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Agenda For Central District Government Post Election
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:38:10 AM »
Good evening citizens of the Central District. I am writing to you all, to document the policies and positions that this government will take if elected. These are not final, and subject to change. Please feel free to submit feedback to my offices, and I will be holding a town hall in the next few weeks to speak to voters one on one, as well as in a group setting. These positions have been reached after studying publicly available data, feedback from constituents and by working with the talented and diverse staff employed by the District. I look forward to meeting new faces, and seeing old friends at the town hall. I'm sure we will have a spirited conversation about the issues important to everyday citizens.

District Leader Jacob McCloud

Structure of Government:

A. The position of Central District Leader will become an elected position, with all future district leaders being subject to challenge. The position will have a term limit of eight years, with no leader being allowed to serve more than two terms back to back. This is to both ensure that no one leader is in charge for too long, but will also allow a leader who has the backing of the people to return if they win a new election.

B. The government will allow for the filing of political parties, so constituents can better align with a philosophy of government, instead of with the leader's individual positions. Political parties may operate under new "freedom of expression" protections, meant to mimic the free speech laws enjoyed by humans, and long discouraged by other forms of supernatural government.   

C. A new city council will be instituted, and future elections will be held for those positions. Anyone who lives in the Central District can run, and the council will consist of a predetermined number of representatives, based on geography and population concentration. This will allow the people to have further choice in who represents them, instead of using species based political appointees.

D. The court system will be formalized, with judges also running for public elections. The position of Harpy will be modified to act more like an Attorney General, and consequences will be decided by judges and juries, not myself or the sheriff. For too long, supernatural governments have used personal power not to protect, but to intimidate the population. A functional court system will alleviate this trend, and make sure justice and fairness wins out in all cases. I am also the only person running in this election who has used a court system to implement justice, and I am proud to invest in this third branch of government.

E. Central District law will remain dominant over ward law, as the ward's founder intended. This is to make sure that citizens can choose the district that best suits them, without a one size fits all, big government solution, telling you what you want not matter the reality. This initiative will be championed by me for other districts, strengthening the individual districts, while allowing the ward to fulfill it's primary purpose, keeping peace between the districts, and acting as a safe guard, not an oppressive police force, or an unelected set of laws the public can't vote on if they dislike. If you dislike a policy, you will have the right to vote against the leader in the next election.

F. Positions in the executive branch will be subject to public elections, including keeper, sheriff and harpy. Anyone who lives in the district may run for these important functions of government. This is to further the concept of government accountability and fairness.

G. I will retain the Central District government HQ, located beneath the White Rabbit. This is to keep the community feeling developed over the last two years, and to invest in the infrastructure all ready in place. Entrances to the headquarters will be added that bypass the bar, leading to more direct access to the arms of government. The White Rabbit and District Headquarters will be made a formal Elysium, meaning a conflict free zone. Magical protections have been erected to ensure people's safety while visiting.

H. To better serve constituents directly, the district leader or another member of the team, will take questions from the press once a week. The press will be allowed access to the district's financial records, and unless there is a city wide security reason, the press may also request documents from the central district. This is to increase transparency, support a free and independent supernatural press, and ensure accountability for those who serve.

I. The district will continue to be funded by private wealth management, because even fundraising efforts send the signal that if citizens want good government they have to pay for it. Private investment in the district will be directed towards the ward, charities, and scholarship funds. 

Polices and Positions:

1. On working people, formalize unions for working supernaturals, including the right to advocate for political action. Union leaders will be allowed to run for the city council and may serve a union and the public. This way, groupings of supernatural people will be counted not by their species label, but by how they choose to self identify.

2. On the Masquerade, increase cyber security in the age of social media. This will be accomplished by allowing citizens to download encryption software that will promote privacy, and help protect the masquerade. These downloads will be available before the election and are be coordinated by the Central District's tech department. 

3. On housing, continue the district's housing first policy, finding housing for new, or transient, supernaturals. We have housed hundreds of supernaturals over the last two years, and are happy to expand this service. No matter your situation, we will make sure you have a place to stay.

4. On Elysiums generally, create additional safe zones for supernaturals, partnering with local businesses and community organizations. These safe zones will be violence free, and masquerade free too. Appropriate security will be implemented, and safe zones will be made in both bar and dry settings.

5. On the Ward, strengthen the origination by nominating that the director of the ward act as the tie breaking vote for inter-district affairs. This will allow the ward more power without compromising their primary purpose, and make sure that the district leaders are not stagnated by a tie. This issue will be championed in other districts, with the goal being increased cooperation, without unneeded homogenization. 

6. On freedom, promote and advocate for Chinatown to be reflected as a true, and independent district as it always should've been. This will offer citizens more choice, more diverse leadership, and promote freedom and equality. This will lead to two strong states, working together for the betterment of all our people.

7. On supernatural poverty, continue our successful efforts to elevate the Brazilian Quarter, by working through a community policing framework, based on principles of restorative justice, as well as placing community liaisons to help address the social and economic conditions that have impeded the neighborhoods ability to grow. Anyone who operates or owns a business within the quarter will receive a monthly stipend, to both help current business flourish, as well as promote new businesses and organizations. Exact amounts are still to be determined, but it will be similar to a universal basic income.

8. On education, with Ben Samson's permission, the Central District will keep donating to the Central District campus of the Academy for the Supernaturals. Additionally, public scholarships will be made available to the student's with the most financial need, so no young fledgeling, witch, or fae has to pay to learn who can't afford it.

9. On security, continue crime's overall downtrend by investing in the sheriff's department, as well as an increased working relationship with the Wardens. Address crime specific areas, including targeted crime, like with the recent increase of attacks on fae. Additionally, the cyber crimes unit will be strengthened to ensure masquerade breaches are minimal and taken care of quickly as possible. This is to keep everyone safe.

Species Specific Positions:

10. For werewolves, the Central District will continue to offer holding cells for those who are near the White Rabbit. In addition, the government will offer counseling for newly created werewolves, refer to various packs that can be joined (Saraekeil's pack in the north, the Dark Wolves shifter clan, etc.). While the central district will always be there for our were citizens, referring to specific packs will allow werewolves to find community, friendship, and explore what it means to be a werewolf. Werewolves are more than just humans who need to be chained up during the full moon, and our new agenda and partnerships are meant to promote a positive sense of identity for this neglected population.

11. For vampires, blood donation services will be expanded through the district's existing blood donation program. If you need a bite, we will make sure you get one without frenzy, or cost. Additionally, for those vampires recently suffering from nymph blood dependence, rehab services will be offered by our Keeper, Maria. You are not your struggle. Public events will be held for vampires to meet across generations and clans, helping this extremely diverse group connect on what makes us similar, as well as discuss differences and promote inter-species respect and harmony.

More species specific polices coming soon...
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