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Sytheria Nebseni
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:56:15 PM »
Name: Sytheria Nebseni
Alias/Nickname: Madame
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Polysexual
Nationality: Hawaiian/Japanese
Species: Scaeri Demon
Sub Species: Scaeri Tu (The Exotic Grip)
Age (Actual): 350
Date of Birth: 1669
Age (Appearance): 45 (with the help of a magical artefact, otherwise she appears as 70)

Quote: "From now on, I can't defend you anymore. You have to start paying your money by yourself. That means if I have to kill you to pay off your debt to me, I will. If I have to steal from you, I will do that too. Don't look at the faces. You look at the money. You target your goal. You'll be fine lovely."

Permissions Given In Reasonable Role-play:

Feeding: Yes
Killing: Yes
Cursing: Yes
Wounding: No

No= You do not need to ask.
Yes= You need to ask before hand.

Hair: Dark chocolate brown. Thick, wavy, long and voluminous.
Eyes: Light forest green. Cat-like pupils, oval in shape, lengthy eyelashes, microbladed eyebrows. Modest stare.
Nose: Petite and elegant.
Mouth: Full-figured lips, voluptuous, easy to tease you.

Frame: Sytheria is a tall, statuesque woman who stands at an impressive 6 feet and 3 inches. Graceful in nature for a broad constrictor, a master at hiding her enormous frame by relaxing and reserving her posture. Her stride is always critical, subtle and passive in character. Large breasts complementing her wide hips, broad chiselled shoulders, and sculpted arms and legs. Sytheria is 200lbs and her weight is carefully hidden under her clothes and posture.

Magical Items: The Mask of Past Beauty and Stones of Teleportation

Snake Form: Sytheria in her demon form is twice as long as she is tall. Dark brown scales speckled in a light green streaks across her snake body. Sytheria loses her fangs but her bite can still cause devastating damage.

Tattoo's/Distinguishable Marks: Sytherina has one scar that surrounds her lower waist just above her hips, it looks like barbed wire had been wrapped and pulled into her skin. It was a demonic whip left a dark red mark, protecting her brother Akamai a Scaeri Di from a hunter.

Personality Traits: Sytheria is tender but firm, a sort of Mother figure to the Sinister Serpents. Protective of the gang members and their interests she possesses a clear eye for survival. Quiet and observant Sytheria has no problems remaining reserved to catch details other would miss. Witty and attentive and a master at using her feminine wiles to keep folks comfortable. Despite her massive size, you feel safe and special in her company.

Sytheria is a confident hedonist with a high sex drive. Growing up in an environment that encouraged first and foremost to sell their skills, before exploring their sexuality to offer as a skill on the table. Enticing her clients to express their deepest sexual desires for a price of course, when one is good at something you do not offer it for free.

Under her mask is an evil woman that is calculating, vindictive and highly ambitious. She rules her harem with an iron fist. Under the impression of tough love, more often than not induces a circle of abuse that her concubines can not escape. Sytheria utilizes a punishment and reward system to keep her concubines inline. It works exceptionally well.

History: The word aikane referred to a whole rank of people who were granted special political and social status as a result of a sexual role with the royalty. They performed serveral duites such as increaseing their mana, spiritual power and etc. since royals were believed to be descended from the gods. The great uniter of the Hawaiian Islands, King Kamehameha, even kept his own aikane, which was Sytheria's oldest brother and the firstborn of the family. A proud moment for both parents who lived countries apart.

At the time of her parents' marriage, an odd agreement was made between the two families, all children would travel to Japan under the age of six months, and would train under their father before being returned to Hawaii at the age of sixteen. By the time Sytheria was born the female Geisha were gradually outnumbering the males. Sytheria had a rare opportunity being a Scaeri Tu and was one of few of the females who performed as male Taikomochi, her father was master of the house in Edo (Tokyo) Japan in the port district. Sytheria's third brother performed as a female geisha who was quite successful and in line to take over the title as master of the house.

Sytheria began her training at the age of three, evolving to a hangyoku (half-jewel) at the age of nine and becoming a full geisha at the age of twelve. Returning home as promised at the age of sixteen to a homeland she had never seen, and a mother she did not recall. Before the Europeans showed up in 1776 Hawaii was full of cross-dressers and queer concubines. This is where Sytheria would learn the art of expressing her sexuality freely, and find a love for bondage. Their family prosperous, but they could not hide amoung the humans forever.

In 1864 the island Sytheria was born was bought for $10,000 and that is where their family went into decline. King Kamehameha V made them promise to maintain the island for the people and continue to work it as he had. It was a lie. Hunters filled the land from around the world. The last monarchy had been bought, made into a private island and outsiders were officially banned in 1915 to try and contain the supernatural population. Sytheria and the remaining family escaped to America five years later. Cuddle parties were popular in the 1920s and under the guise of a tea house, opened one of the most successful tea houses in New York.

Her father and brother where suppose to join in 1925 but the Kanto Earthquake occurred, killing her brother and leaving the whereabouts of her father unknown. Her mother left to go find her father, she perished years later from a hunter unknown to the remaining family. Her brothers long after left to search for there mother and father, vowing not to return until they found the truth. She receives regular messages and gifts from her brothers.

How Sytheria came to the city is unknown but why she came is clear. Looking to open another "tea house" she found Apep and Butler after they acquired Ouroboros, and offered her services. The two graciously accepted Sytheria into the fold.

Hometown: Edo, Japan and Niihau, Hawaii
Family Background: Taikomochi (Father) and Aikane (Mother)
Mother: Hawaiian (Scaeri Di. Supposedly alive but actually died in Japan killed by hunters. Unknown to remaining family.)
Father: Japanese (Scaeri Tu. Alive but disappeared during the Kanto Earthquake in September of 1923)

Siblings: Five Brothers and in order;

*Salazar (Scaeri Di and killed by hunters)
*Akamai (Scaeri Di and alive )
*Jaakko (Scaeri Di and died in the Kanto Earthquake)
*Alika (Scaeri Tu and alive)
*Savas (Scaeri Tu and Killed by hunters)

Birth Order: The youngest of the five brothers.
Extended Family: Dead

Awareness of Supernaturals: Sytheria is familiar with all sorts of supernaturals due to the unrestrained, sexual lifestyle she leads.

Occupation: Hostess for the Ouroboros. Madame for the Den of the Venomous Serpent.

Sytheria is crucial in making sure the Ouroboros runs efficiently and ensures the clientele have a good time during their stay, address in house grievances and other matters pertinent to the Ouroboros.

As the Madame for the Den Sytheria will offer extra services to clients in addition to the "full venom experience" from cuddle parties to specific sexual tastes and desires.

Sytheria "helps out" the unfortunate souls caught in the sex slave trade, but she turns them into high-end concubines with the promise of a better life. That is true. Sytheria pays for everything with the pretenses of helping, and for a time her new escorts are fooled until it is too late. Incurring a debt that will never be fully paid, they will never achieve true freedom or escape. You survive by making sure you pay your obligation on time or you die to pay off the debt to Sytheria.

Domicile: The Ouroboros Apartments

Interesting Facts: Sytheria is much more flexible than the regular Scaeri Tu due to her upbringing, her agility can outmatch the Scaeri Tu up to her age, but an older Scaeri Di will always outmatch her speed.

Quirks: Bondage Fetish.

Hobbies: Sytheria is smitten with dancing and agility exercises. Studies the art of music, singing, performs tea ceremonies, researches different dialects and scriptures modern, ancient and arcane. Loves making flower arrangements, spending time in mother nature, practicing beautiful calligraphy, reading poetry and paints in her free time.

Likes: Tea, singing, dancing, music, languages, scriptures, nature, bondage, sex in general, penmanship, patience, poetry, loyality.

Dislikes: Hunters, humans, childish temper tantrums, disobedience, strong personalities, disrespect.

Strengths: Sytheria maintains a clear eye for survival, withstanding numerous hunter encounters over the years. She is exceptionally quiet and can pick out details just from speech alone. Sytheria has no problem taking an observant role, often catching details others miss. Clever and witty with her conversation, using proverbs, scripture, and poetry at the right moment. Sytheria primarily has an attentive nature to those willing to follow the Sinsiter Serpents and the rules of the house.

Weakness: People with strong and unbending personalities bring out a terrible side in Sytheria. An obsession can overtake Sytheria like a virus, no care for how much cruelty she can inflict, all she cares about is breaking them into submission. In her mind she is the dominate one and the only one, but this only applies to her harem.

Demonic Powers:

1.) The Unholy Strength of Tu- Sytheria's strength can rival a thousand-year-old vampire quite easily.

2.) The Ever Watchful Snakeskin- Controlling and seeing through other serpents.

3.) Ancient Snake Speech- Scaeri can speak to snakes, communicating messages back and forth.

4.) Lady Shapeshifter- Turns from her human shape into a demonic snake demon, a large constrictor snake with a more than average agility.

5.) Inhuman Maw- In her demon form, she can swallow a human-sized creature, ingesting both their physical matter and their souls. Sytheria has been trying this method to make soul gems for Apep with varying success. Regurgitating soul gems after a short incubation period. Otherwise Sytheria steals human souls in the most practical way possible.