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The Sinister Serpents
« on: November 03, 2019, 06:40:07 PM »
The Sinister Serpents


Apep AKA The Thief - Specializes in hard to acquire items, and is generally the group's con man. Runs the public face of their operation, a pawn shop.

Butler AKA The Butler - One part dandy, the other part maniac, Butler manages the bar, and acts as the group's main enforcer.

Sytheria AKA The Madame - Seduction, money and class, the madame manages the venom den and it's all it's nefarious activities.

?? AKA The Boss - A mysterious and unknown hand guides the serpents. This person has yet to reveal themselves.

Code Of The Serpents:

Power Structure: The gang is led by one leader, a shadowy and unknown figure. They communicate through texts, letters, phone calls and quiet, secret meetings. They do not live with the others and some don't even know the leader's name. The leader's goal is unclear, but the serpents have been told to take root and pursue their own nefarious goals for the time being.

The gang is managed by three lieutenants who all run different operations for the group. Apep controls the group's black market, trading in drugs, magic items, and sometimes souls. Butler runs the group's public face, a new speak easy called the Ouroboros. He is also known for managing the group's muscle as well as making sure people pay back their loans by any means necessary. Sytheria manages the flesh trade, selling pleasurable experiences with a venom chaser.

All other members work under one of these three, each managing both human and demon members. The whole gang totals about twenty members, with only the three lieutenants operating their own trades. The balance is achieved off the simple fact that the serpents do not tell one another what to do. Their criminal enterprise is built on request, respect, and mutual admiration for law breaking and/or violence. They want to help one another, for as one succeeds, they all do.

Code of the Scarei ve Sektwaishhh* The Serpents share a few principles that help bring order to their operations.
* translation: Code of the snake demons, and fellow serpents

1. We shall endeavor to be useful, the same way the snake was useful to Eve.
2. We shall slither in the grass, bellies on the ground, and we shall strike where the eagle can not see.
3. We shall be snake charmers, our public face a smiling one.
4. We shall not tell another snake it's scales. It alone knows the value of it's bite or crush.
5. We shall aid our fellow snakes, lest we all die to the mongoose.
6. We shall build a horde of treasure, and like dragons sit upon it.
7. We shall cause chaos and then profit from the spoils.


1. Venom - Your character would hear of a new drug called Venom that causes an LSD like high, even for vampires. After the right amount of asking you'd get the name Apep, and a phone number to call. PM Black Philip to set up a date for Venom. Alternatively, visit the Ouroboros and experience the venom den.

2. Muscle - Need somebody's arms broken? Asking around tough circles, especially demon or werewolf ones, will get you the name Butler. This polite gentlemen and his associates will beat your foes into pulp, all for a convenient cash fee. PM sully to acquire Butler's services.

3. Flesh - Lonely? Ugly? Depressed? Syltheria can help. She can find you the right companion, as long as you hit the ATM outside the bar. What's more, she runs the venom den, mixing drugs with your good time for a unique experience. PM Idrial to make an appointment with the madame.

4. Souls - This connection would be much harder to find, needing your character to have a true criminal contact. Apep mostly sells souls to demons seeking power, but will sell to anyone who can pay his steep prices. He has everything from mundane human souls, to strong supernatural ones. If you want a soul, or want to sell one, PM Black Philip.

5. Magic Items - This requires your character to know a criminal contact, especially one who themselves knows about magic items. Once referred to Apep's pawn shop, your character can buy or sell magic items. This trade can be made in cash, other magic items, or souls. PM Black Philip to set up buying or selling a magic item.

6. Entertainment - The Ouroboros is the serpent's hangout and public face, and creates a new demon bar in the west. For a good time drop your scene in the speak easy's main room, or go to the venom den for a darker experience. PM sully for questions about the Ouroboros.

Be a sadist. Now matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them — in order that the reader may see what they are made of.
- Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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