Werewolves that turn under threat of death do not have time to meditate and will shift under the usual terms outlined on the werewolf species sheet, becoming uncomprehending monsters with the usual vulnerabilities and weaknesses, no matter how often they meditate and achieve a controlled change.