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Name: Adagio
Age: 220
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Type: Dark

Hair: A mix of browns, the highlight being light brown tinged gold. His hair is thin and often in dire need of a brush but he only sweeps it with his fingers. He has literal bedhead because the most he does upon waking is thread his fingers through his hair to detangle any knots that arise and that's it. He does keep it clean but while his hair begs for high maintenance, the most he offers it is soap.
Eyes: Narrow but expressive eyes, hazel brown in colour. His eyes are lined with lashes as dark as black eyeliner and hooded by a heavy brow. His stern expression indicates emotional pain behind it, which usually suckers in the bleeding heart type.

Height: 193cm (6'4")
Weight: 85kg (187 lbs)
Frame: Adagio is shaped and toned to the extreme. He is vain about his perfectly shaped body. Sculpted torso, thick thighs, well-shaped calves, outrageous arms, veined and muscular hands, and he's packing.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He uses black kohl to bring out his eyes but it isn't permanent.

Wing Colour Transformations:
Originally pale gold in colour (champagne gold), Adagio's wings remained that colour while he was fallen. When he became a dark angel, they turned a deep blood red after his ritual. A few years after growing his power he was attacked by and then shown mercy from an angel, who healed his wounds, injecting some purity back into him. His wings are now a fabulous shade of mauve.

Family: His family turned their back on him when he Fell. He considers himself without family.

Domicile: Lives in the La Verona Caves.

Personality: Likes the thrill of the chase but not for too long. Wants to be adored and loved and worshipped but that can get boring. Gets infatuated easily and loses interest almost as quickly. Hates commitment. Hates menial tasks like cleaning or other maintenance work. Curious for knowledge. Thirsts for power.
History: He was an Angel for over two hundred years. His time was spent on the Heavenly plane because he had no interest in the connected Earthly plane. He was happy where he was, living on the cusp of the world's rules, never quite daring to go that little bit more but loving the adrenaline of fear caused by pushing to the very edge of his boundary. It was his pride that betrayed him, causing him to think himself superior against the others because they weren't as daring as he was, they weren't willing to test their courage as he did, and once his bragging reached the ears of one of the superiors, he was cast out. He fell in the year 2013 CE. After a year of lamenting his frail state, he become a Dark Angel.

Romantic History: Adagio had many lovers in Heaven. He would fall head over heels in love with someone and they would be his everything until it felt stale to him and they drifted apart... and the process would happen all over again. He is a diehard romantic who believes in love at first sight and that soulmates exist.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He knows about all of them if not specifics. He will know if someone is a Fae and maybe even if they are a Nymph but without knowing if they are a particular type, or what all the types are. Same goes for demons of unclear natures.

Education: He was educated on the Heavenly plane about all things that affected their dimension. Not much of it applies now that he has fallen and become corrupted. He spent two days as a fallen angel before taking the plunge to corrupt himself, choosing a blood and sacrifice ritual that the Aztecs used over two milennia ago. Entering a den of the drugged and homeless, he murdered and then defiled their corpses in unspeakable ways, enough that his golden wings were coated red with blood and never lost that colour. Immediately after the ritual, his anger, bitterness and regret led him to commit further violent crimes--and he felt a familiar power injecting into him from his actions, strengthening him. It confirmed that corruption allows him to gather more power and so now he actively seeks to corrupt others or to murder when he feels progress is slow. He has noticed that the more powerful he becomes, the more corruption is required to level him up.

Occupation/Job: He doesn't have one. He takes supplies from his victims' houses.

Clothing: All leather, all the time.

Notable Possessions: He carries throwing knives; they were corrupted with him. If someone is cut by them but doesn't die, they will speak nothing but lies until their dying day. A blessing from an angel could restore this. Adagio also owns and plays the 13 course Baroque lute, which was also corrupted. When he was an angel of light, his lute would open people's hearts to love and affection. Now that he is an angel of darkness, his lute closes people's hearts to love and affection. The effect is temporary but the more powerful he becomes, the longer the curse of his music will last.

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