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Name Remiel, but goes by Remi or Rem

Species: Angel

Gender: Male

Appears to be: 25-30 years old


Height: 6’0”

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: Sandy blond

Hair & Beard Style: His hair is thick and straight and faded into a crew cut. He keeps his beard short and tidy.

Eye Color: Hazel with a burst of gold at the center.

Facial Structure: He has well-defined cheekbones, full and pouty lips, a strong chin, and a thin nose. His face is so well proportioned it fits DaVinci’s idea of physical perfection.

Body Structure: With broad shoulders and a lean physique, Remiel wouldn't look out of place in an Olympic swimming competition. His materialized wings might get in the way of winning gold, but he'd look great in a speedo.

Angelic Extras:
Wings: They're massive when extended, spanning more than twenty feet. His feathers are the same color as a dove's: white with gray undertones.
Summoned Weapon: A recurve bow created from modern and angelic materials. Its superior arrow velocity and accuracy makes this a formidable choice.
Musical Instrument Affinity: Violin

Artefact: The Golden Ring. Grants a chameleon effect that camouflages the wearer and whatever/whomever they're carrying, helping them blend into their surroundings.   

Dress Style: He favors clothing that accentuates instead of hides, often in some shade of blue.


Remiel wasn't always Remiel. In his first incarnation, he was a Guardian Angel named Gene who spent the majority of his life unaware of the abilities he'd been granted due to his mixed heritage. His childhood was a blur of abuse at the hands of the man he called father, with a handful of bright, beautiful moments where his mother tried her best to soothe the frayed edges of his soul. As he grew older, he found some solace at church, where he was told he was being tested, and that God was benevolent and never put anyone through anything they couldn’t handle. For a while, it helped him justify how miserable he was, but there eventually came a test he failed so utterly that he was chased from the South and into the arms of a bigger and more accepting city.

Unfortunately, the recognition that he was different — that he loved differently — didn’t do much to help erase all the years of guilt and shame he’d been forced to feel. Gene floundered. Occasionally, he’d claw his way to the surface, but it was only for brief gasps of air.

He found a job.

But it was unfulfilling.

He moved in with a boyfriend.

But he lost himself.

He found a world of acceptance.

But he was too scared to join it.

On and on it went until one fateful day, Gene witnessed his only friend's heart stop. When he grabbed him, something incredible happened: his heart started beating again. In the following days, he came to understand how different he really was, and he came to understand how many betrayals and lies he’d been served throughout his life. His mother had never told him the truth about his angelic father. She’d lied, out of the goodness of her heart, surely, but she’d lied. She’d kept him within arm's reach of an angry man who’d known and hated he was providing for a child that wasn’t his.

Devastated and lost, Gene sought out his real father. When he finally found him, he was offered a second chance. If he was willing to forget his first life completely, he could be reborn as an angel, unencumbered by all his past hurts and missteps.

He accepted.

No memory of his past life remains. As far as he knows, he was, is, and always will be Remiel.


Something fundamentally Gene is still there. Call it personality, essence, or the soul - losing his memory hasn't taken it from him. If anything, Remiel is the Gene that could've been if he hadn't felt like he needed to build walls around every aspect of himself.

He's curious and doesn't hesitate to wade into the unknown. While he's there, he constantly observes his surroundings because everything is part of something else, and he enjoys figuring out how the pieces fit into the puzzle. He's happy to share all his discoveries, especially with those who'll engage in a mutual exchange of information.

Excluding the cruel, unkind, and self-pitying, he can get along with pretty much everyone except dark angels and shadow demons. It's hard to be friends with creatures that try to kill you before you can kill them. 


Strengths: Warm, enthusiastic, empathetic, caring, spontaneous, intuitive, curious
Weaknesses: Disorganized, gets stressed out easily, highly emotional, over-analyzes, sensitive, claustrophobic 

Likes: New connections, openness, altruism, exploring, laughter, conversation
Dislikes: Routine, dishonesty, perfectionists, cruelty, being rushed, negativity

Awareness of Supernaturals: Extensive, but prior to arriving on the earthly plane, Remi was warned away from the following: dark angels, because they will kill him; shadow demons, because they will torture and then kill him; vampires, because they're drawn to exotic blood types and have no way to deny their nature; and fae, because they're troublesome, meddlesome creatures who thrive on chaos.

Angelic Abilities & Spells
Auras: When he activates his "inner eye", he can read the auras of humans, angels, fallen angels, and dark angels. Remi has found that it's difficult to concentrate on anything except shifting colors when scanning auras, so uses it sparingly.
Bless: Remi can boost folks with +strength +mood to get them through the day. (Single-use. Resets every 24 hours.) Can also dispel curses using this method.
Heal: Individual heals cost him far less magic than mass heals, with the trade-off that individual heals require Remi to physically touch the recipient. He can also heal himself passively over time. Any of his castable heals requires his focus to channel. If he's been dragged into melee combat, for example, he would find it incredibly difficult to be able to cast his spell(s).
Musical Hypnosis: If this ability is activated while playing his flute, Remi can lull any listener into a state of placidity.

Occupation: Unemployed. Again. 

Domicile: A garden atop the Capital Building.

Hobby: He discovered he's good at tending plants, so he enjoys doing that.

Permissions Given in a Reasonable Roleplay:

(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding Yes
Cursing: No
Killing: No

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Re: Remiel
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 07:10:59 AM »

I Wanna Get Better
Remi goes to the carnival in search of cotton candy, meets Dreki, Ash, and Sam.

Remi continues his hunt for cotton candy, but is stalled by curious children long enough for Sam to catch up with him.

The Gene Files
Remi visits Sam at The Luminary and meets Dom.

Accruing Debts
Sam purchases Remi some much-needed items.

Garden Of Eden
Remi flies Sam to his garden atop the Capital Building.

Lost In Translation
An uneventful night at work with Sam turns eventful when Dreki makes an appearance.

Forbidden Fruit
Sam and Remi return to the garden rooftop where past sins are revealed and wills are tested.

An Angel Walks Into A Bar
Remi is summoned to The White Rabbit for a meeting with District Leader Jake McCloud. Sam has to intervene.

Angel In His Pocket
Sam invites Remi back to his apartment for a talk that is interrupted by Digital and later, Dreki.

Remi investigates Dreki's claim that a dark angel accosted him at Glitter Beach.

Sam and Remi reunite. They're interrupted by another request for help and afterwards, Sam has to take Remi home to give him time to recover.

A Day Late
Remi returns to Glitter Beach to find Adagio.

Of Wings and Wishes
Sam and Remi meet with Ben and Kerr at the Luminary.

Settling In
Sam and Remi return to the Capital Building, where they discuss the odd circumstances of the meeting and Remi makes a proposal.

Sam and Remi begin their cross-country trip to meet Remi's mother.