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The Supernatural Carnival
« on: October 31, 2019, 10:07:20 AM »
Post your RP links here!
instead of us all having a single massive group RP that's difficult to follow


Getting To The Carnival
  • If someone lives in the caravan park, they'll have to use the back road.
  • The private road that leads to the carnival grounds is long and goes through some light forestry.
  • Around the first corner is a Ward roadblock. They are wearing their SECURITY emblazoned uniforms.
  • Every vehicle is stopped and the driver is chatted to in a friendly manner about the private function
  • Ignorant folks are turned back around and have to drive out
  • People in the know (whether by invitation or a mention of an advert in the paper/mag/online) are let through
  • There are Wardens patrolling the borders of the not-completely-fenced carnival grounds
  • Visitors to the caravan park will find it difficult but not impossible to access the carnival

At The Carnival
  • Two huge grassy fields are setup for parking with several attendants showing people where to park.
  • One of the fields is directly opposite the front gate. This will be the first parking spot.
  • The second field is farther down the private road, closer to the caravan park. About a five minute walk.
  • A fence surrounds most of the carnival grounds. Sometimes wooden, sometimes chain-link, sometimes not a fence but a ditch (and where people might be able to sneak in).
  • The front gates are wooden and large, and are open all the way and tethered to itself
  • Just inside the gate to the left is an area that during the daytime has a blood-bank van to take donations. Everyone who gives blood will be given a Donor Showbag (refer: showbags below)
  • Just before sundown a Brannigan's van (the 'blood cafe' that operates at the Academy) will arrive - they stock animal blood for free but also have whatever donations have been taken by the blood-bank next door
  • IMPORTANT: There are signs everywhere banning vampires from direct drinking while at the carnival
  • Food Trucks - Hot Dogs/Corndogs, Hamburgers, Cheese Toast, Ice Cream, Coffee/Tea, Pretzels, Funnel Cakes, Doughnuts, Cotton Candy, Popcorn
  • Food Stall - Snacks & Slushies (Lots of packet stuff like chips and such, bottled drinks plus slushies)
  • Food Stall - Kebabble (Chicken, Beef, Pork all spinning and ready to be carved off for kebabs)
  • Food Stall - Dom's Subs (Footlong and 6" sandwiches filled with meat or veges of your choice)
  • Food Stall - Insectamondo (A wide range of insect dishes available. Eg. Chilli Hoppers = grasshoppers dressed with oil and chilli powder)
  • Food Stall - Very Vegan (A selection of dishes as the name suggests)
Cute 3m x 3m tented stalls (unless otherwise described) with either information or a place to sit if necessary.
  • Information Kiosk
  • Join the Ward - A recruiting style stall for Ward signups
  • The Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals - Information about the Academy (and its founder), plus a schedule of classes and scholarships or payment options for those who can't afford to attend but really want to. Everyone who approaches this stall can register for one completely free class for the year.
  • Species Culture Tent: (Sponsored by the Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals) - A large marquee-style tent with various people/species sitting on large, comfortable chairs or stools, answering questions about their species for those who would like to know
  • Meet Ben Samson: This is a tent setup with about 10 chairs in it and a small brochure display with voting info as well as Ben's campaign information on it (About Ben Samson, Ben's Vision, Getting Involved, How & Where To Vote). There is also a display board declaring what times Ben will appear: 7pm-8pm and 11pm-1am.
  • The Luminary - a stall about the newest hotel to open in the city
  • Luminescent - a stall about the newest meeting spot in the city
  • Lovebite - a stall about the Lovebite App
  • Face Painting
  • Balloons
  • Balloon Animals
  • Photo Booth
  • Dunking Booth
  • Ring-The-Bell Strength Test (one for supernaturals, another for humans)
  • Fortune Teller
  • Laughing clowns, duck-fishing, ring-toss, shooting gallery, coconut shy, skittles, etc
  • I have NFI, if you want a particular sideshow game, just write that it's there :cool:
  • At the duck-fishing stall, if a punter picks 3 ducks and still scores less than 10, they win a booby prize. Said prize is a cheap pen with the words 'BOOBY PRIZE' printed on it and a spring-loaded bobblehead at the top that looks exceptionally similar to Jake McCloud
  • Big Top Shows (11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 1am, 4am) - shows are an hour long
  • Ferris Wheel (with enclosed, air-conditioned capsule cabins)
  • Chair-O-Plane (sit in a chair and experience centrifugal force)
  • Ghost Train (slow car, dark ride with creepy things to look at)
  • House of Mirrors (walkthrough)
  • Gravitron (old fashioned centrifugal force ride designed to look like a UFO)
  • Windmill (fast circular ride that raises up and then back down - creates dizziness)
  • Pirate Ship (for a bigger thrill, sit up the back of this swinging ride)
  • Rocktopus (octopus armed ride that plays rock music when the seats spin and bounce up and down)
  • Teacups (because every carnival needs a teacups ride)
  • Chinese Dragon (a swaying ride that eventually sways upside down - cars look like a Chinese style dragon)
  • Wipeout (two arms hold a bar lined with chairs for people to sit, then it flips around and upside down unpredictably)
  • Glider (lie face down on a bench and hold onto safety bar, centrifugal force ride where rider can lift bench up in air independantly by using safety bar controls)
  • Circus Carousel (a carousel filled with wild animals to ride instead of horses - tigers, zebras, etc)
  • Giant Slide (a very tall constructed fibreglass slide with mats to ride down on it)
  • Bouncy Castle (an inflatable castle to jump around in - no shoes allowed)
  • Zipper (a caged ride that spins around whilst also going up and down AND the main piece also spins)
  • Rollercoaster - 'Coalminer' Wooden coaster with single 'coal' carts that makes for a shuddering ride
  • Rollercoaster - 'Magic Carpet' Mellow pipeline coaster with a few twists and turns - for medium thrills
  • Rollercoaster - 'Steampunk' Spinning coaster where cars look like cogs - for medium thrills
  • Rollercoaster - 'Nightfall' Side friction coaster with multiple corkscrews and loops
  • The Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals Showbag:
    • Registration Card for a free class (starting next year)
    • Schedule of available classes
    • A glossy 8pp A4 sized brochure of the Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals
    • A glossy bookmark with The Kerr Galvin Academy emblazoned on it with logo
    • A high-quality keyring with KGA engraved on one side and the logo on the other
    • A pen and notebook with The Kerr Galvin Academy stamped on them
    • Three postcards taken of the Academy by a professional photographer
    • A3 glossy poster of the architecturally designed Academy in the East
  • The Ben Samson Showbag, features
    • The glossy 'How To Vote' brochure with Ben's campaign info on it plus the voting date and locations
    • Refillable pen and spiral-bound notebook with Strength In Unity and SAMSON 2019 written across them
    • A past copy of a magazine where Ben was featured in one of the fashion spreads
    • A small flash drive with some songs on it (Ben's favourites - mostly alternative or indie rock)
    • Four glossy postcards of 60s muscle cars (Mustang, Charger, Impala and Barracuda)
    • A small metal bat keyring
    • A glossy A3 sized poster of Ben smirking down the lens. Rockstar/sexy vibe, no campaign text on it.
    • Black t-shirt with Ben's face on it (with glowy blue eyes) and SAMSON 2019 written across it
    • A 3" tall plastic figurine of a young man (looks like Ben). Depending on the bag, he's either standing up reading a book, lying down on his stomach while typing on a laptop with knees bent, crossed at ankles, or in a modelling kind of pose with hands resting on his hips and pushing his knee-length coat back
  • A Supernatural Business Showbag
    • Lots of brochures, coupons and other giveaways from various 'supernatural friendly' or 'supernatural owned' businesses such as Venture, Luminescent, Brannigans, Echelon, Bojangles Cineplex, Sticks and Stakes, Qamar Art Gallery, Zingari Theatre, Capital Building, and more
  • The Ward Showbag
    • Plastic handcuffs (kids toy)
    • Plastic silver shield badge with 'The Ward' and 'Warden 148' stamped on it
    • Pack of 5 collectable cards with different Warden pictures and their stats (Captain Hadar card is the rarest)
    • Colouring book with different creatures in uniform or arresting baddies
    • Recruitment Poster of Captain Hadar doing a fingerpointing 'We Want You' with fierce expression
    • Trifold pamphlet explaining how fulfilling a job at the Ward is, with info on how to sign up
  • The Lovebite Showbag
  • The Luminary Showbag (featuring Luminescent)
  • The Luminary Donor Showbag
  • The Magic-User Showbag
  • The Shifter Showbag
  • The Demon Showbag
  • The Imp Showbag
  • The Nymph Showbag
  • Fantastic Winged Species Showbag
  • Fire Imps, Fire Demons and Fire Nymphs Showbag
  • The Sweet Showbag - pick this one up empty and fill it with all the lollies and things from the huge display kiosk beside it

Post your RP links here!

1. Anybody can crash anybody else's RPs when roleplaying at the carnival. There are NO RESERVED RPs HERE
2. All supernaturals can appear as their own selves - no need to transform into human form or hide wings
3. Vampires are NOT ALLOWED to drink directly from people - they must visit Brannigans
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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 09:04:48 PM »
Trick has arrived to meet Harm

* Admin Note: This RP is set during DAY

Admin Note: This RP has ended.

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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2019, 06:00:13 PM »
Dreki wandering around in hopes to hear from Ash -

*Admin note: This RP is set at NIGHT

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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2019, 08:44:18 AM »
Tyler doing some light opposition research for Jake, at least for now! Opposition Research

*Admin Note: This RP is set at NIGHT
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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2019, 10:16:38 AM »
Ben has arrived at the carnival


* This RP has ended
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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2019, 08:44:50 PM »
Trick has returned to the carnival Sunday morning and meets Jesse, who is the mechanic for his broken car.

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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #6 on: November 23, 2019, 05:00:19 PM »
Angel Remi and Vampire Samuel have a side chat in Intermission:

and District Leader Saraekiel and Captain Hadar of the Ward are having a chat in Networking:

These RPs are set at NIGHT
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Re: The Supernatural Carnival
« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2019, 06:23:12 PM »
Saraekiel is taking a breather from all the hustle and bustle of the carnival.

This rp is set at night and on the first night of the carni