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Tobi Seymour
« on: November 12, 2019, 01:18:20 PM »
Name: Tobi Seymour

Age [appearance]: early 20s
Age [actual]: 21
Gender: Cis Male
Species: Human (Witch)
Hair: Tousled, short black hair, a bit longer on the top.
Eyes: Green
Frame: Slender. (5’10” 140lbs)
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Unashamed of his winky-face tramp stamp.
Personality: Flirty, unmotivated, and doesn’t take anything too seriously.
Permissions given in RP:
1. Feeding -  Yes, where appropriate.
2. Wounding/Cursing - No
3. Killing - No
4. Mind Control - Conditionally yes

History and Personality:

Tobi has a relatively uneventful life in the city — as far as one is able, anyway. A former gifted kid who lost any interest in academia, he got his bachelor’s degree in Business and quickly got out of school. He far preferred the nights he’d spend gogo dancing for money he didn’t need, so he just drifted around.

He’s currently floating through life at the same bookstore he’s worked at since high school. He keeps meaning to quit, but he’s embarrassed about how long he’s actually stuck it out. He caught a glimpse of an unnaturally beautiful man when he first worked here, and always kinda hoped he’d return. Several (often unsatisfying) backroom hookups later, and he was no closer to his mysterious stranger than he had been before.
Awareness of Supernaturals: He’s heard the legends, of course, but hasn’t been introduced. He does most of the magic that he’s been taught like most people go to church — he does it, but doesn’t really believe in any of it.
Occupation/Job: Bookstore Clerk. Looking for other work.
Domicile: Westward Apartments
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He’s never had an injury that required more than a bandaid. He probably should have owned stock in bandaid, with all the hickeys he covered up in school.
Hobby/Hobbies: Urban Exploration, Coffee Shops, Bar Hopping, Jewelry Making.
“Is Grindr a hobby?”
Likes: Animals, Alcohol, and Forward Men
Dislikes: Boredom, Sobriety, Sleeping Alone
Strength: Tobi, for all of his lack of depth, loves to listen to people and give them advice. The people who actually listen to his advice are usually pretty impressed. (Just don’t expect him to remember it later!)
Weakness/Flaw: If something doesn’t keep his attention, he has a hard time faking it. This applies to scorned lovers that he’s kicked out of bed to disgruntled teachers whose classes he walked out.


Seer: Tobi has the sight, but hasn’t had any reason to believe in it enough to cultivate the powers. It keeps him out of trouble, as he figures he just has really good intuition, but that’s as far as his fortune telling goes.

Enchantment: Taught by his grandmother, he is often creating jewelry with bits of magic imbued in them. What he thinks of as superstitious fun actually equates to no small measure of magical protection. This is where his true gift lies, though he just considers it a quirky little hobby.

Magic Item: Sarah Seymour’s Eye
(Will put in magic item sub forum if character is approved)
An amulet hanging from a silver chain — a black tourmaline eye with a lapis lazuli iris. The amulet amplifies: passive magical energy accumulation, divination magic, and serves as a minor ward against curses. He never takes it off.

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Re: Tobi Seymour
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Thread Chronology:

Knight in Shining Scrubs: A bad Tinder date turns into a chance meeting between Tobi and Harm.